To dream of not being able to sleep or be very tired, not being able to sleep. Has it ever happened to you? What does it mean to dream of having sleep and then closing your eyes and waking up in reality or closing your eyes and dying forever? Have you ever slept in a dream? What does it mean to dream of being in bed while you are sleeping? This dream in the dream What does the dreamer mean? And dreaming while you sleep? And dream dream paralysis? To dream of having multiple sclerosis and not being able to move? How many strange dreams can be made. What kind of numbers of Neapolitan grimace is useful to play when we make a dream in which we sleep to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide? What interpretation and meaning do you give to dreams where we fall asleep in any bed or in a chair or armchair? What does it mean to dream of falling asleep? Rest, sleep, fall asleep, appease or wake up, awaken, get up in your dreams. Have you ever slept in a dream? Why can you dream of sleeping on the street and outdoors, on a beach under the stars and the moon with a child, in the house and in bed of another person, in a cemetery, in a coffin, on the ground? What does it mean to dream of sleeping and believing to die? Be driving a car, a motorbike, a train, driving a beautiful sports car and sleeping. Why is it possible to fall asleep in our dreams? Being in the Church and hanging in a moment. We can dream of sleeping while driving a bicycle, an airplane, a helicopter, a motorcycle and so we hit a wall and crash. "The other night I dreamed I slept while I was at work. Last night I dreamed of sleeping while I was hugging someone. This night I dreamed of sleeping with a friend but also with a cat and a dog. Last night I dreamed of being with so many people who slept and did not want to wake up". Why can we dream of sleeping with a cat, a deceased person, a dog, a snake, my mother, my father, my grandparents, my boyfriend, my friend, workman, parents, relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother, pope, famous actor or singer? Be in a strange place, sleep and wake up in a fantastic, beautiful and wonderful place. Let's understand this kind of dreams and give a proper explanation to them.


To understand these dreams we must try to remember what is sleep in real life. Why do we sleep? We sleep because we need to rest, because we are very tired and we have to recharge our energies. So sleep is useful to our body, our muscles, but also to our minds, to get back into shape, to reload the energies. It would be impossible to always be awake and never sleep. Every man and animal must sleep. Sleep relaxes us and makes us feel much better and probably it also allows us to find better solutions to our problems after waking up. So sleep is very positive. Many people tell of dreams where their body is in a bed, perhaps in a hospital bed or in the bed. His eyes are closed and probably this body is sleeping, he is resting. Many people think they are dead too. When we see sleep in our dreams we have to think that we are in a phase of our life where we need to recover so much energy, where we are perhaps really very tired, unattractive in everyday life. The message that this kind of dream brings to us is therefore what we need to rest our mind and not just our physicist in order to be able to share energy and face other problems and situations in our lives. In short, dreaming about sleeping is never a trivial dream but our subconscious wants to tell us that it's time to recharge the energies and to start from scratch but to do this we have to rest. Often, these dreams appear at a stage in our lives where we are working so hard, stress is very strong and the need to succeed in finding our own strength to solve some problems is fundamental. A positive message that opens our eyes to our lives. You do not have to be afraid when you dream of being in bed and you can not move arms and legs and maybe even talk. Dream paralysis simply indicates that in your life you are afraid of something, of a situation that needs to be addressed.

The confirmation of the need to overcome a period of heavy tiredness comes especially when we dream of sleeping in a hospital bed. In fact, in the hospital, we go to cure ourselves after an illness, an accident, a problem that has taken away our energies. We can also dream of sleeping in a strange place like the road, the beach, a desert, a coffin, a friend's house or even at work. Diversity in our dreams has a very important meaning. Sleeping in a place other than that where we usually rest in real life means that we are in a phase of our life where we feel a strong need for change, we have a great need to change air to recover psycho-physical energy. Generally, these dreams correspond to a period of our lives in which we want to change work, home, city, in short, a period of our life where we are tired of the usual situations, things, friendships, etc ... Never forget that it is fundamental to look for to remember if we are sleeping alone or in the company of someone. For example, if we are sleeping with a work colleague then it's just our working condition that brings us stress and fatigue. If in our dream near us, in our bed we have our boyfriend, then our sentimental relationship is going through a phase of loud boredom, monotony and the dream asks us to change, to renew the loving situation. And if we sleep together with an animal? Animals often point to our instincts. Sleeping with a dog can mean that we have confidence in life and we know that we can recover while sleeping with a cat can mean that we have to be careful about a very smart person who will probably make our life very complex. The snakes in our bed indicate envy and jealousy and we can waste much energy to fight against these people.

The most terrible dream is when we're driving a car or a motorcycle and at some point our eyes close, so we risk going banging. In these cases, we wake up with so much fear and with a very strong heart. Aircraft, trains, cars, motorcycles are the means we use in our lives to move forward and so these dreams may indicate that maybe these tools are no longer useful, they are no longer enough to solve some problems and deal with complex situations. We can also dream of being under the stars, on a beautiful beach and sleeping with our parents, a relative, our children or our wife or husband, maybe embracing these people. These dreams are very beautiful because they often indicate a great collaboration, union, complicity with the person who is with us. Our energies, our difficult times, can find help in these people. Certainly one of the most terrible dreams is where we are sleeping in a coffin or bed with a deceased person who we do not know. Clearly, dreams of this kind indicate that we are afraid of change in our lives because it requires a re-start, the beginning of a new path, a new path that can be also complex to carry on. Our fears and our difficulties in starting a new life can manifest itself in a dream with the need to rest. Finally we can often dream of sleeping but having our eyes open. Strange dreams, why to see us in a bed, understand that we are alive but that we are sleeping with wide open eyes can be really very particular as a dream. What meaning? We are perhaps facing a rather difficult time but we know what to do, we are very careful and we are aware of our lives, avoiding traps.


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