What kind of origins erotic dreams are? What is the meaning behind sexual dreams? What meaning and possible explanations have the dreams of eroticism? Making love in dreams. Meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of making love and coming up in slips? We every now and then dream of making love with someone or maybe we see some people who love. What does it mean to dream of having sex with a stranger or a person we know very well in real life as our mother, our father, our fiancée, husband, friend, colleague of work? Combine with the devil, with a guardian angel, with a demon, with a dog, or with a cat or even with a little girl or perhaps grandparents. Dreams that can turbid a lot. What does it mean to dream of doing self-esteem? Masturbation in dreams what does it mean? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace can you play if we dream of having sex with some person to try a lottery win according to dream book and dream guide? Why can you dream of making love with a former boy, ex-wife, ex-lover of many years ago? And dream of seeing two people doing love? What does it mean to dream of making love? Have you ever dreamed of wanting to make love but not succeed? What does it mean to dream of having sex with two or three men or women, participating in an orgy with so many men and women? And do love with relatives, cousins, school friends or even with a dead friend, with a deceased, with an unknown person, with an animal? "Last night I dreamed of being in bed with my dear friend's husband and he wanted to make love with me but I did not want and I was crying. Last night I dreamed of being attacked, abducted, raped by an unknown man. The other night I dreamed that I was making love with a famous singer or actor and very nice. This night I made love with my brother and sister but also with my best friend". Certainly these dreams can be really strange, but they have a very important meaning and they bring, to the dreamer, a message almost never banal. Also very often they seem so real that we are ashamed of the things we did. The disturbances these dreams can bring are remarkable especially if in real life the dreamer has never thought of doing things that happen in the dream. Let's understand and understand this kind of dreams.


First of all, the first thing to do is to think about Sigmund Freud and his sexual theories about dreams. He thought most of the dreams had a sexual background. We disagree on his theory, but we certainly have to support his idea that very often dreaming of making love means having the need to vent our psychic and physical energies. During a loving act, in fact, we consume so much energy and we can achieve a very important fulfillment. So when we make dreams of this kind, we must think that we are at a time when we have the strong desire to express ourselves, to demonstrate our true qualities to the world, to other people and to ourselves. Even behind these dreams can hide a very strong creativity and imagination that can come up in grandiose ideas useful to solve some of our life's problems. Many psychologists have shown that when we dream of having sex, we can soon face a very positive time in our life where we can express all of our qualities in work. And why dreaming about doing love does not concern the sentimental industry because it would be a very trivial thing. Of course people who think too much about sex or have a very small or close sex life can then do this kind of dream, and in these cases they point to the simple desire to express our sexual strength in real life as well. But fortunately, these dreams are never so trivial and they hide fundamental meanings. So after this kind of dreams can come a beautiful time full of creativity and action, a great energy that can allow us to express ourselves to the fullest in our lives and a great psychophysical well-being. But of course you all know that dreams, when they are expressed, can make it so complicated and varied that sometimes we are afraid of our dreams. The truth must be told. Have you ever dreamed of making love with a person who is not your boyfriend, husband, wife, lover? Is your consciousness dirty or not? You do not have to be worried because you do not suffer from any mental illness. Making this kind of dreams is really normal and we find the reason for them.

During our lives we know so many people and these people can have something that attracts us. Let's take an example to better understand the concept. Let's suppose we dream of making love with our best friend who in real life does not attract us sexually, and we also have our own sexual relationship that meets even sexually. So why can we dream of making love with our best friend? To answer this question you need to understand what we like about our friend. What do we appreciate in him? Perhaps he is always very sweet with us, very polite, he helps us when we ask for help, often gives us his support or other qualities that he owns, are appreciated by us and in dream all this recognition that we have against him, turns in sex. We do not have to be worried because we are not treating our partner mentally, but simply the dream makes us understand the tune between us and this friend. After this example those who have made dreams that may seem even more terrible can breathe a sigh of relief. And many people even dream of making love with their mom, with their dads, with a relative, with a brother and a sister or even with a person who has been dead for so long. Our mind is not sick but absolutely healthy and wants to make us understand, through these odd dreams, that we love a certain person. Very often the sexual act in dreams means a reconciliation between people. In fact, many people say that they dream of making love with a person they really know in real life, just after having quarreled with it. Then, after this dream, the dreamer finds peace and harmony with this person. It's a beautiful dream, so it does not have to be scary and must not make people feel bad-minded and dangerous. We are not absolutely sexual manias but we are very creative people who want to express the mind's strength in any way in real life.

Certainly some dreams can be very special and have a fairly complex meaning. For example, dreaming of making love with the devil what can it mean? Simply also the devil indicates psychic energy and therefore our creativity and imagination need to express themselves in real life. And whether we make love with an angel or even with Our Lady? Generally, these dreams indicate a great serenity of mind, an immense power of will, and an important faith in life. But some people even dream of masturbating with strange objects. This kind of dream can hide the difficulty of the dreamer to express all his qualities that do not find good support and help even in the people living next to him and here's what we need to go on alone and hope to solve problems and situations only with the own willpower. Even so, many people dream of being stolen from their own home, from their own bed, taken to an unknown place, dark as a forest and raped. Men and women who do this kind of dreams are certainly afraid of something in real life. So try to understand the problem that lies behind these dreams to find a good solution. But it is not over yet because other dreams are widespread in those where the dreamer participates in sexual rites, orgys where so many men and women get together. Simply, the desire to express our creativity is very strong and must find a way out in everyday life. And the animals in the dream? What does it mean to see animals that make love or to see a man or woman who loves an animal or adds ourselves to having sex with a tiger, a horse, a pig, a dog, a cat? Animals represent in our dreams, our instincts, and the sides of our character. Generally these instincts if they are not well-governed can create several problems and so this kind of dream invites us to control a part of us that otherwise could cause various damage. In conclusion, as you have read, love in a dream is almost never related to sex in real life but the need to demonstrate our value, to use our creativity and imagination, and to improve our character.


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