Anxiety, fear and panic attacks in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of feeling a great feeling of anxiety and fear? And dream of being afraid and experiencing a situation of grave danger? And again, to dream of suffering from claustrophobia or a particular mental disorder? What does it mean to dream of being very anxious or a little anxious or meeting in a dream a person suffering from panic attacks? Why can we dream of having a panic attack, being in a panic, having a severe panic crisis? Panic attacks or dreaming of suffering from claustrophobia, are a very recurring thing in our dreams that can make us wake up with so much fear and the heart beating very hard. Having a panic attack in your sleep can be a terrifying event with a feeling of malaise and imminent death. What does it mean to dream of anxiety, to have so much anxiety or to dream of being so afraid because of danger? Having and feeling anxiety, anxiety, agitation, worry, fear, anguish, restlessness, apprehension, trepidation or feel calm, tranquility, indifference around us, in dreams. Dreaming of being with your child, husband, wife, boyfriend who at one moment suffers from a very strong anxiety attack. What does it mean to dream of anxiety and panic attacks walking on the street or staying at home or at work? Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play to experience the thrill of a small or big win if I see in a dream a very anxious man according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "This night I remember dreaming of seeing my mother, my father, my brother and my sister who were the victims of a really sudden panic attack and I was very afraid because I did not know what to do. The other night I dreamed of asking for help because I felt that I was dying. Last night I dreamed of my parents, my uncles, grandparents, brother-in-laws and cousins ??trying to help a child who was very anxious and a panic attack. Last night I breathed with so much trouble and I felt my heart beat very hard. I thought I was going to die". One of the ugliest dreams and that in fact turns into nightmares, are those in which we can have an anxiety attack, sweat and feel the sensation of death that is about to come. This type of dreams reveals a very important meaning and should not be overlooked.


Before trying to understand this kind of dreams that is widespread among people, obviously we exclude all those dreams in which we can suffer from a strong feeling of anxiety or having a panic attack but in real life we ??suffer from these diseases. In fact anxiety, tension, panic attacks, are pathologies that many people suffer and clearly, often, what we live in daily life manifests itself in the dream world and here is a person who occasionally has a panic attack in his life, he can dream of suffering from the same thing in a dream. But not all people are anxious or fearful or suffer tremendous panic attacks. Then these conditions that present themselves in dreams can have hidden meanings that our subconscious wants to communicate absolutely. To understand dreams in which we are afraid of something, even just a simple sensation, we must start from the very meaning of anxiety, fear and panic attacks. Anxiety is a psychic state that a person experiences and that includes a feeling of small or big worry or fear, which may not have any basis and can result in a strong tension. Fear is an emotion of defense, caused by a dangerous situation that can be real or non-existent. Panic attacks are psychic disorders related to anxiety. So when we dream of being anxious and be afraid of a monster we see, a ferocious animal chasing us, a shadow that attacks us and wants to suffocate us, because of a dead person or because of any oneiric manifestation, we must try to understand what is not good in our life because surely we are experiencing a small or great inner malaise that comes from a situation that we live in the family, in feelings, at work. The concerns of life are the basis of fear in dreams. Being afraid of a very ferocious animal that wants to bite, kill, means to be afraid of ourselves, of our instincts that can become uncontrollable. Certainly fear is a weapon of defense that in our eyes opens our eyes to a situation that we are perhaps underestimating. We have to face an exam, a job interview, we have to go to a love meeting with a person we like a lot but we do not know very well yet or we have to sign an important professional and economic contract.

Many events we have experienced, we are living or living in our earthly existence can be compared to a great feeling of fear in our dreams. The fear of not being up to a situation, a very low level of self-esteem that makes us think we are not appreciated by other people, the fear of not being able to solve a work problem or not doing what our parents do they ask us. Anxieties, fears, panic attacks in the dream world are very common feelings among children and teenagers and often, all these emotions that seem to be only negative, report parental relationships, relationships between classmates or between boyfriend and girlfriend who are sick, then relationships that are not positive for the dreamer and here is the reason why in dreams we can feel bad feelings, we can even tremble, feel paralyzed, blocked and not be able to walk, to escape and even not be able to talk or shout for help . Surely something must be resolved in the life of the dreamer and this thing is very important, it should not be underestimated. A woman, for example, can be pregnant and wait for a baby and therefore be very worried about her pregnancy. Here is his dreams become full of many fears, a tremendous panic attack with the heart that beats very strong and continues even after waking up. The fear of losing the child, the anxiety of becoming a mother for the first time and perhaps after many attempts and sacrifices, the fear of not being a good mother. We remind all of you that the emotions and feelings we experience in the dream world are really fundamental together with the objects we see, the people we meet and the places we are in or who we visit. Every detail of the dream helps us to better identify the problem and therefore, if for example we dream of being in the workplace together with a colleague of ours and we have a terrifying panic attack, then, most likely, our working life gives us some worries and a strong malaise. For example, the collaboration with one of our colleague could be not good or the tasks that are entrusted to us, for us, are excessive, in short we are afraid of failing to get good results.

Feeling anxiety or tension, however, are much less important feelings than a panic attack in which we can even think that we are dying. Anxiety in dreams must always make us think that in our life we ??are experiencing a small or big problem, a situation that perhaps requires so much responsibility. In the end, having anxiety also means understanding that we are facing a very useful period of our life and in which we are very attentive, agile in reacting and concrete. And indeed anxiety and tension allow us to be more focused and to find excellent solutions. Even fear, as we said before, is a weapon of defense of our mind and our psyche that can allow us to avoid a danger. So being afraid in a dream means understanding that we can face a danger and for this reason, after becoming aware of this situation, we can find a good solution. So the dreams in which we suffer from anxiety, tension and fear can be very favorable for solving certain work situations, sentimental, family, economic that need, in fact, all our attention and concentration. Instead, a panic attack is a much more complex event that has a very different meaning from fear and anxiety. The panic attack occurs because of a psychic illness that we possess in real life but it can happen at any moment of our life, without a real reason and without an event that triggers this terrible psychological condition. And in a dream, having a panic attack can mean that we do not have to worry about anything serious in our life because things are going well. An unjustified fear hides behind a panic attack in our dreams and so we need to regain calm and concentration. To avoid having this kind of dreams, it is very often useful to do relaxation or yoga exercises before going to bed. With this kind of physical and mental exercise we can go to sleep with a great feeling of tranquility and serenity and therefore we can avoid having dreams in which anxieties, fears, fears, panic attacks, upset our sleep.


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