The greeting in dreams. Say goodbye, goodbye, give a break, leave, salute in dream. What does it mean to dream of being greeted by a person you do not know? What is the meaning and the interpretation of the gesture of greeting and saying goodbye to dreams? What does it mean to dream of saying goodbye to a dear person who has not been seeing for so long or greeted a man or woman we met a few days ago in real life? Have you ever dreamed of crying for a farewell, dreaming a person who says goodbye or dreams of a kiss of goodbye to a person we love as our mother, our father, our boyfriend, son, husband, grandfather? What does it mean to dream of being greeted by a person you do not know, by an unknown man or woman? Why can one often dream of greeting an acquaintance, a child, the Madonna, Jesus Christ, a saint, the Holy Spirit, God, a guardian angel? What does it mean to dream of greeting someone? The meaning of dreams in which we are greeted by relatives, by so many people, by a huge crowd of people, by a dead person, by a deceased who has died for so many years. What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace can you play when you dream of greeting a person you know to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the dream guide? Have you ever dreamed of greetings with your right or left hand who is injured and loses blood? "The other night I dreamed of being alone in the car and someone greeted me. Last night I dreamed that my parents, my brother and sister told me goodbye and left home. Tonight I dreamed of being greeted by a friend of mine and a work colleague. Last night I met a very famous actor or singer on the road in my dreams who greeted me by shaking my hand. Why do I often dream that a person I do not know greets me with hand?" One person can be greeted in different ways and then shaking his hand, shaking his hand in greeting, kissing on cheeks, etc. ... Greeting can also be a farewell, which can be a departure. Greeting is a civilized gesture, polite and very important in real life, and even in dreams this gesture can take on important meaning but to be able to give a fair interpretation we must analyze all the elements of the dream well. Let us therefore understand in this article the meaning of greeting in our dreams.


To understand this type of dreams and the meaning of greeting, one must certainly refer to real life and precisely to the gesture of greeting in our everyday life. We usually say good morning or good afternoon when we enter a place for education and courtesy and greet the people we meet in the street or elsewhere for that very reason. Greeting is considered a kindness of courtesy among civilians who know each other but also do not know each other and can then make friends and talk after having greeted them. Saluting in a dream can therefore refer to the good social relationships the dreamer is having in his life. So interpersonal relationships at work or at school or in the family are going very well and we enjoy a period of serenity, tranquility and harmony with the people around us. Of course, to understand the people who are in tune with us and with which we are going through a good time, we must try to remember many of our dreams when we awaken. The places we visited, the people we met, the things we saw, can really say so many things, offer so many clues to arrive at a correct interpretation of the dream. So if we dream of walking along a street in our city and meeting and greet a colleague of work then probably the relationship with this person in real life will improve if some misunderstandings were present in the past. In short, greeting is seen as a positive and beneficial factor in resolving some misunderstandings in our lives. If we are at home and from the balcony or the terrace of our home we greet a person then probably harmony will return to the family. So greetings often represent, in our dreams, the social relationships we have in our lives. Very often, these dreams arrive at night immediately after fighting with a person we love, and it is not uncommon that they represent the need for the dreamer to find reconciliation with the person with whom there have been no problems. Have we fought with our partner or our parents? Then we can dream of meeting our boyfriend, husband, lover or our father and mother and give them a kiss, a greeting or say goodbye.

And if in a dream we greet people we do not know? How many times have you dreamed of meeting a person we do not know but he greets us and we respond to his greeting? Very often behind these dreams lies a very important meaning, namely the need to be less timid in life, to divert a shadow that is not positive to us above all in social and interpersonal relationships of work and sentimental type. In short, dreaming of meeting a person who greets us but who is a perfect stranger means that we need to increase our self-esteem that perhaps is not going to be a good time. Even some people remember having dreamed of being in front of a mirror and greeting themselves or another person who was in the mirror but who was not present in the same place. These dreams certainly indicate lack of esteem and fear of not being well-valued by other people. The cause of this low self-esteem and shyness could result from a physical aspect we do not accept or from an intellectual and mental difficulty. Well, maybe we are attending people we think are better than us, but they are not a stimulus to grow and improve, but rather make us fall in a depression and little esteem. These dreams must therefore be an alarm bell that must sound in our lives and help us find the estimate we no longer have. Many people tell you to dream of greeting an enemy or being greeted by an enemy. These dreams can be very positive but also represent a deception. In fact, dreaming of greeting a person who in real life is not our friend, indeed, is a person who has done us very badly, can mean that we will soon be able to make peace with this person and we can resolve some situations even thanks to his help as we dream of being greeted by an enemy is not a good sign because it could indicate a trap where we can fall, a trap, a lie that we will be told and must therefore be with open eyes in order not to be deceived. Very often when we see a person who greets us, let's see if she smiles, she is sad, she has a strange smile that can make us understand whether that greeting is a nice greeting or a fake greeting.

And if someone in the dream tells us goodbye? This word has an important meaning in real life because it represents the departure of a person who may not see us again or we will not be seeing again for so long. In the dream, goodbye can represent the breakup of a friendship, a strong bond that we no longer need. For example, a boy may dream of saying goodbye to his parents and in real life he may finally find a good job by becoming independent and not economically dependent on his mom and dad. So very positive things so. But in our dreams we can also meet and shake hands at a singer or actor who we really like in real life. These dreams represent the need for the dreamer to have some qualities that that character possesses. Perhaps we would like to be more valued by other people, maybe we would like to have a better social position or we would like to have a better economic position. But if in a dream we meet a dead person for so long? If in a dream do we talk to someone who is dead? Well then these dreams can signal the lack of that person in our life, a person who maybe was very important to us or even could indicate a positive change that is about to come to our lives. Sometimes in our dreams we can also make a military greeting or receive a greeting of this kind from a person. This greeting represents the need to be more respectful in our lives, to be more aware of our social relationships that are perhaps becoming too trivial and little useful for our inner evolution and maturation. Ultimately, concluding the article, we can say that greetings in the dream is often a good thing and is related to the relationships we face in our lives with other people. Greeting, embracing, kissing, caressing often indicate the need to find a serenity and harmony that has lost to a person who is part of our friendships. And not responding to a greeting in the dream certainly indicates a relational difficulty of the dreamer.


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