To dream of being chased by a stranger, by a man who attacks you. Terrible nightmares. Running in dreams or dreaming of escaping or being chased is a really widespread dream. In your opinion, what does it mean to dream of being attacked by an animal or a terrible beast? To dream of an aggression: we see symbology, meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being attacked, assaulted, attacked, ambushed, trapped, trapped, pitched, trapped by someone, or dreams of attacking someone who wants to hurt us in the dream? In our dreams to meet an attacker by day, by night, on the street is really a widespread thing. What does it mean if you dream of being chased, robbed, harassed, kidnapped, killed by a man or woman we do not know or by our mother, our father, our brother or sister? Assault, attack, tackle, attack, defend, help, rescue a terrible wild animal that makes us so scared. Because you often dream of being attacked by a dog, dog, man, lion, bull, tiger, a black cat, a monkey, a woman you do not know, a bear, a black cat, a friend, a workman, a devil, an angel, a shadow, a famous actor or singer or a son, husband, wife, boyfriend? What does it mean to dream of being attacked? Why can you dream of striving for an ambush or losing an ambush? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to be played when I often dream of being attacked by a stranger to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide? "Tonight I dreamed of being attacked by my uncle and another relative and I could not defend myself. Last night I dreamed of being attacked, assailed by a great man who wanted to kill me. Last night I saw a thief in the house who wanted to attack me and I was not able to move and run away. The other night I dreamed of seeing a terrible and fearful aggression against a very old couple and I wanted to run away?". The dreams of aggression are really widespread and are very scary. Let's understand their meaning, understand the message they bring to the dreamer.


How many times have you dreamed of being in front of a terrible beast, a very fierce dog, or a dark-faced man who wanted to kill you and then chase you? The dreams of aggression are really widespread because they are linked with important fears that each of us feeds in real life. The worst thing about this kind of dream is when we are chased by someone, we try to run away but we can not escape because we are completely blocked or we move to the slow motion, very slowly and among other things we can not even talk, to shout for help. Of course most of these dreams end with our awakening in the middle of the night with so much fear and luckily many dreamers wake up before the assailant reaches them in a dream. When we're dreaming of being attacked, attacked by an animal that wants to bite or from a person who wants to kill almost certainly in our real life we ??are experiencing a complex situation that does not allow us to live serene. To understand the meaning of this kind of dreams we make an example. Suppose we dream of being in the workplace and notice our work colleague who is pursuing us with a knife or a gun. We are very scared and run away. Almost certainly, in our daily lives, work is creating some complications because we are probably undergoing the overthrow of a colleague that we might feel superior to ourselves. Probably the professional climate we live in is not excellent and this malaise manifests itself in a dream with the fear of being assaulted, attacked, hurt, tortured and killed. To find the solution to this kind of dreams of course we have to improve our workplace, improve the relationship with our colleague and try to figure out what other things are not good in our professional life. A child can dream of escaping from a parent, a teacher or a schoolmate. Here, the relationship with parents, teacher, or some school friend is not good and creates some complication that is experienced as a fear of the little dreamer. Analyzing these dreams about our children is really a fundamental thing because in this way we can make them grow healthy and fearless.

Many people say they are being pursued by strange black shadows with unrecognizable face or by men or women who can not be recognized. Here, in these cases, fear, fear of facing a certain situation can be the key to reading this kind of dreams that often become real nightmares and that are rarely recurring. We recall that a recurring dream must always attract our attention because it hides a very serious problem that has not yet been solved. Often, these dreams identify a real person who may be the cause of our problems, our malaise, and our difficulty of living serene but sometimes the cause is ours. In fact, how many of you have dreamed of being reached and taken away by a dog, a bear, a tiger, a lion, etc ...? We have said in previous articles that animals in our dreams, especially those very fierce and frightening, represent our fears but above all some sides of our character who do not find the right vent. Animals that chase us often represent our primordial instincts, instincts that we can not control. This type of dreams therefore indicates the need to control our character, our rebellion, our instincts precisely because they can create several problems in our lives, leading to complications in interpersonal relationships with other people. So these animals are ourselves that we are experiencing a period of inadequate control of our inner and outer qualities. In some cases that are not so rare, we can also dream of an aggression, torture, and harassment that can represent a possible trap in which someone wants to fall. For example, someone has proposed a financial investment and we are dreaming of being chased by some people a few days later and falling into a ravine, we are surrounded and we can not do anything. These promiscuous dreams can help the dreamer stay away from possible scams, but of course you have to be able to properly interpret these dreams, remembering the feelings and emotions we have experienced, the places we were, the objects we met, and the people that we have seen.

But fortunately in our dreams we can also find the courage to run away, find a good refuge, or even have the strength to face the aggressor. So not all dreams in which we risk being pursued, attacked, injured by a man, an animal can be negative and represent unsolvable maladies from which we run into real life. Even in dreams, we can find the strength to flee away to find salvation in a safe place, or even we can find the courage not to run away but to face the danger. To run away and to be unable to find, to be able to conceal has a pretty positive meaning but not completely favorable to the dreamer because it indicates that it is possible to find a momentary solution to our problems, our fears in real life, a solution that does not solve in complete but that is just a small piece to take time and go on. The most beautiful dreams that indicate a great achievement, a favorable resolution of a problem, are precisely those in which we are able to deal with the person pursuing us or the animal that attacks us. We fight, defeat, defeat the evil creature and therefore almost certainly, in our real life, the various problems, the various fears will be faced and resolved definitively after maybe a great battle, a great inner and outer struggle. These dreams also indicate a beautiful evolution and maturity of the person. If, during the fight, unfortunately we lose and we are defeated, maybe we are killed or we are injured by losing much blood, then we are clearly experiencing a difficult time when the forces are lacking and for this reason we can not overcome our fears. Depression, sadness, melancholy, and so many other states of mind and psychic illnesses can be represented with this kind of dreams and nightmares.


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