To dream of seeing drowning your son, husband, mom, dad can really be a terrible nightmare. To dream of being underwater and not being able to come back or dream of not being able to swim and not reach the shore can really be very scared. The drowning in dream, what does it mean? What does it mean to drown in dreams? And dream of not being able to breathe underwater? Why in our dreams can we dream of not being able to swim in the sea and drown? Have you ever been in danger of drowning in a lake or river and asking someone for help? What meaning and interpretation to give to the dreams we are drowning, feel that we are dying, and we also experience pain and suffocation? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace I have to play when I see someone drowning in a dream to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and guide on dreams? Dreaming of drowning in the rain or being in a car or motorcycle and falling into the water sinking without being able to trace back. These dreams are real nightmares that can be very scared and make us wake up with a heart that is very strong at night. What does it mean to dream of drowning or drowning? Dreaming of drowning and being saved or dreaming to see drowning in the sea and trying to help. "I dreamed of someone who wanted to drown me, I dreamed that an unknown person put my head under water and wanted to drown but I could save myself. The other night I dreamed of falling into the water with all my car and drowning. Last night I dreamed of saving a person from the water. This night I dreamed of drowning in the car with my parents, my father, my mother and my brother and sister. Over the past night I dreamed of drowning a blond-haired baby like Jesus". Some people even dream of drowning together with their partner, their boyfriend, friend, workman, enemy, singer or famous actor, dog or cat and even dream of drowning and be saved by a dead person from time to time, by a deceased who may be our relative, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt. To be able to save someone, a man or a woman who may not know that he falls into the sea, in dirty or cloudy water, in mud, in a swamp, or in mobile sands. Let's see the meaning of these strange and frightening dreams.


Dreaming of drowning is a really widespread dream among people because your message is associated with everyday life problems that we all face. First drowning means we are not able to swim. If we can swim we do not drown. Comparison can thus be done with our real life where we are perhaps facing a problem that we can not solve and that's why our dreams can turn into nightmares and be really terrible. In fact, many people dream of choking really, feeling very bad as they are drowning in the water in a dream. Definitely the problem we do not find solution can be very complex and we may not have the ability to get out of this difficult situation. What to do then? The dream can in many cases provide us with good advice and here is why it is essential to remember the feelings we experience, the objects we see, the places we are, the colors, the people we meet and talk with. All of these things can provide us with many details to find the right answer to our questions and to give a proper interpretation and meaning to our dreams. For example, if we drown in the sea, in a lake, in a river and nobody helps us, no one is trying to save us, then clearly the problem we are facing in life is so complicated that we alone can not find a solution and maybe we stubborn not to ask for help, help maybe somebody might give us. That's why in this kind of dreams, we often see a person trying to give us a hand to save us and we can decide to accept his or her help, trying not to drown and to find salvation alone. If we accept the help of a person who saves us from falling into a dream, then in our life, we will probably ask someone for help or a person will offer to settle the matter we are concerned about.

Falling into a big sea and risking drowning has an equally important meaning because the sea, for many psychologists, is our mood. A very calm sea, where we can swim, indicates that we are experiencing a good psychophysical well-being and are experiencing a period of calm and serenity. The shaky sea that makes it difficult to stay afloat, swim, reach the shore, indicates that we are experiencing a difficult time when we do not know which road to take. If we swim to reach the shore with someone then our inner peace will be achieved thanks to the help of a person. Drowning in dreams is a very distressing picture but analyzing these dreams the dreamer can understand the aspects of his earthly existence in which he is experiencing discomfort and some difficulties. Drowning in dreams often means loss of control over our lives and external forces can do what they want because we do not react and thus we plunge and annihilate without resistance. Also, when in real life we ??surrender, we ingest much water, this aspect has a very important meaning because it signals the inability of the dreamer to defend himself from other people and his enormous difficulty in finding solutions to problems that are overcoming. So in a dream when we drown, our subconscious is telling us that we have surrendered to the problems of our lives, we do not want to confront our internal discomfort. The water that enters the lungs in dreams means the discomfort and we do nothing to deal with it.

Another important aspect, however, concerns the water entering our lungs when we are drowning in a dream. Water can also be compared to the emotions we are experiencing in life and can also affect our sentimental situation. In fact, we often fall in love with our partner, or he or she wants to help us, or we see ourselves drowning the person we love and we can not save her. How many emotions we are experiencing in our lives and above all how are we experiencing this swirling emotion? Clearly in these cases you have to understand the things that do not go in the couple relationship and look for appropriate solutions. Another aspect to re-connect to water is that of parent-child relationship. Water in dreams can represent amniotic fluid where the fetus moves and therefore even a difficult relationship with parents can be represented by the problem of falling into dreams. Especially children and teenagers can dream of drowning in the water because their parents are too severe or because their education is not accepted. And when we fall in the water while driving a motorcycle or a car? We have often said that cars and motorcycles represent the sense of freedom that we want to have in our lives and also the tools we use to move forward. Of course, getting out of the water and not being able to get out of the car means that the tools we are using in our lives to move on are not the correct ones and therefore the desire to have our lives in our hands, to feel free, finds satisfaction. Before concluding the article we can also say that the meaning of drowning in dreams, according to some psychiatrists and psychologists who follow Freud's studies, may be related to sexual fears. In our sexual life, we are not up to the situation and we are afraid of failing to satisfy our sentimental partner.


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