Is pissing on yourself possible? Certainly yes and at any age. But what if this happens in our dreams? Pee in dreams is an element that recurs quite often and at any age. In this article we see interpretation, meaning and numbers of the dream that at least once in our life we??will have had and that is to urinate, to pee somewhere, maybe even on your underwear, in your underwear. But what does it mean to dream of being a man or a woman and urinating little or a lot or feeling a strong pain or burning while urinating? Why can we dream of being in the bathroom to pee and see a few or many drops of blood come out? Why can urine in a dream have different colors such as white, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, yellowish? What does it mean to pee if we are adults or children? What does it mean to dream of urinating on the ground or in an unknown place? Have you ever dreamed of dreaming of having to pee and not being able to or of peeing in a bucket or on the floor or in someone's face? What winning numbers can we extrapolate from the dreams in which we pee according to the Neapolitan grimace? Let's try to understand with this article what it means to dream of peeing. What are the lucky numbers related to this kind of dreams? Dreaming of not being able to pee, dreaming of peeing on the ground instead of in the toilet, dreaming of peeing in front of others or dreaming of peeing and really doing it, waking up and finding the bed wet with urine. This last kind of dreams is very common among children and we will understand the main reason. Have you ever dreamed of drinking your urine and feeling pleasure or disgust? What does it mean to dream of peeing on our mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, boyfriend, work colleague, friend, enemy, cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, grandfather, grandmother? Some people say they dreamed of going to the bathroom to urinate but the urine did not come out and the pain was very strong. Some have even seen real come out instead of urine. Apparently these dreams may seem very trivial but they are absolutely not as we remind all of you that dreams almost always come to identify a problem we are experiencing, an unexpressed desire or even a moment of joy that we are facing in life but they are never useless and trivial, therefore even the dream of urinating is not a stupid dream but useful to better understand ourselves and the circumstances, the events we are experiencing in everyday life, in everyday life. Obviously the meanings also change according to the age of the dreamer. After the interpretation of this kind of dreams you will find, if you are interested in playing some numbers to try a cash win at a gamble, a link to our famous and free dream book with the corresponding numbers extrapolated from the Neapolitan grimace. Enjoy the reading.


Let's first analyze the dreams of children who then urinate in their dream world. Often and maybe it will have happened at least once in your life as a child, after having dreams in which you pee, wake up and realize you have urinated in bed. Why does this happen to boys and girls. Very simple. The meaning is hidden behind a sense of uncertainty, of vulnerability of the child who in his life does not yet have a well-formed character, is uncertain, perhaps afraid of some situations he is experiencing, generally in school or in the family but also in relation to friendships. An insecurity therefore that often manifests itself in a dream with the need to urinate and this really happens, the child wakes up and discovers that he has wet the bed. Obviously it is not easy for a parent to understand well what troubles their child but we must not be too alarmed because we all experience moments of indecision, insecurity towards various situations of daily life as children and growing up these insecurity go away or are better understood, thus removing the pee in a dream. Many people also tell of having dreamed of feeling very hot, of feeling the need to drink a lot or to sweat a lot and upon waking up they agreed to have peed in bed. In fact, when our bladder is very full it can happen that our subconscious makes us understand it through dreams in which sweat, heat, the need to drink become prominent. But we also analyze other types of dreams in which urine is the protagonist. First of all, however, let's start from the assumption that urine, like poop, is something that our body expels because it is no longer necessary, for example excess water or other substances that are poisonous for our body. Here, if we are adults, we could experience a moment in which we feel the need to bring out something, to remove a certain situation from us, to also get involved with a person. Here is an important meaning of pee that can happen at any age, even as an adult. Remembering the environment in which we urinated is very important. A boy may dream of being at school, an adult at work or even in the family, even in the Church or with some friends. The place is fundamental because it expresses the sphere of manifestation of the dream. Urinating at school and perhaps on the floor, in the classroom, in front of the teacher and the pupils, indicates that we want to get rid of an unpleasant situation that haunts us.

