The disease in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean when you dream of a person or someone, an animal like a dog or a cat that has a tumor? What does it mean to dream of a sick person several times? What does it mean to dream of a physically ill person who is comfortable in real life? And what does it mean to dream of having a bad and terrible disease in dreams? What does it mean to dream of a person we know who is sick but who in reality is well? Seeing, feeling, feeling sickness in dreams is a terrible thing. Why can we dream of our mother, our father, grandmother, aunt, our brother and sister or a cousin, a mother-in-law, a brother-in-law or an uncle who is sick? Why is it possible to dream of an unknown man or woman who has a mental illness? What does it mean to dream to meet and talk in hospital with your sick man or your sick woman? Dreaming of being very ill or dreaming of seeing your wife, your son, a famous actor or singer, the Pope who suffer a lot. What does it mean to see seriously ill relatives in a dream or even find so many children and young people who have a frightening cancer like leukemia? Dreaming of arguing with an elderly gentleman who is not healthy and suffers a lot, feels pain and is dying, dreaming of an old lady who we do not know is really very sad because she is very sick. Dreaming of talking to an unknown man or woman who is suffering, run down and about to die of cancer or who incredibly heals. What does it mean to dream of a sick person? What is the meaning of terminally ill patients in a dream? Why can we dream of being ourselves in a hospital bed while we are suffering and therefore dreaming of being physically ill? Dreaming of being sick or getting cancer or cancer and thinking of dying. It often happens that we dream of a person we like, a person we are in love with but who is suffering from a very serious illness. "Last night I dreamed that my parents were dying because of a very serious illness. Last night I dreamed of risking death. Tonight I remember being saved by a doctor. The other night I dreamed of having a terrible disease and no doctor could help me". What kind of numbers based on the Neapolitan grimace can be played if we dream to see a patient on a stretcher in the hospital to try to get a lottery money win according to the dream book and the dream guide? In this article we try to understand the disease that can appear in our dream world and can be very scary.


When you dream of a person who has an illness it means that he thinks of you. The disease in our dreams is a very common thing. Very often these dreams should not scare us because they simply can be small, premonitory dreams. In fact, many people say they have dreamed of a relative, a friend, family member or work colleague who may be in serious trouble, being sick in a hospital bed and dying. At some point, after a few days, in real life these people say they met the very person who was sick in the dream and asking for help for something. In a sense then, we can say that when we dream of a person we know and who is in bad health, it can be felt in the next few days to ask for a little help from us. Premonitory dreams that, however, are not widespread. Then does the disease in dreams which other meaning does it have? Many of you will be thinking that, since the disease is a bad thing we can live in everyday life, then even in a dream it can represent bad things, bad situations that can happen. But we must never forget that our dreams are used to solve situations, problems, find useful solutions, to become aware of an event, of a difficult condition that we are actually experiencing. To meet a person we know who has a terrible disease and is about to die does not mean that she will really die. The disease in a dream is a warning sign, it can indicate that we must be very careful, do not underestimate a situation that could create future problems. In the dream world, even the object that is apparently unimportant can be fundamental to obtain a good interpretation. Objects that we see, people we meet, places where we are, colors, sensations and emotions can help us pull out a correct interpretation and therefore understand the message of the dream. First of all, the first thing to remember when we have dreams in which the disease is present is to remember who the sick person is, who is suffering and especially if this person is about to die or can recover.

Remembering the person who has an illness is fundamental and is the starting point for getting our right interpretation. The dying person can be a parent, a son, a husband, a wife, a mother-in-law, a brother-in-law, a work colleague, our sentimental partner, a friend. So here we must ask ourselves how is the relationship we have with this person. Most likely we will find that the relationship with the person in the dream is sick, it is not exceptional and maybe it is getting worse. Perhaps we have discussed something, perhaps we have made a choice that has not been appreciated by this person and therefore the relationship is about to change in our lives. Indeed, in some cases, this relationship, sentimental, professional, familiar, friendly, can be closed, definitively interrupted just when we dream that this person is dying or has an incurable disease. In a dream we can be in the hospital and doctors and nurses are trying to do everything possible to save the life of the person but, unfortunately, it dies. Here, most likely, the interpersonal relationship that we live with it will change, it will end, will evolve positively or negatively. Death in dream always indicates a possible change, necessary, inevitable, indispensable to the dreamer. Never forget that the feelings and emotions you experience in dreams are fundamental elements to understand if this relationship will end or change positively or not. For example, if we are very sad, we cry, we suffer with that person, then the change will not be favorable to us and will lead to a difficult situation. Incredibly we can also be happy to see a person we know in a dream suffer, we can be happy that she is dying. These dreams represent a positive change, an important evolution in our life, compared to the relationship we live with this person. Our mother or father is sick and they risk dying. Here is a son who does this kind of dreams, he can think of becoming independent, going out of his parents' home to go and live alone.

Many women dream of seeing their husband, engaged in a bed that suffers from a serious illness like a tumor, a cancer. Also in this case it is essential to try to remember the emotions we felt because any positive emotions indicate, without a doubt, the possibility of improving the sentimental relationship while any non positive emotions and sensations can indicate the worsening of a sentimental life that maybe is already living some problems. But the dream disease does not represent only the change in the relational life on a sentimental, working or family level. Certainly seeing a colleague who is dying may indicate a problem with him or a work change that is about to come and also affects us but many times, the disease in dreams, is the symptom of a period of our lives where we are very tired physically and mentally and therefore we need to recover energies. In this sense, the dream offers a very positive message even if it can be equally alarming. Our subconscious wants to make us understand that we must rest, relax in order to recover useful energy, otherwise we risk living a period full of stress, anxiety and tension and then here we can really get sick. Very difficult period to live in which we have no ideas, the physical and mental forces are very low and so maybe we are also very pessimistic. Uncertainties, doubts about life and the paths we are facing. The disease is also all of this. Almost certainly when we ourselves are in a hospital bed or in our bed at home and we are very sick, then we can think of being in a phase of life where things are very complex and besides not having a great desire to commit ourselves, the situations seem to be all against us. To meet very old people that we do not know and who are very sick, probably means that our wisdom, our maturity are put to the test by the events of life while the children who have terrible diseases and risk dying in a dream, signal the need for to recover the child who is in us and therefore the innocence and ingenuity that we may have lost.


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