Losing pieces of our body in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Cutting, mutilation, excision, truncation, excision, resection of parts of the human body. What does it mean to dream of a person without legs and arms? And to dream of having your legs amputated with a huge knife or very sharp cleaver? And to see someone who amputates a leg to a person who is not known using a very sharp knife blade? Why is it possible to dream of seeing an animal like a dog or cat without legs? Why can we dream of a part of our body that is very sick, has a tumor or cancer, gets detached and falls or goes gangrenous and dies? What does it mean to dream of cutting the legs of someone we know as our mother, father, husband, son, brother, sister, uncle, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, grandfather or even a long-dead relative? Dreaming of an amputated hand, an amputated foot, being without legs, seeing oneself in a dream without parts of the body. These dreams can really be terrible nightmares. What does it mean to dream of the left or right leg and try, feel a lot of pain or be in hospital after an incident and see the doctors operating in the operating room to amputate all the lower and upper limbs of the body? Dreaming about amputations and mutilated people is a very common thing. But why can we dream of amputation of an arm, foot, finger, ring finger, middle finger, thumb, index finger, little finger, big toe, head, ear, nose, male or female genital organ? And what does it mean to dream of a person without legs and arms who asks for help because he is losing a lot of blood and is suffering so much pain? What does it mean to dream of losing a part of our body? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do I have to play if I have a dream where I see people with amputations and mutilations in various parts of the body, trying to get a lottery money winnings, according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I remember dreaming of cutting someone's legs. Last night, with a big knife with a very sharp blade, I cut my head and arms to a friend and colleague of mine. Last night I dreamed of amputating a leg and a shoulder to a famous actor and singer. This night I dreamed of dreaming of my severed hand that was losing so much blood and also my leg cut, severed, broken, broken". Today we see that we understand these terrible dreams that can make us wake up with great fear.


First of all, this kind of dreams can be very scary because, very often, during these terrifying dream scenes we can experience real physical pain. If you have dreamed of your leg or arm being amputated by someone, you have probably also suffered, that is, you have experienced real pain. In dreams it is also possible to suffer physically and precisely the dreams in which we lose a part of our body, they can be full of suffering. Therefore, every part of our body has meaning in the dream world. For example, the head is about our ideas, our projects while the arms and legs are related to the work and the tools we use to work. Furthermore, the right side of the body is about our father and reason, while the left side is about our mother and our creativity and imagination. So when we dream of losing a part of the body we must try to remember first if we lost an arm, a leg, a finger, the head and then if this piece of the body belonged to the left or right side. Certainly these dreams are real nightmares because in addition to experiencing real physical pain, see blood that flows, the fear we experience can be so strong that we can wake up at night with a heart that beats very hard. Dreaming of losing a part of the body almost always has a very negative meaning because it can signal a difficulty in the world of work, a period in which we are making various mistakes and these mistakes can affect the progress of our lives. If we lose a part of our body then something is not going as we would like in our life and, most likely, we are suffering from a serious loss that can be economic, work but also sentimental or family. In fact, many people say they have dreamed of losing a leg or an arm or even their heads, after losing a dear person, after the death of a relative with whom the relationship was very important. Often, after the death of a mother or father, we can dream of having a very sick leg or arm. It is important to remember if the arm or the leg is on the right side of the body or on the left side.

So if we lose a person we loved very much, then we can dream of our leg or arm being amputated. The loss of a dear person, however, is not the only meaning of this type of dreams. First of all, we must point out that dreams in which someone has a part of the body have a different meaning from those in which we ourselves are to amputate something. If some person we know or a doctor cuts a part of our body that may be very sick, then we will probably be able to find a solution to a work problem thanks to someone's help while if the part amputated in a dream was good and not sick, then most likely we will have a big economic loss or we will risk losing an important job. But we said before that the amputation can relate to work and also our creativity and imagination. The left side of the body represents our creative potential in our dreams and so we can find ourselves in a moment of our life where this potential is very poor, we do not have good ideas, we are very confused and we can not come up with something to improve the our professional status. Furthermore, the left side of our body is in tune with our mother. Many people say they dream of losing their left arm or left leg and having enormous relational difficulties with their mother. Instead the right side of the body that is sick or amputated is attuned to probable problems we have with our father. Obviously an element not to be neglected in this kind of dreams is the physical pain that we can try and that can be particularly important. Someone we do not know uses a big knife and decides to cut off a leg. We experience tremendous pain and suffering makes us cry and wake up. This pain signals a great suffering that we are experiencing in life and that is not physical but interior. Here these nightmares are very useful to try to understand a real problem that we are facing and that does not allow us to live peacefully. Very often this problem is related to work or money but also interpersonal and social relationships can be at the center of our attention.

For example, if our mother or our father decides to cut one of our hands, then communication, dialogue with our parents is not great and is getting worse. We must therefore find a solution. If at our side we remember having the person we love, then our husband, our wife, our boyfriend or lover, then communication problems on a sentimental level are very probable. In any case these dreams indicate a small or great inner suffering that should not be underestimated. Misunderstanding in the relationship with some people, malaise that does not allow us to live peacefully. Amputation in a dream is always related to a lack in our life, a lack that can ruin our existence. An element that should not be underestimated in this type of dreams is blood. Of course, very often, when a part of our body is severed, the blood can escape in large quantities. Blood is to be connected to our mental and physical energies. Losing a lot of blood from a small or large wound, means being in a very tiring period, a period when our energies are very scarce and so we need to recover. But some dreams concerning amputations can bring a meaning and a particularly positive message to the dreamer. In fact it is also possible to dream of losing a finger, a leg or an arm that is suffering, having a disease or a tumor. If in a dream someone amplifies a sick part of our body, then most likely, in our daily life, we will be able to free ourselves from a very complicated situation that does not allow us to move forward. For example, we might have a work problem and dream of having a broken and very sick leg and a colleague of ours decides to cut it. Here is a professional situation can be solved. We conclude this article also talking about those dreams in which the fingers are amputated. The ring finger is related to our love life and then a cut indicates love problems, while thumb, index, middle and little finger are often to be linked to work life.


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