What does it mean to dream of shitting yourself? Dreaming of poop: meaning and interpretation of dreaming about feces. A fairly recurring dream in the population and we will understand why. Have you ever defecated in the hands of a friend, someone, a stranger? Dreaming of wiping poop from your butt with a lot of toilet paper. What number does the poop make in the Neapolitan grimace? What numbers can you play when you dream of stepping on poop? What does it mean to dream of pooping in the bathroom, outside the bathroom, on the street, in a house that we do not know and dirty everything? Often it happens to dream of getting your hands dirty with poop but also clothes. Going to diarrhea, feeling stomach pain and running to the bathroom to defecate, seeing blue, black, red, yellow, green, white, orange, light blue, brown, hard, slow poop. What does it mean to dream of the toilet dirty with poop? Here's what's going to happen in your life if you dream about defecating. Dreaming of poop, feces, excrement is almost never a meaningless thing, a trivial thing but it has an interesting and useful meaning for the dreamer so that it can improve her life. What does it mean to dream of going to the bathroom? Have you ever had to poop into balls like sheep or have diarrhea or suffer from constipation? What does it mean to dream of pooping alone or with someone and feel a lot of shame? What does it mean to dream that our hands and clothes smell of poop? Feeling a lot of pain, seeing hemorrhoids coming out of the anus, seeing blood coming out after defecating. What does it mean to dream of not being able to keep poop and do it in your underwear? Why can we dream of a lot of dog, cat, horse or other animal poop and touch it, step on it with your feet and shoes? They say that when you step on an excrement this is a symbol of luck but in everyday life while in a dream the meaning can be another. If this night you dreamed of having excrements, small or large excretions, if you have dreamed of cleaning or changing a nappy dirty with poop to your child or you have dirty your underwear because you did not have time to get to the bathroom, then in this article you will easily understand how to interpret this kind of dreams. Some say they have been forced to clean the butt of someone, a boy, a mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, cousin, co-worker, brother-in-law, friend, boyfriend, wife, husband. Let's also see what it means to dream of pooping in the car, plane, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, train, in another room and not in the bathroom of our house. Let's try to understand the exact psychological and psychiatric meaning of this kind of dreams, reminding you that in the end, after the explanation, you will find a link to go and find the lucky numbers connected with this dream element.


So starting to analyze this kind of dreams we can start first from a prominent meaning and that starts from the explanation of feces in everyday life. In fact, to understand this kind of dreams we must always analyze what a thing, an object, a place, a person represents for us in real life. For example male or female droppings are the result of the digestion of food. What can no longer be digested is then expelled from our body through poop while liquids are expelled through pee, urine. Here is a first important meaning. The dreamer is probably experiencing a situation that he wants to close, a moment in his life in which he has decided to expel something, to also remove a person, to abandon a certain situation that is no longer useful. Obviously it can be about something related to family, work, love life, personal, economic. So something that the dreamer no longer needs and here the subconscious, collaborating and communicating with the unconscious tries to make all this understood. Certainly the places where we are in a dream, the people we meet, the actions we perform, can direct us well towards the sector of life. But it is not always easy to interpret this type of dreams because poop can appear in the dream world in the form of many skits. Finding yourself in the bathroom without toilet paper, finding yourself having to poop in a public place with many people and feeling ashamed, not being able to get to the bathroom and shitting on yourself. Dirt all clothes, underwear, hands. Why does this happen? Very special dreams for which the dreamer can feel a lot of shame especially if someone is present with him. We must consider that the moment of defecation is always a particular moment, very intimate and for which we close ourselves in the bathroom. Here is another reference to understand this kind of dreams and oneiric element. Perhaps in our life, when we dream of defecating, we need to be alone for a moment to think, to find a solution to some situation that haunts us. A moment of concentration, staying away from everything and everyone to find ourselves, to find the motivation, to better understand which path to take.

From the two meanings and explanations we have given above, perhaps you have understood that poop in dreams is never trivial but always signals a situation that we must get rid of, a situation that can be concrete or a state of mind with which we do not live. more well and therefore must be removed from us. Often you can really feel a lot of shame when you dream of defecating in a strange environment such as the workplace, school, on the street, in the home of some stranger or a person we know, perhaps the person we love. Remember that emotions and dream sensations have a fundamental meaning and are almost never to be underestimated, indeed they can give us very useful indications to arrive at a correct interpretation and here is that the shame in this type of dream scenes is absolutely fundamental because it tells the dreamer that we are not living well a certain relationship, a work, family, personal, private situation. The other elements of the dream will make us understand what is the right sphere of manifestation in daily life. And when we are unable to get to the bathroom and unfortunately we dirty our underwear? A solution that is late in coming, we are unable to find support, something that allows us to solve a problem that torments us , we are confused and unable to ask for help. Therefore dreams that hide insecurity, such as those in which we are in the bathroom and we do not find toilet paper to clean ourselves. Other particular dreams are those in which we have a lot of stomach ache, we feel pain and we are forced to run to the bathroom, forced by severe diarrhea or suffering from constipation. Here we are faced with a malaise that pervades us in real life, a psychological condition also but also actually connected with a situation we live in. We must therefore understand what does not make us sleep peacefully, what does not allow us to be peaceful because otherwise we will continue to live badly. Another dream not to be underestimated and that can happen quite often is the one in which we find ourselves smeared with excrement, clothes, hands, face, they are all dirty and stink. Here it is clear that we are experiencing a time of extreme confusion and embarrassment in a certain area of??our life.

Embarrassment, shame are fundamental, crucial elements of this kind of dreams and if we remember the people who are with us then we can understand very well which sector comes to light. For example, we get dirty everywhere after defecating or we fall on the ground where it is full of poop and with us there is the person we love or a work colleague or even a friend. Maybe we are living a love relationship in which we feel insecure, a professional collaboration in which we don't feel up to par, a friendship relationship in which we maybe don't say everything. So in most cases, poop in dreams is an indicator of insecurity, indecision, doubt, as well as the need to remove from us something that is no longer useful as happens precisely to food that is no longer digestible by the our body and is therefore expelled through manure. We can dream of defecating in any place, even in very strange places like a train, a plane, in our car, on the street, in a restaurant. All environments that identify a problem that is not clear and that still haunts us and for which we must find a quick solution. But is it true that dreaming of stepping on poop or touching it with your hands is a symbol of luck? According to many popular traditions this is true. In reality it could also be because dreams reflect many situations of everyday life and if for example in the life of the dreamer, in his popular tradition it is said that poop brings luck then it may be that when he finds himself in a dream, it can signal a event favorable to the dreamer, a lucky event that can refer to a gain but also to some other advantageous event. In conclusion of this article we analyze those dreams in which during the act of defecation we feel a lot of pain, for example when we suffer from constipation and blood or hemorrhoids come out of our anus. This type of dreams clearly tells the dreamer that we will be able to get rid of an annoying situation that we are experiencing and no longer useful for us but only after so much effort, after so much effort and sacrifice. As you have read, even these dreams are not trivial, indeed very often they signal an important problem and therefore know how to remember every element that can make you understand the real meaning.

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