Dreaming of climbing stairs alone with difficulty or quickly, of climbing very high, of going up the stairs of a church and of stumbling. Some people even say that they have dreamed of climbing the stairs on their knees and that they have felt a lot of pain. Walking uphill through very fragile stone, marble stairs that break under our feet and make us fall down.Today we analyze the meaning of the stairs in dreams trying to find the lucky numbers using the Neapolitan grimace. But what does it mean to dream of climbing a steep staircase? Go up the stairs to reach an apartment, a level of a skyscraper, a house, another room. Why can we dream of quickly climbing some steps that we find ourselves in front of? What psychological and psychiatric interpretation should we give to dreams in which we see a scale that seems to us to be an important dream element? Who knows how many times we have dreamed of going up or down stairs but today in this article we only analyze the ascent, the dreamlike ascent of a staircase that can be broken, unsafe, damaged, slippery, very high, with very low steps or very tall. What does it mean to dream of not being able to climb a ladder? Why can we feel stuck while we are climbing a few steps? Have you ever dreamed of climbing the stairs together with a person, perhaps father, mother, son, brother, sister, boyfriend, wife, husband, grandfather, work colleague, friend or together with a deceased, a person who has been dead for a long time? What does it mean to dream of climbing stairs with a lot of effort? Why can we feel pain and so much tiredness, breathlessness while we dream of climbing some stairs at home or in our office or company? But what does it mean to dream of trying to climb various stairs but falling and rolling down getting very hurt? The stairs in dreams are not a trivial element but rather they tell us a lot, they provide us with many elements to better understand ourselves, where we are going and what we are doing or what we should do. For example, have you ever wondered why in a dream we slide up some stairs or the steps never end? Yes, because many people say they find themselves in front of a very dark or illuminated staircase that never ends and one never reaches its summit, its end. Let's give a valid interpretation to this kind of dreams.


Therefore the stairs very often represent our life path, what we are doing in our life to progress or what we are doing to regress, to therefore involve instead of evolving and maturing. To better understand the importance of this dream symbolism we must think about the usefulness of the stairs in real life. They are a means, a useful tool to allow us to reach certain levels of a building, a house, a skyscraper, an office or company. In short, the stairs connect various places, various rooms, various apartments. The stairs are not a useless thing, insignificant in real life and therefore also in dreams they play a fundamental role. Certainly other dream elements are also important because we can find ourselves climbing and descending stairs alone or together with a person, climbing ruined, unsafe, very high stairs or that make us slide. Never underestimate the scale in a dream because it almost certainly indicates a moment of evolution or involution in our life and in any sector of it. Obviously it is much easier to go down the stairs than to go up them but we must not forget that the descent, even if less tiring, can signal an involution rather than an evolution, which certainly indicates the ascent. Here when we dream of being in front of a staircase with few or many steps and we are about to climb it, we are faced with a moment of our life in which we can evolve, mature, make a decision, make a choice that depends exclusively on us perhaps and that will allow us to progress by reaching a goal. The ladder often represents a challenge that we face and that we must face, a challenge that we must win if we want to evolve, but clearly there may be many difficulties that we can have during this fight. A staircase that you climb can be very long, poorly lit, full of craters, without a few steps, with broken or very slippery steps. All these elements indicate that what we are about to face or are already facing in our life is certainly something that brings a lot of stress, a lot of effort, in short, we find ourselves in a situation of great commitment. To understand which sector of life is involved we must analyze some dream details.

Let's try to understand exactly how it is possible to understand which is the sector of life to which the scale refers. In the meantime, we can climb the ladder together with another person and this is a detail that must not be overlooked. For example if we are together with the person we love who can be our wife, husband, boyfriend, then perhaps we need to see the marital relationship evolve, the love relationship that is perhaps becoming monotonous or is experiencing a phase which we don't like very much. Often when we are about to make a sentimental choice such as getting married, going to live together, buying a house, deciding to have a child, we dream of finding ourselves in front of a ladder that represents the challenge, the choice to make. Some people tell of climbing every step united by the hand with the person they love and this is an excellent signal, an indicator of success and achievement of their goals. If, on the other hand, during the journey one falls, rolls down, rushes, stumbles or is forced to stop because the ladder ends or never ends, then it is clear that we are faced with various problems, obstacles, a challenge that maybe it is bigger than us. The stairs can also be climbed together with a parent, brother, sister and here in this case there is something in the family, in family relationships that must be addressed. For example we could find ourselves living a relationship with our parents that needs to evolve, to improve and here our powerful subconscious makes us dream of being in front of a ladder together and ready to climb it. In short, this communication tool almost always signals the possibility of being able to evolve in our earthly existence, to take steps forward as you do when you climb a ladder. Every obstacle that we find on it is the symbol of battles that we will have to endure, of effort, of sweat that we will have to pour to reach the final goal. But what if the ladder never ends or if it seems to lead nowhere? Here we must analyze everything very carefully because a staircase that never ends, with infinite steps, often signals uncertainties, doubts that we have and that we are unable to evaluate, to which we are unable to find valid answers and solutions. In short, we are uncertain, we want to make a decision but we do not know where this decision will lead us in our life.

Generally the ladder in a dream is a good element, a positive element that tells us that through commitment we can achieve any goal that we have set ourselves. Even going down the stairs is not negative and in fact if you read the interpretation of this kind of dream, you will understand that we are facing a different but always positive and important meaning. However, one fundamental thing must be said about the dreams in which we climb a ladder that is not that of home or that of an office or company in which we work. In fact, some have happened to dream of the steps of a Church. Climbing this kind of steps and finding oneself in a Church means perhaps having the need to evolve internally on a spiritual level, to find oneself after perhaps having lost the compass, after having lived through a period of confusion. Indeed, in the difficult moments of life, those who believe in God pray a lot and cling to their religious faith to overcome obstacles that seem to be insurmountable. The ascent of the steps of a Church or in any case of a religious place, is the symbol of this strong need that the dreamer has at a certain moment in his life. Many scholars agree and share the opinion that the ladder often represents social life and professional development above all. In fact, in life we??always try to reach a better, more rewarding professional level, which allows us to live even better and to make less effort. So the ladder seen as our professional ascent and if we don't struggle to climb it, maybe we are making our way easily in everyday life and we will be able to get what we deserve, what we strive for. Never forget that in a dream even the emotions, the sensations you feel are fundamental to give a correct interpretation and here if we go up the stairs happily, without fear, here we are living a peaceful period, in which we can evolve, where we can feel fulfilled. The fear, the fear of falling, of not reaching the final part of the ladder, of rolling, of slipping instead signals that we are not sure what we are doing, we are experiencing a period of doubts that must be faced and overcome however.

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