Why do we dream of seeing a dog barking toward us or that it is tied to a cage but is weeding and running towards us? What does it mean to dream of seeing a small dog tied to a tree with a chain? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace should you play if you dream a dog to try a lottery win? What interpretation and meaning do you give to the dreams in which we see a dog bite behind us? What does it mean to dream a very large and big dog that bites your hand? And dream of a furious dog pursuing you, an angry and fierce dog that wants to muddle you? Do you dream in a dream of an affectionate dog walking with you and crying? Why can you dream about your dead dog or dream of finding a dog dead or wounded on the road and sad? Dreaming of seeing a cheerful dog running, a dog without hair or long hair? What does it mean to dream a dog that bites me? To see in a dream a dog that wants to mordant you, trying to mordant you biting a finger of your right hand, left, thumb, index, middle, annular, little finger, a toe like your toe or bite you to a Leg, arm, head, face, eyes. What do these terrible dreams mean and are they really scared? Have you dreamed of a dog in black, red, white, blue, blue, with burning eyes full of anger? "The other night I dreamed of a big dog who wants to dive, tear, tear, chew. Last night I dreamed of a black German shepherd dog who chased me bitten at my neck. This night I dreamed of a dog barking, teasing, attacking me and then protecting me. Last night I saw in dreams a dog that runs and gives birth to many small dead or alive dogs. Why do I often dream of a dog that vomits or cries?" Dreaming of dogs that hug you, chase you, attack you, or enter the house, is beaten by an unknown man who barks, sleeping in the dog and Russian, who runs away, which is tied to a tree with a chain that slams And runs to you.


During our dreams or nightmares we can often notice a dog that can be a breed dog like siberian husky, carlino, labrador retriever, beagle, rottweiler, pitbull, bitch, english bulldog, bulldog french, shih tzu, dobermann, yorkshire terrier, Deutscher boxer, chow chow, honey, chihuahua, etc... or a simple dog. Dogs in our dreams are really widespread because their main meaning is very important in our lives. When the dog appears in a dream, especially if it is threatening and wants to bite, it may indicate a danger. When a dog pursues us in dreams, when it is completely black and has a very aggressive face with big and long teeth, it generally indicates a great danger we can encounter in our lives. Obviously if we see a particular person in a dream or we recognize the place where we are, then we can try to understand in what scope of our life we can manifest the meaning of the dream. For example, if we dream of being at home and a dog tries to bite some of our family, maybe a father or a mother, then probably a situation will happen in the family, a complicated event that can lead to a danger. So dreams of this kind are fundamental because they can tell us in time of an incident that has not yet come in our lives. If the dog is an unknown dog maybe we do not realize the problem, we can not figure out what needs to be resolved in our lives and this is not a good thing.

We often dream of a dog we know. Generally these dreams do not carry important messages because perhaps this animal is in our unconscious and manifests even at night because we have a very recent memory of him. Therefore, it is important to pay particular attention to the dreams in which the dog is an unknown dog. If the dog assumes an attacking attitude then in our life there may be a very imminent danger and this danger can be even harder to overcome if the dog is big, big and black. Black can, in fact, indicate a bad event as well as a big negative change in the dreamer's life. When we see a sad dog, weeping, tied to a tree, or locked in a cage, it probably does not refer to a danger to be faced in our lives but to something . In fact dream dogs can also represent our instincts, our passions. Dogs act using their instincts. When we awaken we have to ask ourselves what part of our character is not good because we can not express all of our qualities but have no outlet in real life. The dog may also indicate the incorrect use of our psycho-physical energy or it means to the dreamer that some situations in life need to be re-evaluated, settled and found to be a just solution.

So a dog that bites in a dream often indicates a danger or a difficulty expressing one side of our character or even an exaggeration in showing the qualities and virtues we possess. Even many people can even feel the pain of a bite in their dreams. The pain is so real that the dreamer wakes up with great fear. To feel pain in dreams means that we are aware of the problem that needs to be resolved and faced in real life. Obviously, seeing a dog that is docile, good, caressed, cheerful and cheating is a good sign because it just indicates that things are going well in our life and above all we are enjoying a good time of peace, serenity and tranquility. The dogs that chase, chasing us have another meaning not to be underestimated. The dog pursuing in dreams tells the dreamer to deal with the problem and not to escape from it. Sometimes these animals can indicate serious problems in work especially when they bite the right hand or right leg while the left side of our body that is tossed by a dog can affect our creativity that does not live a good time. A wounded or dead dog often points to a part of us that we no longer use, a dowry we no longer use, or a dangerous situation that has been removed in our lives at the moment. We conclude this article by reminding all of you that we must always remember when we dream not only the objects, the people, the animals we encounter but also the feelings we experience and the places where we are. All these details, very personal, serve to give a true interpretation to the dream.


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