The ring in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of losing the wedding ring of your marriage? What does it mean to dream of losing something like a ring or dreaming that some thieves steal your rings at home? What does it mean to donate a ring, to give a beautiful ring to the partner of love, the mother or the father? Why is it possible to dream of a deceased person who gives us a small swarovski engagement ring, which shines with a great blinding white light and with an emerald stone? Why can we dream to open the safe and not find our precious rings, white, red, blue, yellow, green? What does it mean to dream of inserting or slipping a ring from the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger? And dream of receiving as a gift a fantastic ring with a precious stone set? We can often dream of finding a ring of gold, silver, steel, brass or platinum in the street or throwing a ring in the trash or even entering a jewelry store with a famous actor or singer or a dead, dead relative since many years, to buy precious objects. Dreaming of taking off a ring from the fingers of the left or right hand or dreaming of losing a diamond ring or even missing diamonds from a ring. What does it mean to dream of losing the wedding ring or a ring of diamonds that has been given by grandparents, uncles, brothers-in-law, brothers or sisters? It often happens to be deprived, to have no more, to leave, to abandon, to lose or to find a small ring in our dreams. Rings wide, narrow, broken, broken or chipped or scratched. What does it mean to dream of losing a yellow gold ring at home? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can I play to win at a lottery if I dream of not finding a ring I had in a drawer in my room, according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I remember dreaming that my son and husband gave me a beautiful diamond ring for my birthday. Last night I dreamed of being with my parents, a friend of mine and a work colleague while we were looking for a ring lost in the street. Last night I dreamed of going to a store, in a jewelry store to buy a ring with very expensive sapphire stones. Tonight I dreamed that some thieves would come into the house and steal my rings". Rings are objects that appear very often in our dream world. They have a very important meaning that should not be underestimated. We see that we understand this meaning by providing a correct interpretation to this kind of dreams.


To understand the dreams in which we see rings, we must start from the meaning of them in everyday life. A ring is the symbol of conjunction between two people, so an alliance like the one that happens when men and women get married. During the Christian religious ceremony, the rings are exchanged between the groom and the bride and are inserted into their respective fingers and then into the ring fingers. The ring is useful for declaring and signaling a power, a particular value, an ideal, a feeling and a social position, therefore a goal that has been achieved. When we receive as a gift a ring in our dreams, we are probably going to change our social condition, we are going to progress along other working, professional, economic, sentimental but also internal ways. In fact, finding a ring is a dreamlike symbolism often linked with an inner maturation, an evolution of our spirit and our soul. Seeing a marriage or engagement ring, pastoral rings or the ring tied to the finger of the Pope, bishop, priest, priest can signal the desire to become part of a society, the desire to change some bonds of our life. These new bonds can be born just when someone gives us a ring or when we buy or find a ring in the store, on the street, at home, at work. The search for a ring that has been lost corresponds to the research we have to do to find a balance that we have lost, a balance between two people, for example. Maybe we had a fight with our mother and father in real life and in our dreams our parents give us a beautiful ring or we give ourselves a ring. Here is that this type of dreams is very positive because it indicates the possibility of recovering a relationship between parents and children that has entered a period of crisis. Although, generally, the rings in the dream world indicate events favorable to the dreamer, we must always grasp all the details of a dream. Emotions, sensations, places where we are, objects we see, people we meet.

For example if we dream of finding a ring but we do not like it or try to insert it in a finger but does not enter because it is very narrow or very wide, then all this means that we are not comfortable in life and in a particular sector of it. For example, we are collaborating on a project with some people but their ideas are not very exciting and maybe our ideas are excluded. This alliance that is not accepted in real life by the dreamer, turns into a ring too narrow or too wide. We must not forget that wearing rings also means having a lot of power. Think of the rings worn by kings, queens, popes, bishops, priests, priests. Dreaming of wearing a wonderful ring, very precious and of gold, can indicate a period in which we can do what we want because we will have so much power, so much freedom of action in our life. If the ring is worn on the thumb, index or middle finger is a clear sign of a very flourishing period in the work, with opportunities for great opportunities, excellent opportunities to assert our value and to exercise our power over other people. Very often, after finding and wearing a very precious ring in our dreams, we can receive a large sum of money or we can earn a lot of money thanks to our innate qualities. The ring has not only positive meanings in our dreams. For example, this object can represent the end of a situation, the breakup of a sentimental, work, family relationship. So in the ring we can also find the symbolism of death but seen in terms of rebirth. A collaboration, an alliance dies to make room for a new collaboration and alliance. When in dream we lose a precious ring or it is stolen by people we know then we could, in fact, close a collaboration in an unexpected way and all this can scare us but must be a reason for pride to move forward and look for new opportunities. Here we can dream of losing a ring in the workplace and then, in real life, we are forced to change jobs, we are fired or the relationship with a colleague ends.

If we find a broken, broken and scratched ring and we see our sentimental partner with us, then we must think of a possible break of love, at the end of a sentimental relationship that perhaps no longer offers us what we want. The dream ring can also signal the need to express one's sexual energies. According to Sigmund Freud, in fact, the ring and the finger in which it can be inserted, represent, respectively, the female and male genital organ and therefore, very often, the dreamlike act of threading and unthreading a ring means the great necessity to express one's sexuality, the eros that maybe in everyday life is blocked, can not express itself. And so these dreams can very well represent a very monotonous and sexual-free sentimental life. Among the many meanings that we can attribute to the rings in our dreams we can find, summarizing: sense of union, official bond, alliance, promise, wealth, power, social change, surprise, curiosity, happiness, joy, good news. When someone gives us a ring we can wait for all these things because the ring is a promise, the promise of an improvement in our lives thanks to the union with other people. In most cases the dream ring indicates the sentimental bond we are experiencing and therefore any problems or, on the contrary, positive events that contribute to the development of a love relationship that can enter a period of crisis if the ring is broken or is removed by a finger but can evolve positively if we give a ring to the person we love. Before concluding this article we would like to talk about two types of dreams in which the ring is very important. First of all, stealing a ring means having little self-esteem of oneself, so not being able to move forward in one's life, making the right decisions. On the other hand, on the other hand, very expensive, very precious rings, full of diamonds, with very shiny stones like sapphires and emeralds, one must be very careful about the power we can obtain and use in our lives and illusions. In fact, we could overestimate our qualities and ruin many interpersonal and social relationships. So excessive self-esteem, an overestimation of one's own qualities that can damage our collaborations in every sector of life. We close this article also offering a brief description of those dreams in which the ring is given to us, donated by a deceased relative for a short time or many years. The link with this person is still alive within us.


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