Do caresses on your face in dream always mean something? What is the meaning of a gentle caress on the face? What is the meaning of a gentle caress on the face? Caress in dreams what meaning and interpretation do you possess? What it means to dream of receiving or caressing a stranger, right or left hand, right or left leg, face, gunacle, chin, forehead, hair or behind the neck, near the eyes , on the shoulder, on the arm? A beautiful caress in the dreams of Our Lady, the Pope, our parents, brothers and sisters, caress someone, unknown man or woman, a dead person, a deceased relative, a wild animal or a wild animal. What is the meaning of being caressed in a dream? Dreaming of caressing, smoothening, cuddling, licking, touching a child's face skin, or a grandfather or an uncle, a dear friend or a colleague. Why do you often dream of getting a caress on your head or getting pampered, seeing and feeling a hand of a beautiful woman or a beautiful man touching you, caring for your hair? What does it mean to dream of getting a caress? Stroking a cat, a dog, a dolphin, a tiger, a horse, an eagle, a fox, a black cat, a dead person, an object, or even your lover, husband, boyfriend, wife. Dreaming of a hand that touches you, touches your cheek, face, forehead, shoulder. What does it mean to dream of giving a caress to a person we do not know? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to play in order to win the lottery if you dream of caressing a person's face to experience the thrill of winning a lottery according to the book of dreams and guide on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of my mother and my father caressing my head. Last night I dreamed of gently caressing the face of my mother, my cousin, my grandmother, my brother, my best friend and my own face. Tonight I dreamed that someone wanted to approach me to give me a caress. Last night I dreamed of seeing my deceased relatives for so many years who came to me because she wanted to caress my face with her cool hands". What is hidden behind dreams of this kind that can offer beautiful sensations to the dreamer but can also bring melancholy? Let's understand the meaning of these dreams and the message they want to communicate to the dreamer.


In order to understand this type of dream clearly we must always think about the meaning of caress in real life. Caress is a demonstration of affection that is made by one person to another person generally using a hand that touches or touches a part of the body. Caress is therefore a nice gesture that can indicate compassion, happiness, desire to be near a person who needs our help. When we dream of caressing a person then probably in real life we ??feel the need to help someone or to do something useful and not just for us. For some psychologists, caress may be a weakness and thus indicate a difficult time of the dreamer who can not solve a given problem. For example, a child may dream of being caressed by his master and the meaning of this dream can be summarized in a difficulty in living his relationship with this school figure. So caress in dream can be interpreted, in many cases, as a lack of understanding between two people. A boyfriend and his girlfriend may, for example, be caressed because they feel love, passion but also because one of them has a problem to solve and the proximity of the other person is very useful. If we dream of being caressed in the face by a person we know in real life, we must always think that we may have a communication problem. Caress made by a parent to a boy may represent a lack of communication between parents and children or the need to feel closer to their mother or father. Joining someone is certainly a good gesture if it is done in real life but in dream very often represents a lack that the dreamer must absolutely solve. It should not be forgotten that this gesture, along with the hugs, is very useful when a person dies and therefore needs to be very close to those who are suffering for the loss of their late deceased. You do not have to forget that to understand the meaning of a dream you must remember most of the emotions we experienced and not just the objects we saw, the people we met and the places we visited.

But what other meaning can be hidden behind the caress in our dreams? As we have said before, it can be a gesture of compassion and altruism when we realize that a person is in trouble and needs help. Our proximity is therefore very important and here we can dream of caressing a person who is sad, who asks for help, who cries or is closed alone in a very dark place. But why is it possible to dream of caressing different parts of the body? Why can anyone stroke us on the visa, cheeks, forehead, arms, legs or head? Very often to caress a person on his face, besides showing compassion for the person who may have some difficulty in his life, may signal a small problem of misunderstanding with that person. For example, we may dream of caressing a work colleague or dear friend and experiencing a complicated period with our work colleague or friend, a problem that is relationally difficult and these dreams often relate to love stories. How many times have we caressed our sentimental partner? The caress towards our boyfriend, to our husband, to our lover or wife may indicate two things. Our sentimental life is going very well with so much complicity or some relational misunderstandings are ruining a loving climate for which a solution must be found. This kind of dreams are therefore very useful to bring to light communication problems with people who are part of our lives. Certainly if caresses in dreams are accompanied by sex then in this case the meaning is another and the passion between the dreamer and a person is really very strong or the need to find good sexual harmony is very strong in the dreamer. The caresses received on arms and legs often have a very good meaning because they can signal someone's help on a professional and professional level, and in fact, dreams and legs often represent work and also our imagination and creativity that we must find a viable outlet in real life. An enemy cares for us? Care should be taken to this kind of dreams especially if the caress is accompanied by a kiss or is done on our shoulders. Often these dreams indicate possible betrayal.

Even a person we do not know can caress our face, our hair and our head. To understand the meaning of these dreams, you must try to understand whether in our life we ??feel the need for help or we have refused the help of a person who has proposed to give us a hand. Have you ever dreamed of caressing a baby or the Madonna or Jesus Christ or still an animal? The dream child often points to ourselves and our most innocent part that needs to get out because it's probably blocked by a problem. Stroking Our Lady or another religious figure certainly tells us that we are experiencing a difficult time but we hope to solve our problems by waiting for a divine, unexpected, surprising intervention. And if we dream of being caressed by an angel, the Madonna or even God? A beautiful dream that signals the recovery after a complex period and many difficulties. The dreamer can resume the right way and abandon fears and fears. But in a dream we often find ourselves caressing a cat, a dog, a ferocious animal like a tiger or a lion. Stroking pets like dogs and cats is certainly a good indication of inner serenity, peace, tranquility in our lives as wild animals often point to our instincts, some aspects of our character that need to be tamed. For example, we might be in a very agitated time where we are very aggressive towards some people so we can dream of caressing a beast that wants to attack us. If we can calm the animal then perhaps, in our lives, we will be able to calm ourselves, to be less aggressive towards other people. Certainly caress in our dreams often indicates the need for sweetness and understanding and this thing has to be kept in mind above all when we dream of being caressed by someone. Before concluding the article we would like to talk about the kind of dreams in which caress is made by a dead person for so long, by a man or woman who is dead and we may even know. If the dead person has been very important to us in life, then his caresses are simply a way our subconscious finds to stay attached to his memory. A deceased person we do not know can mean that we ourselves do not know how to rely on any person to get out of a situation that creates anxiety.


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