Cancel the marriage in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being about to marry but to cancel the marriage for any reason? A marriage canceled in a dream is really a very common thing. What meaning does the cancellation of one's marriage have in our dreams? What does it mean to dream of making null, to declare null, to cancel, to suppress, to invalidate a marriage? What does it mean to dream of a marriage between two people being canceled? Why is it possible to cancel a restaurant reservation where you need to get married or receive a bride's party invitation? Why can we dream of getting married but being alone at the altar? What does it mean to dream to invite many people to a wedding party that is then canceled, revoked or postponed? What does it mean to dream of the marriage of a cousin, brother, sister, aunt, who can no longer be celebrated? Being in the Church and attending a wedding party that no longer exists, at a wedding ceremony, a wedding party between a groom and a bride that does not exist. Why can we dream of a spouse who cries or laughs, or a bride who is happy because she does not get married anymore? To dream of receiving a marriage proposal that is not kept and therefore to dream of not wanting to marry. Dreaming of the marriage of the ex-wife or husband who is no longer celebrated or of being at the altar with the bride who runs away or with the bridegroom who flees away from the Church. What does it mean to dream of canceling your marriage? Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play to experience the thrill of a small or big win if in my dream I cancel my marriage wedding, according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "The other night I remember being in a big church with my husband, my son, my parents, my cousin, some uncles and relatives and my grandparents. In the church the priest was celebrating a strange marriage. Last night I dreamed of getting married with my girlfriend but she was not very happy. Last night I dreamed of being together with a deceased relative for many years and many children near an altar of a church and during the celebration of the religious rite of marriage". This night I dreamed that I had to sign some documents to get married but I did not want to. Today we try to understand the meaning of marriages that can be canceled, canceled in our dreams.


In order to understand these strange dreams that, in fact, are also very widespread, we must start by explaining the dreamlike meaning of marriage. Marriage, in real life, corresponds to the union of two people who can be a man or a woman, two men, two women. Joining in front of God during the religious ceremony of marriage means that in our real life we??are perhaps collaborating with someone, we are working on a project thanks to the help of a person. Collaboration, society, alliance are three words that should not be underestimated when we dream of being at our wedding or at the wedding of a friend, a work colleague or another person. Certainly this type of dreams is much more widespread among women, girls who always have a strong desire to get married in their lives. For many women marriage corresponds to the realization of oneself because generally this event also corresponds to pregnancy and the possible birth of a child. In our world things have changed a lot from this point of view but marriage is always an important link. But why an event so beautiful and that can represent the birth of a beautiful collaboration, can be canceled? Why in our dreams can we be invited to a marriage that does not happen anymore? Before specifying this oneiric symbolism it must be said that, in most cases, attending such an event signals a strong desire to marry by men and women, especially if they are living a beautiful relationship and then marriage is a point of arrival in their life but also a starting point. Maybe in our family we have heard about people who have to marry and then these words come back into our dreams. We therefore dream of being in the Church and participating in a marriage ceremony between two people who may not know each other or who, in fact, are two people in our family. The memories of our life then return to the dream world.

So we try, now, to understand why we can dream of being in church to attend a wedding ceremony but it is canceled, is interrupted for any reason. For example, the bride does not arrive or runs away, the groom refuses to put the ring on the bride's finger or the church collapses and all the guests run away or even die. When a ceremony so important for human beings is canceled, we must always ask ourselves, when we wake up, if we are experiencing a very difficult sentimental situation or if working collaboration with someone is not giving good results. In short, if the dream wedding can represent a union of feelings between two people or excellent partnerships and alliances, the cancellation of this event can instead represent the possibility that a collaboration or alliance can end, be concluded or the feelings that bind us to a person, can finish, change, be upset by future events. The wedding ceremony we see in our dream world is not only connected to the relationship of love that we live in real life but also to possible family, work, professional and economic relationships. Never forget that every detail of dreams, every element, object, feeling, emotion, place, person, is essential to be able to provide a correct interpretation to the dream that very often is really personal. Dreams are desires and these desires can be realized or broken. Seeing a canceled marriage can mean the end of a family relationship between parents and children, for example. Maybe during the celebration in church our father and mother flee away from our marriage. Here a disagreement is possible in our interpersonal relationship with parents. Even a mother could dream of seeing her son getting married but someone is opposed to the celebration of the religious ceremony and everyone ends up. Here the relationship between parents and children can fail due to another person or situation, an external event that comes and destroys the relationship.

Maybe we are working on an important project and the help, support, work of another person are essential for us and for the success we want to achieve, but unfortunately something can happen that ruins the collaboration and here is that in this collaboration which ends, can be anticipated by a marriage that ends between two people who maybe we do not know and that may indicate that even we ourselves understand the reason for the defeat. Often these dreams can however be very trivial and do not have very important meanings. For example, how many people have dreamed, at least once in their life, to be invited to a party but not to be able to go there? In real life it may happen that you are really invited to a party but we do not accept the invitation or we are not happy with this invitation. Non-fundamental dreams that do not carry very useful messages to the dreamer. Other dreams must attract our attention. Dreaming of attending a marriage in which the groom or bride is a long-dead relative. Death in dream always signals a possible change in our life, a necessary, inevitable, indispensable change that can be very frightening. The conjunction of oneiric death with the marriage may mean that this change can bring, in the life of the dreamer, a beautiful collaboration, a new alliance of which nothing is yet known. Do not be afraid when such a beautiful party is canceled in a dream because it can simply indicate small delays, small obstacles that may appear on our work or sentimental and can be solved trying to talk, think, act in the right way as possible. We conclude this article also saying that canceling a religious rite or a wedding party can signal the dreamer's need to change on an inner level, in the depths of his soul because the need to evolve and mature becomes a very strong and indispensable necessity in his life.


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