Arrest in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Capture, imprison, incarcerate, take, catch a thief. What does it mean to dream of arresting a police patrol on the highway? What does it mean to dream of arresting some enemies, guilty of a crime or dreaming of an accident and being arrested? What does it mean to dream of being chased by a patrol car and police car with sirens on? Why is it possible to dream of being arrested, being very bad but being innocent? Why can we dream of being condemned in a courtroom by a judge, go and stay in jail in the same cell with a relative now dead for years or together with some children or celebrities? Why can we dream of having us arrested, to see someone arrested, to call, to call the police or the police and to have a man arrested, a woman who is threatening us with death on the street? What does it mean to dream of handcuffing, being handcuffed, handcuffing to someone you do not know and seeing the police, the finance guard, arresting a man or woman in the street? Have you ever dreamed of finding a pair of handcuffs or dreaming of putting on handcuffs and not being able to take them out of your hands because the key is not there? What does it mean to dream of being arrested by the police? Many people say they see someone arrested by handcuffs. Carabinieri, uniformed or plain-clothes pilots arrest a very dangerous person in the street near my house. "I often dream that they must arrest me. The other night I dreamed of being arrested along with a friend of mine, a colleague and my parents. Tonight I remember being taken to the barracks in my city, along with my mother, father, brother and sister. Last night I dreamed that they arrest my boyfriend, my husband, my boyfriend and take him to jail. Last night I dreamed of seeing my mother being arrested with handcuffs on her wrists and I was crying, I was very sad". What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do I have to play if I dream of being handcuffed by the carabinieri to try to get a lottery money win according to the dream book and the dream guide? Today we try to understand the meaning of dreams in which we can be arrested or to see a person arrested.


Unfortunately, this kind of dreams is really widespread among people. Meanwhile, we must try to understand that generally seeing police, police in our dreams is not a bad symbolism, even if the message that our subconscious wants to pull out and make us understand, can be very important. In the meantime, in order to understand these dreams we must always start from real life. In everyday life, the arrest of a person coincides with a crime. An individual can be arrested, judged and imprisoned for committing a small or serious crime. A person may have stolen, killed, robbed someone or may have committed crimes against monuments, financial crimes. In any case, being imprisoned or simply investigated for something is always bad news. But those arrested could also be innocent. So behind the arrest there is always a possible fault to prove. The key word therefore, to understand this kind of dreams is: fault. Why are we not peaceful and is it possible that we are feeling guilty for something we have committed in our lives? Let's take a quick example. We had a fight with our mother and we realized we were wrong because maybe we said some things we did not want to say. We can not apologize because we are stubborn and here that the sense of guilt creeps inside us and comes out right in the dream world, in our dream world. In this world, our subconscious can communicate with our unconscious to make us understand our state of mind. The sense of guilt can reappear in our dreams when we are arrested by the police or our mother is arrested, fined or taken to jail. After this example it is easier to understand the meaning of a possible oneiric arrest. Sometimes the sense of guilt we feel about having said or done something very serious to a person or even to ourselves can be so important that you can dream of being arrested, convicted in court by a judge and being imprisoned for always or for many years. Dreadful dreams that can make us wake up in the middle of the night.

Certainly this kind of dreams does not just mean feeling guilty about something we have done. In fact, we must not forget that the policemen, the policemen are people who help. They are the symbol of justice and try to give security to citizens. Here is another very important keyword: security. Seeing carabinieri or policemen on the street or chasing a stolen car, a person we know or do not know, can be a very positive thing. In our life we??probably feel protected by someone or we are living a period of great economic security but above all interior. When we are in a very mature phase of life and very effective for our progress, we can, in fact, dream of policemen and carabinieri. So a meaning favorable to the dreamer than what we talked about before. Clearly it is not easy to analyze this type of dreams but never forget that in our dream world no detail should be left out. Objects we see, places we visit, people we meet, colors, sensations and emotions that we experience. All these things are essential to better understand the meaning of our dreams that can often be very tangled. For some people being arrested is always a bad omen and it is possible that after having had a dream of this kind, bad news can arrive too, but we must not be so fatalistic in life. Meanwhile, even if it may seem strange, being arrested and imprisoned can be a positive thing if, during the dream, we feel good feelings. So, in fact, these dreams can have a third meaning and that is to link to another key word: freedom. The arrest in real life changes the life of the one who is judged and taken to prison. These dreams could therefore indicate the need, on the part of the dreamer, to change one's life and to look elsewhere for happiness or serenity that can not be achieved. So the desire for freedom, independence, renewal of our existence in every area of??our lives.

But what do we want to escape from? Why do we want to change our lives and especially from whom we want to leave? Here is the importance, in dreams, of the analysis of every detail. We must remember the people we see. If in a dream, the police arrest our mother or our father, then this is a good indication to try to understand that the relationship with our parents must change. We may want to flee from parents who are too oppressive, severe and who do not allow us to be free, to show all our qualities. Seeing in dream, police and carabinieri arresting a relative, almost certainly means that some relationships, in our family, are about to change. What if we dream of having our fiancé or our wife arrested? If we dream of being arrested together with the person we love? Clearly these dreams signal difficulties on a sentimental level and since arrest often represents a sense of guilt or a desire to renew our lives, it is very easy to understand that we are facing or facing a period in our love life, in which something must change because we are not satisfied. Dialogue is scarce, misunderstanding is obvious or we know we have committed something and we are repenting or our love partner has made a mistake and we perceive an inner malaise that manifests itself in the dream world with the arrest of the person who we love. Do not be afraid and fear that something bad can happen in our lives, when we dream of being arrested, judged in court and being considered guilty. All this means that after a difficult and perhaps very painful period, we can finally see the light on the horizon, the light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, if instead of being arrested we can escape or we are judged innocent, then the meaning of the dream is very favorable and can indicate a beautiful event, a beautiful joy that is about to arrive. And very often we have noticed that when we dream of arresting a person we know, it is possible to receive excellent news from the person arrested and taken to prison. Before concluding the article we would like to remember that prison in dreams and therefore find itself locked up inside a prison, is hardly ever a negative event but signals the possibility of paying for our faults and finding the right path in our lives because prison is also a place for re-education.


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