Be blind in dreams. Dreaming of being blind or failing to see well or dreaming of blinding someone, making someone blind. Let's understand understanding and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of enlightening a man or woman's eyes and blinding him, making him blind, blind? Why do you often dream of watching the Sun in the sky but not being able to see it because it is too shiny? Have you ever dreamed of not being able to keep your eyes open, dreaming of seeing the foggy, or seeing a dark fog? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to play in order to win the lottery when you are dreamed of being blinded by an unknown person to try a lottery win according to dream book and dream guide? Offensive, dazzling, obscuring, veil, flapping the eyes of other people. In dreams you can dream of not seeing well because of a strong white light that is in front of our eyes. To dream of losing sight and not being able to see it can be a really terrible dream. Hold sight of a person or animal, becoming blind because of a strong white, red, blue, yellow, green light that is pointed into our eyes. How many times have you dreamed of this kind? What does it mean to dream of being blinded? What does it mean to dream of being hit in the eyes by light, by a very strong light, by someone, by an unknown, by the reflection of a glass or mirror, by the window of a car, by the light of the Sun, Moon and planet rays of the planet Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn? "Why do I often dream of being blinded by a light coming from the sky? Why do I often see the Blessed Virgin, Jesus, God, a dream angel that emits a strong light from his hands? Last night I dreamed of the light of a lighthouse to my mother, my father, my grandfather, my brother and my sister. The other night I was losing my eye because of a very strong light coming from my husband's house that was with my son and his lover. This night I saw in a dream an unknown person who brought me a liquid, an acid in the face to blind me, to make me blind. In the past night I dreamed of a dead person, a dead person who was coming to me for so long and trying to hit me in the eyes with a knife". But why can you dream of losing our sight for the sake of a relative, a famous actor or singer, your boyfriend, wife, friend, or work colleague? Let's see the meaning of this kind of dreams that seems to be really widespread and almost never a trivial message.


When we are blinded in real life, hit by a strong light or by a light beam coming from a lighthouse, we can not see anything now, we see stains in our eyes and we feel stunned, confused, and sore. Have you ever tried to look at the Sun directly with your eyes without sunglasses? This should never be done because you can actually suffer damage to the retina of your eyes. Sunlight can be so malevolent if it is also observed for a few seconds which can lead to partial or total blindness of an eye or both eyes. But why in dreams can we see the Sun in the sky and be dazzled by his light or strangely can we point our eyes on it without suffering, without being dazzled? The Sun is the symbol of a great energy, of great power, and therefore it can be compared, in our everyday life, to a person much stronger than ourselves or to a situation far greater than us that can create serious problems. If the Sun, in our dreams, dazzles us, we can not see it, observe it, then most likely one person can deceive us, one person wants to hurt us and we have to become aware of this problem. In addition, blindness could simply be a matter involving us and that can be very damaging to us. Let's take an example to understand and understand the meaning of the strong sunlight that dazzles us. Suppose a person offers us the opportunity to invest a large sum of money by promising us big gains with high interests. In the dream we see this strong Sun blinding us to represent the person who made the proposal, which could be in good faith or not, or the situation where we are investing money that can actually lead us to lose as much money. In short, when in the dream we are dazzled by a strong light and we can not observe it, then almost certainly, in real life, we are incapable of managing a situation that can lead to serious risks. Incredibly, however, some people say that they can dream the Sun and be able to observe its rays and it in all its splendor without spoiling the eyes and fatigue. It is a great sign because it indicates a great ability to understand the situations that you face.

Never forget that in order to understand the message that a dream wants to provide us, we need to note all the details on our dream book. Emotions, sensations, objects we see, places we are and we visit, people we meet. For example, to meet a work colleague who points to us a big lighthouse, a great light that hurt our eyes and does not allow us to observe, to walk with tranquility, almost certainly indicates a serious problem that must be addressed at the place of work, a problem that needs to be resolved otherwise can lead to various difficulties in the future. Dreaming of an unknown person trying to illuminate our journey or a deceased relative who help us walk in a dark place thanks to a strong light is a very positive dream. In our lives we can enjoy a guide, an important person who will guide us through our choices and the various situations we will face. For example, a child might dream of being in a very dark place and be very scared and meet his parents, his brother, sister, his grandparents, who enlighten the environment. The baby feels so much safer. What does this dream mean? In his life, the child, in the face of a difficulty that will block him momentarily, will find the support of a person who will help him to continue his journey. Certainly one of the most terrible dreams is where we dream of becoming completely blind and unable to walk, see nothing. These dreams can be so scary that we can wake up in the middle of the night with great fear. Unfortunately these dreams need not be underestimated because they undoubtedly indicate a very dangerous situation that can really hurt us so much. Of course, many people think of losing sight of real life after having dreamed of this kind, but you have to be quiet because this thing will never happen. But let's look at even more terrible dreams, the dreams in which a person tries to pursue and wants to throw a liquid, an acid on our face and our eyes with the intention of making us blind. Some people who suffer from this type of dream, even say they really feel the feeling of pain, burning in the eyes.

But why an unknown person or a person we know as our husband or wife may want this? Why can we lose sight of an acid that is thrown into our eyes? Certainly the message that this kind of dreams is to provide is that we are afraid of something or someone in our lives. If the person who throws the liquid into the face is a person we know then we can already understand the scope of dream manifestation. If our boyfriend, for example, wants to blind us with acid in our dreams, then we clearly think that he is hiding something. In short, with these dreams, clearly interpersonal relationships are at risk and should not be underestimated. If we are blinding a person then we are probably ourselves that we want to hide the truth from someone and then try to find the solution to make this truth unrecognizable. Accepting someone may therefore mean being false and dishonest people because they want to hide a truth that should be said. These dreams can be widespread among children and teenagers who do not tell all their parents and therefore can dream of dazzling their parents so they do not know, do not see what they are doing and can not therefore judge and to punish. And why a meaning hidden behind these dreams can be that of fear of being judged and being punished. To avoid judgment and punishment, we can dream of blinding a person's eyes, dazzling someone so he can not see and then judge what we are doing. But dreaming of being blind can have a very important meaning. In fact, a person who does not see in real life is forced to increase his feelings of sensitivity, uses the remaining senses better than anyone else and enables the so-called third eye, a symbolic eye that represents a superior knowledge, a knowledge spiritual that allows you to go beyond the appearances and things of the material world. In short, losing sight in dreams can mean a ripening, an inner evolution of the dreamer, and a capacity to foresee some events in his life because he does not base his judgments only on what he actually exists, which he only sees with his eyes.


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