Urinating at home, therefore in the family, perhaps signals an insecurity in this environment, the desire to abandon something, to remove a situation that we no longer live well. The same thing if you happen to urinate in the workplace. In short, pee almost always identifies a malaise that we experience and that we would like to remove from ourselves. What if we pee on someone's face or even dream of drinking our own urine? Here the malaise we are experiencing is really very big, perhaps out of control and we should ask for help, support to prevent it from getting worse. It is very important to remember in addition to the place where we are in our dream world, also the people who are with us who then provide further details to understand the meaning of the dream well, to bring out a correct interpretation. Another widespread dream among the adult population is the one in which we dream of going to the bathroom to urinate but feel a lot of pain, a very strong burning with the pee that does not come out and indeed in its place maybe we see blood coming out. The situation we are experiencing is really very stressful, heavy, difficult and we must try to find a valid solution before everything gets worse. At the base of this type of dreams there is always something that we would like to remove, that we would like to avoid, fix in daily life, an event that haunts us, that we no longer believe to be useful and that if it continues can create further problems. Now let's analyze another kind of dreams in which the protagonist is pee and that is those in which we don't have time to get to the bathroom and then we urinate on ourselves. If this happened in real life we??would feel a lot of shame especially if it happened in the midst of many people, in a public place, at work, on the street, in a shop. So the key word in this case is shame. The dream with this action identifies a moment of our life, a situation for which we feel ashamed and which we would not want to live therefore. Even colors in dreams are fundamental and therefore do not neglect the color of pee which, if very particular, could signal the need to get rid of a particular situation in a more extreme way. And if we dream of peeing on someone's face? Here we risk being too selfish in real life, being too sure of ourselves, not respecting the rules and going against everyone.

The need to urinate, in dreams and even in the waking state, in many cases manifests the expression of any need of the dreamer, of a particular drive, emotion, feeling that perhaps in real life does not find an outlet, fails to manifest itself. For example fear, uncertainty, anguish, dread, expectation, repressed excitement, inability to express one's ideas, strong need to bring out something that we have inside and that makes us feel bad. As you will have understood, even this type of dreams is never trivial but it can help us understand much better what we want in our life, what should remain and what should be removed. Many people even say they take a pee that never ends, very long, really endless. Here in these cases our subconscious brings to light a situation that we are experiencing and that is really too intrusive. We also remember something very important and that is that urine can also be linked to a sense of sexual arousal, to the need to express your libido. In fact, pee comes out of the reproductive system, both male and female. Therefore a repressed sexual life, a libido that fails to manifest itself as it would like, the arousal that is curbed for some reason in everyday life and that in a dream becomes a very long pee, which makes us feel a feeling of freedom. In fact, we must not forget that when we urinate and have not done so for many hours, we can experience a very pleasant sensation, a sensation of great liberation. Finally remember the importance of recurring dreams, that is, those dreams that we often have and which always have a common denominator, such as peeing in this case. Here it is clear that there is a situation that we must necessarily remove from us because it makes us live very badly, it does not allow us to be calm with ourselves. Do not forget that every detail of a dream, even what may seem more insignificant, is actually important, must not be underestimated and must be analyzed together with all the others so that our interpretation, always very subject, is correct and not wrong. Each dream is different from another, each person dreams in a completely different way from that of other people because they live their own story, their own life.

Obviously if you are among those who often like to extrapolate numbers from dreams to try their luck at the game then here you can have fun using our book on dreams with the link to the web page you find below, an online book free that allows you to find many words and in combination with them the numbers to play. For example, if you have dreamed of peeing then find the word pee or urine, perhaps the one that identifies the place where you were and other situations, objects, people, in order to pull out enough numbers to play. In our dream book you will find many words, actions, objects, types of people, emotions, sensations that can be encountered, seen, experienced in a dream. Try to understand for yourself what are the most interesting things in a dream and extrapolate from them the right numbers, the numbers that could prove to be winning. However, we remember that dreams are not used to win money, to bring luck on an economic level by trying to win some gambling but they are used to help us understand our life better, to find solutions to problems and understand what desires are unexpressed. Good luck.


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