Collapse, roll, fall down the stairs of the house, arrive in a beautiful place after having descended dozens of stairs, stop, stop before going down through some very high stairs, run up the stairs because we are chased by someone, perhaps by a shadow. But is dreaming of going down the stairs a symbol of impending bad luck? For some people, dreaming of the stairs is a bad sign. What does it mean to dream of stairs? The ladder in dreams has a psychological, psychiatric meaning and interpretation that should not be underestimated. In this article we will try to give useful information to interpret dreams in which the scale is the protagonist and we will also provide the numbers, through the Neapolitan grimace, to try to win the game if you are passionate. Dreaming of going up or down the ladder is a very widespread dream among the population and you will understand the reason very soon by continuing to read this article. Why can we dream of running down the stairs or very slowly, one step at a time? Why is it possible to dream of going down the stairs in a hurry, risking falling, slipping? What does it mean to dream of going down the stairs quickly, running, running away or slowly? Dreaming of stairs or a staircase what does it mean? Have you ever walked down the stairs with a child in your arms or together with a relative, parent, son, mother, father, brother, sister, husband, boyfriend, wife, relative, Madonna, Jesus, angel friend, enemy, colleague of job, unknown person, grandfather, uncle? Today we explain in this article what it means to dream of going down the stairs quickly or slowly, what it means to fall while we are going down some stairs, perhaps the stairs of the house, the stairs of our office or company, of the school, of an unknown place. Many people say they dreamed of having fallen from a very long staircase that never ended, with hundreds of steps leading to a dark place and underground. How come we can dream of going down a slope with a deceased person, a person who has died for a short or long time? An unsafe staircase, which collapses, slippery, full of blood, very dirty. Who knows how many times you have come down a ladder that made you slide and fall to the ground or perhaps into a deep ravine. Before analyzing this kind of dreams I remind you that it is possible to find a dream book on our website with the link at the end of this article. You can extrapolate from within it the winning numbers to try your luck at some gambling.


So let's try to understand what the stairs in a dream refer to if we go down them ourselves. In a future article we will describe what is hidden in the dreams in which we climb the stairs. So to understand this kind of dreams we must necessarily start from what the stairs are, from what they serve in real life. They represent a tool to go up or down from one place to another, to reach a room, an apartment, to reach the garage and other places. Here we can already understand that the stairs are a means of communication, a means of union, an object that puts us in tune with another place and therefore with other people. Without them we could not reach levels below and above that of the street. From here we can start to interpret the dreams in which we find ourselves descending stairs. When we dream of going down stairs we must think of being in a phase of our life in which we feel the need to do something new, to live different situations, to experience other things, to carry out other projects, establish different interpersonal relationships, in short, we feel the desire to evolve. Going from one place to another through the stairs in a dream corresponds to traveling through new ideas and projects. So here it is a question of evolving, of maturing, of proceeding along a fortunate and positive path that allows us to better share what we have in mind and heart. An absolutely positive dream that is in contrast with what is generally thought of the stairs that go down in a dream. In fact, some people think that they can be a negative symbol, bring bad luck in the dreamer's life because it is thought that to go up has a more negative meaning and connotation than the movement of going up, understood as professional ascent. In reality, going down the stairs is much easier because it requires less physical effort and in fact in everyday life it is often said that if a working path, sentimental, any, is downhill then we can achieve everything we want and for which we have so much. worked and labored. Obviously, however, the dream elements such as sensations, emotions, objects, places, people we meet can totally change the meaning and make it less positive or more positive.

When we have a dream of this type we must try to remember if we went down the stairs alone or together with another person or if while we were going down we risked stumbling, falling, slipping risking to hurt ourselves a lot. These dream details can make a difference and upset an interpretation. First of all, dreaming of going down the stairs with another person probably means experiencing a moment in which we are facing a path of any kind that does not depend only on us. For example, going down the stairs with a husband, wife, boyfriend indicates that we have a project together that we must face and for which we are moving, we are acting. If we can't go down the stairs for some reason and then we stumble, fall, lose contact with the person next to us, then the dream tells us that the project we are working on requires a lot of attention to avoid making mistakes. It is never easy to interpret dreams because they are very particular but in this case we must start from the concept that usually the stairs are an absolutely positive symbolism that indicate evolution, change, communication, new ideas, new energies, desire to do something new in the life. Then all this can be realized more or less easily based on the obstacles we find and these obstacles in a dream can be oil, dirt, blood, water, broken and unsafe stairs, very slippery that do not allow us to go down easily and quickly. Many people even say they dreamed of going down the stairs and at a certain point find themselves in front of a huge crater, therefore no more stairs and not being able to go forward. That crater, that lack of stairs, represents an obstacle that we are facing or are about to face in our life, an obstacle to overcome in some way. Then in a dream we could be helped by someone who comes to the rescue and allows us to go beyond that block or we ourselves are able to find a solution by climbing or taking other actions to go beyond that obstacle. Never underestimate the sensations you feel in a dream because they are another element that we will now analyze to better understand the situation you are experiencing.

If, for example, while we go down the stairs to go to a known or unknown place, we feel afraid, we experience unpleasant sensations, we are afraid of falling, then here in real life we??are facing a phase in which we are not sure of ourselves, of that. that we are doing and living in doubt and uncertainty we risk not evolving, making mistakes. If, on the other hand, we go down the stairs because we are chased by a person who wants to capture us and hurt us then we must instead think of living a situation from which we would like to escape, which we would like to close and which therefore worries us very much. Never underestimate this kind of dreams because it hides fears that we know well in our life but that maybe we underestimate and do not allow us to live peacefully. Some scholars like many psychologists and psychiatrists affirm that the dream descent through the stairs, especially if the dreamer goes through them, in a cellar, in a dark place like a garage or even underground, is a journey into our subconscious. The place we reach through the stairs represents our subconscious and therefore probably in life we??are evaluating very carefully what we really are or what we would like to be, our basic needs. That cellar, that dark or illuminated place could also be our mind trying to find profound and alternative solutions to achieve goals and overcome obstacles. So to conclude our article on this kind of dreams, never forget that the stairs are almost always a positive symbol and that they indicate evolution and in rare cases involution as they are still a means to move, to go from one place to another. , as our mind must do. In fact, it must never fixate on certain things, situations but evolve, look towards new horizons. Obviously, during the achievement of these new horizons one can stumble, fall, slide but the goal can be reached with commitment and sacrifice. This must represent for all of you the stairs that appear in the dream world and give you that confidence that you may lack in real life to proceed, to move forward, to progress and evolve as people above all and in a particular way inside.

Well, after reading the different interpretations relating to this kind of dreams, you can, if you are passionate about games, try to win some amount of money, extrapolating some numbers related to a dream you have had. You simply have to understand which are the most important dream elements and find them in the dream book, really very easy to browse because it is divided by alphabetical letters and therefore each word is ordered. Inside it you will find references to objects, things, places, people, animals, sensations, emotions, colors and you will decide how many and which numbers to play following your intuition. Obviously we remind all of you that gambling does not bring certain winnings and therefore do not spend too much money because in fact dreams come to us to give us useful solutions, to make us understand what desires we have and to help us live some life situations better. but not to provide numbers to play. Anyway, we wish you the best of luck in case you need to get the nunmeri out of your dreams with our completely free dream book.


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