Trying to grab, hurt, kill thieves, fleas, insects, fish, pets at home can have an important psychological significance. What does it mean to dream of chasing a black cat to catch him? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace I have to play in order to win the lottery when I dream of catching an animal like a cat or an insect, according to the book of dreams and driving on dreams? What meaning and interpretation do you give to the dreams where we try to catch any animal? Why do we often dream of chasing a very big cat, a dog for his leash or a flying bird? What does it mean to dream of finding a wounded excite on the ground that loses a lot of blood? And dreaming of catching a mouse that runs fast? Often in our dreams we have the desire to capture a snake, a parrot, a butterfly, a dragonfly, a fox, a cockroach, ants, insects, bees, horse, tiger, lion, someone, an unknown man or woman, an angel etc. ... Why do we have this strong desire to capture someone or something? Let's see why we can use a bait to catch so many birds and put them in a cage, a hen, a bird using a trap or even a dog or cat with food. What does it mean to dream of catching a cat? Last night I dreamed I was catching an animal on the street. Last night I dreamed that someone caught me and pulled me for the shirt, my hair and I was trying to escape. The other night I dreamed of being with a small cat that was mugging and wanted to be taken in because she wanted to be pampered and caressed. This night I dreamed of a cat eating a small country mouse. I dreamed that I was catching so many evil people, a person I did not know that he wanted to hurt me and arrest my mother, my father, my grandparents who have died long ago, a friend of mine, a colleague, a relative, a son, My husband, my wife. Catch and grab mice and cats in our home what does he mean? Let us understand the dreamlike meaning of wanting to catch an animal like a cat with our hands.


The psychological significance of these dreams can be crucial. First of all we must try to understand what an animal possesses as a cat in the tradition of our people. Traditionally, in fact, a cat is a very clean, independent, and very cunning animal who knows how to be loved when he wants food from his master and who is not taken when we try to catch him. First of all, the cat in dream can indicate a person who uses cunning to get his results. So seeing a cat can mean that in our life you have to be careful about someone who wants to exploit our goodness. Certainly chasing a cat, attempting to capture it, catch it or even kill it, can be a good sign because in real life we??can understand the person from whom to stay away. Meanwhile, however, some distinctions need to be made. A cat that is not captured indicates that a person will be able to succeed in its intent to harm even if we understand all that is going on but we will not be able to find a solution. Being able to catch a dream in a dream is a positive cat because in everyday life we??will be able to identify the person who can do harm and we will be able to stop it. If the cat scratches us, it bites us, then it will not be very easy to get rid of the person. Even so many people dream of seeing a huge black cat, very fierce, and so it is difficult to overthrow. Certainly the situation we can find can be really very difficult and complex and we can not go wrong. Let us remember that the cat in many populations is a positive symbol of luck and may therefore also indicate a period of small or great fortune, of course if we can capture it. In fact, capturing a black cat in dreams we may have some positive occasions in our lives, but they depend heavily on our qualities and our commitment.

But often in our dreams we do not try to catch only cats but also mice. How many times have we dreamed of seeing cats and mice chasing each other? How many times have we seen in our dreams a cat eating a mouse or other animal like a tiger or lion eating an ox, a buffalo, a hare or a deer? An animal eating another animal or an insect eating another insect. These dreams may seem very stupid but are not trivial because they can point to ourselves and a situation where we are finding ourselves in real life. Certainly it is not easy to see if the dreamer is represented in dream by the animal that captures and kills or the animal being killed. Are we the mouse or the cat? The lion or the gazelle? The fox or the hen? Are we catching someone or are we caught by someone? You must be very able to understand your role in dreams and then try to interpret the situation that can manifest itself in everyday life. It may even happen to dream of chasing and catching a parent, a dead grandfather and a deceased for many years, a relative, a son or even a famous actor or singer. Very strange dreams but which may indicate, first of all, the lack of a male or female figure in our lives. For example, if in a dream we try to approach our mother or dad fleeing and running away from us, then we have to ask ourselves a question and we must try to understand what is missing in our life and why we need our mother and father. If, however, in the dream we see a deceased person we want to reach then almost certainly the meaning of this dream is to be sought in the lack of feelings within us for the person who is not there anymore

Before we finish, we would like to return to the cat's figure in dreams and especially when we try to reach it to capture it, kill it or try to feed it. If we can grab a cat and give him water and food, this dream can indicate a good time of our lives where we will be able to evolve positively, we will become wiser, more independent, more smart, and our road will be downhill with different Advantageous opportunities to exploit. A cat that does not catch, scratches, flees away, does not want to eat, spins around us, can signal a danger, a person who wants to hurt us or the need to change our behavior towards some person, to some situation Of our lives. In short, the dreamer, in some cases, should become like a cat, be smart, independent, and lively. But in our dreams we can also use bait to catch fish and birds. Fish live in the sea and usually the sea indicates our mood. Fish fishing with the calm sea indicates a great period of serenity and great luck with so many opportunities that can happen in our lives as long as the sea is stormy, moved, then we may have some difficulty in fulfilling our desires. Birds are also a symbol of widespread dreams. Catching birds can be a positive or negative fact because if we catch a bird that is hurt, we cure it and let it go free then the dream can indicate a great understanding of life and situations that are happening while catching a flying bird that is not Has problems, can signal the difficulty of finding new ways at work or the need to let go situations that are no longer good for us. And the insects? Insects often point to annoyances, various problems, perhaps very small, but do not make us live serenely so if we succeed in capturing them then we can solve these problems and live in peace.


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