The tie and the knots in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Knotting a tie in a dream is a typically masculine gesture. Knot your hair, shoelaces or even two snakes together. What does it mean to dream to buy at the market or in the store many ties at low prices, very cheap, colorful and beautiful? What does it mean to dream of not finding any tie in the closet while we dress or not being able to remove the tie from the neck? Why can we dream of not being able to wear a tie or a bow tie? Why is it possible to dream of cutting a tie in pieces with a knife or a scissors or burning, tearing, pulling a lot of ties? What does it mean to dream of black and white ties with stripes or colored, red, yellow, green, pink, purple, orange, blue and light blue designs? Because you can dream of tying the knot to a tie, wearing a broken tie, torn, not stretched, with a hole, burned, dirty, with spots, very short or very long, that does not like or fail to make a knot necktie? Dreaming of knotting a tie or bow tie yourself and risking to suffocate, lose your breath and die. What is the psychological meaning of meeting a man in a suit and a tie in a dream? What does it mean to give a tie to a man or a woman, to parents, to a child, to a relative, uncle, brother-in-law, cousin, friend or work colleague or a child? What does it mean to dream of knotting a tie with the help of a grandfather or a deceased relative for many years or even a famous singer or actor? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is useful to play to try to win money when we dream of making a nice knot in our tie, according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of buying a wonderful bright tie, but I could not wear it. Last night my mother, my father, my sister and my brother gave me a splendid tie. Last night I dreamed that my wife was making a knot in my tight tie. This night I dreamed that my girlfriend wore my tie". Today we try to understand the meaning of the ties in our dreams that very often have a very important meaning.


So, in order to understand the meaning of the ties in our dreams, we must start by analyzing this object in the real world. In everyday life, the tie is simply a typical accessory of men's clothing but is also used by women. The tie is a cloth that is knotted around the neck and usually goes through a shirt, ending up on the chest. The ties can be very short or even very long but above all they use various types of cloth, many colors and many shades as well as numerous designs. Usually when we have to go to a business meeting or a professional interview, the tie is a very appreciated garment because with it we are very elegant and show order. Elegance and order. We can analyze these words precisely when we dream of seeing or wearing ties. First of all, clothes in dreams often have a very strong connection with our self-esteem. In fact, being in front of a mirror and observing the dress we wear, indicates the possibility of having a good or bad self-esteem. If the dress we wear is beautiful, we like it, then our self-esteem is at a good level, and if the dress is ugly, our self-esteem is very low. Appearing in everyday life, however, is very important and here in a dream wearing a beautiful tie can mean being able to achieve, get a good social position as well as professional. Some people have noticed that, after having dreams in which the tie is a very present garment, some favorable job opportunities have arrived or it has been possible to find a good job. So the tie, if it is worn well and makes us elegant in a dream, can mean the possibility of obtaining advantages, opportunities, to attend very lucky events. But the tie we want to wear in our dreams may be too short, too long, torn, broken, burnt, punctured. This type of clothing that is not in perfect order and that can not be worn for some reason, very often signals an uneasiness that we are experiencing in our lives.

In a dream, then we are in front of a mirror and we are trying to wear a tie that has some stains and is dirty or burned. So this tie should not be worn. So, what uneasiness are we experiencing in our life? What malaise do we have to face? A very ugly tie, with colors that we do not like, is clearly the sign of a social, working, family, sentimental uneasiness that we are experiencing and never forget that to bring out a correct interpretation and a correct message from a dream, we must remember all the details, even those that may seem unimportant, not very influential. The malaise we are experiencing can therefore be highlighted by remembering the people who are with us, the places in which we are and the objects we use or see. For example, if our girlfriend tries to make us wear a tie that we do not like or that is very ruined, clearly this dream indicates that the malaise we are experiencing is about love life. A father who gives us a horrible tie instead indicates a malaise that we are living in the relationship with our father and then in the family. At other times the tie has quite superficial meanings. For example, many people say they have received an invitation to a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or a party of any kind and in the days before the party, they say they dreamed of dressing in a very elegant way and with a beautiful tie or bow tie. These dreams simply say that we look forward to participating in this party, in which we want to be protagonists. This dream object is never trivial and takes on various meanings. And the meanings can be so many. Perhaps in a dream, remember to have worn a very long tie. This object can represent the male genital organ and therefore a strong sexual impulse that must find an escape route in real life. Even women can have this great erotic desire and dream of knotting a tie to a man.

But what does it mean to dream of knotting a tie? Why can we make a knot too tight or too loose or are we not even able to tie a simple tie? The knot of the tie is perhaps the most important part of it and almost certainly has a fundamental meaning that should not be overlooked in our dreams. Making a nice knot in the tie and being so very elegant is a good sign because it may mean that we want to be accepted in a certain social environment for our qualities. Certainly this garment is not always appreciated and many men hate wearing a tie and here when we dream of having to dress with a very elegant tie but in our life we??hate this kind of clothing, then we are experiencing a period of strong rebellion, a period in which we would like to do new things but for any reason we are stuck and this block can be highlighted by the too tight knot of the tie that perhaps threatens to make us suffocate. The life we??are living is no longer what we desire and this small or great inner malaise of manifest in our dreams with very tight knots that do not allow us to breathe. Some people even say they are dying from shortness of breath and because of a too tight knot around their throats. To be accepted by other people, to live an important and emotional sentimental bond. Excellent assumptions that can come out of a correct interpretation of dreams in which the tie is very beautiful, very colorful and very elegant. Taking off or cutting a tie in dreams can allude to the end of a love story, then to the end of love between two people, to the desire to get rid of a situation that has become too oppressive and too boring. We conclude this article by also mentioning those dreams in which the woman wears a tie. Usually these dreams hide the desire that many women have to command, to impose their willpower, resembling men in many attitudes.


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