Help someone in a dream. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of saving a child, a dog or a cat that drowns in water? Why is it possible to dream of helping a person asking for help? What does it mean to dream of asking, receiving, shouting, searching, screaming for help? And dreaming of listening to a request for help from a deceased relative for many years or dreaming of asking for help but not having a voice? Rescuing, supporting, assisting, protecting someone we do not know or a boyfriend, a boyfriend, a deceased, a dead person in a dream can be a very common thing. Feeling help in dreams, hearing the voice of a person screaming for help. What does it mean to dream of snatching away from danger, stealing from death, rescuing, freeing a child, a man, a woman, a relative, a family like mother, father, brother or sister or an uncle or grandfather? What does it mean to dream of saving a turtle, a fish, a person in the sea who is drowning or dreaming of helping himself from a serious danger, from a ferocious animal or from an unknown man who wants to hurt us? What does it mean to dream of saving a stranger? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do you have to play when you dream of helping a person to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the dream guide? Have you ever dreamed of helping a dog in distress, a man or a woman, an unknown disabled boy who is hurt and screams? "Tonight, someone I do not know, tried to be helped because he was in serious trouble. Last night I dreamed of seeing my boyfriend and a dear friend of mine asking for help but I was still and I was not doing anything. Last night I dreamed of saving a co-worker, along with my son and husband. The other night I helped my wife, the pope and a famous actor or singer asking for help shouting very loud and crying". Today we try to understand the meaning of the word help in our dreams and then try to understand why we can be helped or we ourselves can help a person or an animal that is in serious difficulties, maybe he is dying. These dreams are really widespread and should not be underestimated because the meaning that they hide is really important and the message we can pull out, can make us understand a serious problem of our life that must be addressed.


First of all, very often this kind of dreams can concern the dreamer himself and not other people whom we may see in the dream world. In fact, when someone asks for help, this request probably represents the need of our subconscious to communicate to our unconscious and therefore to our conscience, something that is very important. Maybe in our everyday life we??are facing a small problem, we must make a very difficult choice that blocks us and does not let us go on and here in our dreams this fear, this uncertainty, this indecision becomes a cry for help from of a person we do not know, with an unrecognizable face or from an individual of our family. We have always said that every element in the dream is very important and fundamental to provide a correct interpretation and therefore sensations, objects, places, people, colors must be remembered. When we dream of hearing a person trying to be helped and shouting to get attention we must think that we ourselves need help in real life but this need is somehow hidden, hidden, in short, maybe we realize that we have need to be supported but we pretend nothing is done thinking that the problem is very superficial and easily solved. In a dream, clearly if someone screams to be helped by a danger and we manage to help him, then the meaning is positive because in our life we??will certainly succeed in resolving a situation, perhaps thanks to the support of another person. For example, we can dream of rescuing a relative, a parent, a brother or a sister and in everyday life support will come from the family. If we help a person we do not know, it is obvious that the help will come unexpectedly and unexpectedly from a person we do not think can help us at the moment. A detail not to be overlooked, in addition to the person we try to save, is precisely the type of danger we face and which puts the person in difficulty.

In fact we can dream of seeing a man, a child, a woman asking for help because he is chased by a dog, a wild beast or another person who wants to kill. It is also possible to dream of seeing a person trapped, locked in a cage from which he can not go out, or who has fallen into a ravine or a hole in the road. Understanding the danger is essential. The animal, like the dog, who chases, is always the symptom of a dangerous situation that should not be underestimated in daily life and can often indicate our instincts that are indomitable but that we must try to control to avoid serious problems in the future. Falling into a hole, into the sea and drowning, falling from a precipice is a symptom of a great fear that we are experiencing in real life, a great fear of not being able to face a situation. Very often the dreamer is living a period in which he is pessimistic, has no confidence in himself and above all has little esteem for his abilities. Here in dreams these feelings and emotions become a request for help that must find a quick solution to not get worse. Unfortunately, in some dreams it may happen that you hear someone shouting for help but can not manage to help a person who dies. In this case, death signals an inevitable change in the dreamer's life, a change that may also depend on another person, precisely by the person we were trying to help. And where does the accident happen? For example, if we try to help a work colleague in the workplace and he dies or is seriously injured, then the problem or change will occur right at work and will affect us and some other colleagues. Helping someone in our home means the need to remedy a family problem in which we are involved. But it does not end here because in addition to helping a person, we can also help an animal, a deceased, a child. Rescuing and freeing an animal like a dog or a cat from a cage maybe, means freeing our instincts, our emotions that can finally find a great outlet in everyday life.

The child instead refers very often to our most innocent qualities, to our purity, to our sincerity. Supporting a child therefore means having a great need to bring out the purest part of ourselves that may be blocked by the difficult situations we face in real life. Many people, however, tell of hearing and seeing a dead person asking for help, a dead relative in real life who in a dream is alive and asks to be helped. These dreams can be very scary and make us wake up at night with the heart beating very hard. The dead in dreams almost always indicate an inexplicable support and help that can come into our lives, just during a difficult time and then this kind of dreams is really very positive. Rarely can happen to have premonitory dreams in which a deceased in addition to asking for help, says something, utters some words that should not be forgotten by the dreamer because they can be important to avoid an obstacle in life. This type of dreams is very rare but very sensitive and intuitive people may have strange contacts with the dead during their dreams, contacts that generally try to predict terrible situations or even beautiful situations. But in our dreams, in addition to trying to save a person who asks to be rescued from danger, we can dream of being ourselves in serious difficulties and so we ourselves can ask for help. Many men and women tell of being chased by a scary animal, by a shadow, by an unknown person and then shout or try to shout, asking for help. Here these individuals have to solve a problem in their lives that most likely involves a block, a situation in which you can not do anything to move forward. Dreaming of risking to drown and ask someone for help, means, in fact, face a very difficult situation so we do not find a solution and then we seek help from someone. Maybe we do not want to look for this support in everyday life but our subconscious makes the need feel right to find help in another person to solve a situation, a difficulty that otherwise we could not solve alone.


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