The hive in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream to see a big bee entering or leaving a huge beehive? What does it mean to dream of building a beehive, an apiary, bugno, honeycomb for honey bees? Why is it possible to dream of finding, seeing an empty hive or observing a beehive full of bees, wasps, hornets? Why can we dream of burning a small or big beehive at home with gasoline and fire? What does it mean to dream of bees and wasps coming out of a beehive and come against us? Dreaming of a beehive that catches fire or dreaming of setting fire to gas in a giant beehive. Destroy a very small hive, smash, break a big beehive or a lot of hives with a hammer, throw water on a beehive. What does it mean to dream a beehive and be stung by so many bees, wasps, hornets with the blood that comes from our body? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace must we play when we dream of seeing a nest full of insects to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "Tonight I remember dreaming of finding a big beehive in my bedroom and at my side I saw my mother, my father, my sister and my brother trying to destroy the nest. The other night I dreamed of being in my garden or in the country and seeing so many bees and wasps coming out of a beehive and trying to sting me. Last night I remember being stung in the face by a big bee. I felt a lot of pain and I woke up with my heart beating very hard. The fear was really a lot. Last night I dreamed of being chased by a cloud of bees and wasps that wanted to sting my arms and legs". Bees, wasps, hornets and other insects that sting and can do much harm, are very widespread elements in our dreams but also their nest is not to be underestimated and its presence in the dream world is often more influential than the insects themselves. In fact, the bee hive is a home, a place where these insects produce the honey that we humans eat. In this article, therefore, we try to understand the meaning of these nests of insects, we try to provide a fair interpretation to all those who remember having dreamed of a nest of bees, wasps, hornets.


The hive is an unnatural house where it is possible to breed a colony of domestic bees. When we dream of a beehive and therefore the natural home that bees build to live and produce honey in it, we must almost certainly refer to our working life and social relationships, to the interpersonal relationships we are experiencing and which may be in a period of time. positive or negative. Seeing many bees and wasps working around and inside a huge beehive, it is often a good dream because it can signal the possibility of working hard but in a very profitable way to a project in which we give all our energy. Efficiency, strength, will, dedication, desire to bring to the end an idea or a project, a path that we started. This message can be extracted from dreams where hives and insects are very important. So our subconscious wants to make us understand that in our life we ??are doing things in the best way and we can accomplish a lot of things but only working very hard, making the most of our psychophysical energies, without ever giving up possible obstacles that may be on our Street. Beautiful dreams that often also represent wealth, good luck, harmony, creativity and an excellent balance between mind, body and spirit. The hard work that we do can really bring to receive many gifts, many satisfactions and many possibilities to be appreciated for the gifts we possess and with which we go forward in our earthly existence. If we dream of bees, wasps, hornets that move within their own nest and then their own beehive, most likely in our lives, even if we are not doing anything, we are not working, we could realize excellent ideas and projects that are still in one very basic phase. Rarely this type of dreams is negative because it signals a great strength of character and a great decision in progress to obtain excellent results in the job, in addition to a lot of money. But beehives, bees, wasps, hornets, also have other dreamlike meanings that our subconscious wants to transmit.

In fact, these insects have a very orderly way of working and their hierarchical structure is very evident. They work for their queen bee which then has to lay their eggs right inside the hive and are even willing to die for her when a danger arrives. Then this type of dreams, in addition to indicating a positive evolution of our work, could also indicate that only with order and a way of working well structured, we can achieve excellent results. And here we can talk about another element that springs from the dream. Work together with other people, collaboration, support from other individuals who can provide valuable help and support for our projects. This is a great quality that can come out of the dream. We and the people who work with us are the bees while the project to be achieved at all costs is represented by the queen bee, while the eggs and honey represent the final success, just the satisfactions we can get. Hardly these dreams are very negative and in fact even more beautiful is the dream in which we find a beehive with so much honey or with so many eggs that the queen bee has laid. Eggs always represent very favorable opportunities, business proposals, earnings, lucky opportunities that are about to arrive in the dreamer's life. Never forget that we must not forget the people we meet in dreams but also the objects we find, the places we are in and the feelings and emotions we experience. For example we can dream of finding a bee's nest inside our bedroom and be very afraid because maybe the bees, in real life, are insects that we fear. This kind of dreams obviously signals a period in which we can work very well and achieve good results, but only if we can defeat our fears, indecisions, uncertainties. During a professional journey we can, in fact, find obstacles that are represented by some of our fears that perhaps have no foundation and therefore must be bypassed.

Well, sometimes dreams in which the beehive and insects can indicate an unfavorable message, even if not particularly negative, can come and disturb our nights. Bees have a sting with which they strike those who try to disturb or destroy their lives. We must not forget that these insects have to protect their mother and so if in a dream we find a beehive and try to burn it, destroy it, break it, then we must think we are very afraid of our working future but the most important concept is that we refuse, probably, the support of other people, we want to go on alone, without being helped by anyone but this condition can only be favorable if we possess excellent qualities. Destroying a beehive means destroying collaborations, family relationships, sentimental and it is very important to try to remember which people are at our side in the dream. For example we can dream of being in our home and find a big hive together with our parents or children. If the hive is destroyed then the risk is to destroy the relationship we have with our parents or our children. If, instead, in the dream, we are together with the person we love, then we can ruin the sentimental relationship that can then change in the course of future days. Now perhaps you can understand that dreams are not simple to interpret and are very personal. Each element can change its interpretation and its message and therefore beehives and bees, which apparently concern only the work, in some cases may concern other sectors such as family and sentimental. We conclude this article talking about those dreams, very widespread, in which, trying to get closer to a bee hive or trying to destroy it, we are stung by the insect sting that then tries to defend their home. His sting can be very painful even in dreams and signal an insurmountable difficulty that must be addressed in life. The sting of an insect is almost always the symptom of a mistake we are doing, perhaps underestimating or overestimating a project or a person.


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