What numbers can we associate, according to the Neapolitan grimace, to the loss of our teeth? What winning numbers, in relation to the teeth, can we play to try to win some gambling? Dreaming of falling teeth: meaning, symbolism and psychological and psychiatric interpretation of one of the most common dreams among the population of the world. What does it mean to dream of losing your teeth or just one tooth? Dreaming of losing your teeth what meaning, psychology and well-being could it have according to the dream book? Do you often dream of falling out teeth? Let's find out what it means together in this article. Many people believe that dreaming of losing your teeth, seeing a tooth fall out refers to the death of a loved one, a relative or indicates problems in the upcoming family but this is not the real meaning. Damage, destroy, spoil, ruin one's lower teeth, canines, molars or premolars, even the incisors or see some broken, spoiled, wearing out, very weak teeth, with caries or tartar, with full gums of blood. How many ways can we dream of our teeth. Sometimes we dream of another person's teeth falling out. What does it mean to dream of losing your teeth? What does it mean to dream of losing your teeth? Why while we eat in a dream do we lose a tooth that falls out or breaks and causes us a lot of pain? Teeth that hurt a lot, so we feel a lot of pain and bleed a lot. Front teeth swinging as if they are falling, as if they are about to come off. At least once in our life we??will have dreamed of seeing a dead tooth fall out or of pulling it or even going very fearfully to the dentist to fix a cavity or do a cleaning of our mouth. To understand the real meaning of these dreams we must always start from the real concept of teeth in dreams, from their usefulness in the everyday world, in our daily life. In psychology and psychiatry this kind of dreams is almost never trivial especially if in real life we??do not suffer from problems with our teeth. We analyze this type of dreams very carefully trying to deepen everything and remembering that dreams are really very subjective and therefore the archetype of the teeth could signal something different to each of us, so always know how to interpret dreams well and do not forget to remember objects, places, people, sensations and emotions that you see and experience in your dream world.


A first concept that we can associate with the loss of one or more teeth is that which refers to a sense of little power that the dreamer has in his life. It seems as if he is experiencing a period or is about to experience a period that is not particularly authoritative, a phase in which he is unable to show his strength, his decision, to impose his ideas, to carry on concepts and projects that in somehow they are held back by events, situations, people. It is no longer possible to exercise the usual authority that we have and therefore we live a moment of little social affirmation but which can affect any sector of our life and not just the professional one. From family to love life we??can lose seductive power, attractive power, decision-making power and the risk is to ruin an interpersonal relationship that is still important to us. Therefore a tooth that falls out, very weak, splinters, breaks, hurts a lot or is decayed, even losing blood, indicates little strength, little energy, little decision-making power and great suffering at an intimate level. In particular, when the loss of teeth is associated with a consistent leakage of blood, then here we are experiencing or risk living a phase of life with very little energy, very tiring and in which we can fall into a bottomless abyss. But remember that our subconscious always offers us a solution as it interacts with our unconscious. What we dream can actually be the representation of what we are experiencing but also the representation of an unpleasant future if we do not act, if we do not fix something in our life. Here we must understand the lesson of this kind of dreams and know how to move forward. So if we lose some teeth we must understand that in our life we??are facing a heavy period and from which we must get out very soon so as not to make everything worse. A moment of extreme weakness, also of depression and melancholy, in which we feel lacking in energy and vitality, as well as with a very reduced creative power. We need to react quickly without letting go and, if necessary, getting help from someone who can help us recover our morale, allowing us to face life and its problems with greater optimism.

But teeth don't just represent a lack of energy and reduced decision power. One of the meanings that is most associated with their loss or poor health is that of lack of self-esteem, self-confidence, optimism and consequently to a period in which pessimism grows, the distrust in our qualities increases and here we attract negative situations that do not represent us. Here is that when we remember having had a dream of this type, we must try to understand if we are really experiencing a phase of little confidence in our qualities, a moment of uncertainty in everything we do that risks making us sink into a period dark. Here the solution is to find the strength to be reborn, to believe in ourselves, to have more optimism to attract favorable and not unfavorable events. Going forward in the interpretation of these dreams that are really widespread among the population we cannot neglect the very important concept of the usefulness of the mouth and of having a healthy smile, perfect and functional teeth. In addition to giving beauty to the face, healthy and splendidly white, shiny teeth, without cavities or tartar, allow us to have a better social life, to have more satisfying interpersonal relationships, to attract more people to us and therefore also lucky situations. A good smile on our face is an important business card to make your way around the world. So if our teeth are damaged, if we see ourselves in the mirror in a dream s we discover that we have very bad teeth then in addition to having low self-esteem, we do not have the right qualities to take a positive path. We must therefore make a path of growth in which to improve our self-esteem to find a way to take the right path. Each inside in real life takes on a different role. For example, the incisors are very useful for tearing food, the molars and premolars are useful for chewing it together with the canines which also serve to bite food. In real life, food represents energy, vitality, dynamism and if we are unable to eat due to some teeth that hurt us a lot then we will never be able to feed our soul, we will not be able to have that vitality and creative energy that are essential for to move on.

The teeth are never a banal symbolism and to be neglected when it appears in a dream, in our dream world but very important . However, we must remember that in some popular traditions, losing a tooth has a meaning linked to the death of a person at home, perhaps of a relative with whom we do not have an important relationship, even of a person with whom we do not have a parental bond. Somehow, according to some peoples, this death seems to be connected with the dreamer and with his loss of teeth on a dream level. In reality, the meaning related to the teeth is very different and you have read various interpretations before even if we can say a lot more. In reference to food and therefore to the usefulness of teeth when we eat, we remember that by eating we nourish our organism, our heart, our brain, every cell of our body and not being able to do it in a dream due to damaged teeth, it can mean not being able to evolve in our life, thus risking, even to regress, to take some steps backwards in our emancipation. Precisely because we associate our teeth with our evolution or involution, if, for example, we dream of seeing a tooth fall out, a tooth that breaks, a healthy tooth that still falls out, a decayed tooth, a tooth from which a lot of blood comes out , we must be very careful about a person with whom the relationship could get worse, a person who can affect every area of our life, both professional and family, friendly, sentimental. Particularly speaking of work, maybe we run into a bad deal, the conclusion of an agreement that is unfavorable for us or the loss of an agreement, a deal that fades for some reason. If we lose an incisor or a canine, a molar then we can expect a substantial economic loss, in rare cases even the loss of work or, in fact, a big deal in which we believed so much but which overturns and becomes unfavorable making us fall into the abyss. However, let us remember a very important role of dreams and nightmares and that is the discourse that they often arrive to give us support, to help us understand, to also provide us with a solution that in real life we??do not understand, we do not see. So let's analyze every dream well, every detail and come up with useful tips so that everything can be fixed.


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