The bees in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Dreaming of an insect's sting like a wasp and feeling a lot of pain or not suffering. See bees on the flowers that transmit the pollen, a terrible swarm of wasps coming towards us or seeing a gigantic yellow, black, red, fleeing bee, which enters our ears, rests on us, which stings on the neck with a long sting . What does it mean to dream of bees and wasps that are at home and that attack us and sting our skin? What does it mean to dream of a giant bee flying around us, walking and moving in my hair or on my clothes? Why is it possible to dream of killing bees or dreaming of being stung by a bee and the sting remains inside our flesh that swells and becomes infected? Why is it possible to dream of finding many bees in a honey-producing nest? Why can we dream of eating honey from bees or killing bees with a poison? What does it mean to find a large honeycomb nest in our home or workplace and burn, burn a honeycomb and wasp nest? What does it mean to dream to see a beekeeper who works with many bees and produces good honey or to crush bees with the stick, the hands or the foot? What meaning can we find in dreams where we can not defend ourselves from insects that sting us, we run away but are paralyzed? What does it mean to dream very dangerous bees coming towards us to kill us? What does it mean to find wasps and dead bees at home or to see many bees, wasps and hornets flying over my bed? See in dreams bees and wasps that create honey, queen bees, small, huge, big, biting, stinging our arms, our hands and our face. Why can we dream that a queen bee pricks our hand, the face, the arm, the right or left leg of our mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, uncle, wife, son, friend or colleague of work? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do you have to play if you dream of chasing away bees from my house, from my apartment or work place, to try a lottery win by following the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I remember seeing so many bees around a beehive in the countryside. Last night I was with my parents and we found a big nest with lots of bees and wasps. Last night I set fire to a bee hive. This night I was stung by a bee in the face". We try to understand the meaning of these insects when they appear in our dreams.


The bees in your dreams symbolize wealth, good luck, harmony, creativity, desire to work. They are the symbol of hard work that we can do during our life and this hard work can often bring excellent results. The bees are insects and even the wasps are insects but they have a terrible weapon and that is a sting that they use to defend themselves when they feel threatened by something or someone. The first meaning of dreams in which bees and wasps appear and are fundamental elements is precisely relative to insects. Insects, in our life, can be very annoying if we think about mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies. Besides being very annoying they can carry numerous diseases like the malaria virus that can be carried by mosquitoes. Many other types of insects are harmless but many others can be harmful to our health. Here the key word to understand this first meaning is: annoyance. When we dream of insects invading our home, our place of work or coming towards us, then, probably, in our life, we are experiencing a period in which we feel annoyed by something. Maybe we are experiencing a very complex working and economic situation, maybe some people do not allow us to express our ideas, we do not feel free to express our feelings in a relationship of love or the relationship with our parents is quite complex and confusing . So insects such as bees and wasps indicate, in fact, a small or big nuisance in our earthly existence. For example, dreaming of many bees buzzing around us, our face, can mean that we are bothered by a situation that can harm us very much if we are not careful and do not take appropriate measures right away and in fact, bees sting. If during a dream a big bee or some bees come towards us, they rest on our skin and sting with their sting, then the situation to be faced in our life will be very problematic and will create many thoughts.

So bees and wasps often, as they are insects, represent possible problems, annoyances, moments of our life that are not serene, are perhaps very confusing and moments when we can not find a good balance in our lives. When we are bothered by this type of insects in the dream world, we must always think that we are particularly depressed and pessimistic because we are not able to find a good solution to our problems. Often these problems are economic and working. But how to understand the sector of our life to which these insects can refer? Simple, we must not forget any dreamlike detail. People we meet and talk to, objects we see, places where we are and above all emotions and feelings that we feel. For example, if we dream of being in the bed at home with our husband and so many bees come towards us with the intention of attacking us, then our romantic relationship is undergoing a bad period. The presence of our husband suggests that family and sentimental problems take up a lot of space in our daily lives. If the bees and the wasps stung our husband then our conscience tells us that we blame the malaise we are experiencing right to that person. Dropping insects that are in flight means to drive away the problems but not to solve them because only if we dream of killing these insects, we can hope to definitively resolve a situation we are experiencing negatively. We dreamed of being at school with our friends and friends and an insect stings our skin. Here is that the relationship with some companions is not favorable and perhaps one of them causes us a lot of trouble. But bees and wasps can have many other meanings and also very favorable. Wealth, good luck, harmony, creativity, desire to work. If we dream of watching so many bees in a beehive working to protect their queen bee, then we can be sure that in our life we??are proceeding very well and we are working in the right way to bring home money and success. The wealth identified by bees in a dream, however, is not exclusively economic but can also be internal.

Perhaps we are living a very fruitful period on the inner, spiritual level and we are thus maturing mentally and spiritually. These insects have a truly untiring ability to work. Often those bees represent ourselves that we are working hard to achieve success, to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. Very important is the place where we find a beehive full of bees. If this beehive is in the house then our family life is improving, the relationships with our parents, children, relatives, husband, wife, are going through a great period that could be really excellent and restore an inner balance that we did not have for so long time. Dreaming of burning a nest full of bees is not a good sign because it can mean turning away from us, rejecting opportunities for income and work. Only if the nest is completely empty, then the fire can indicate liberation from a rather complex and monotonous period, otherwise kill bees that do not bother us and do not sting us, is a bad sign that identifies possible loss of work, money and a very complex phase to deal with. These professional and economic difficulties are often reported, in our dreams, by a nest that is burned or destroyed and which is located in the workplace. Seeing many bees working, producing nectar and protecting the queen bee that is laying eggs, means being in a beautiful moment of our life, full of excellent opportunities, great creativity and a great desire to work, get involved and get busy . The bees, flying and going from one flower to another, can also transport the pollen of many plants and flowers. Dreaming of seeing bees moving from one flower to another flower is a symbol of rebirth, of hard work that will bear its fruits and great collaborations that can come. In short, this type of dreams makes us understand that we are sowing to collect good things in our future. We conclude by saying that seeing a great swarm of bees flying in the sky means good news and favorable opportunities on the way.


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