A madman in dreams, dreaming of madness, becoming crazy in a dream. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of madness? And dream of the crazy tarot? What does it mean to meet a crazy murderer or to dream of a madman at home who wants to hurt us? Why is it possible to dream of a mad scientist, a mad animal, a mad dog or cat running around our house? Why can we dream of seeing a mad man in the street, unbalanced, demented, maddened, choked? What does it mean to dream of becoming crazy, of being crazy, of finding a crazy man on the street, a crazy and very dangerous woman? To fade, to go crazy, to come to terms with, to be impatient, to get nervous in a dream is something that can have happened to everyone at least once in a lifetime. What does it mean to dream of becoming crazy and being locked up in an asylum? What does it mean to dream of my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, my husband, my brother-in-law, my mother-in-law, my son, a child who become crazy? Dreaming of an ugly and crazy old woman or being treated like crazy in our dreams by someone who loves us. Some people have said that they dreamed of seeing and talking to a unknown person, crazy, stranger man or even managed to make someone crazy. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do we need to play if we dream of finding someone who is crazy to try and get a lottery money win according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I remember dreaming of beating a man who had gone insane and wanted to kill my parents, uncles and relatives. Last night I dreamed that my mother and father had become incredibly crazy. This night I dreamed of meeting a famous singer and actor who did not think very well. Last night I dreamed of finding, inside my house, an unknown man who was crazy and wandering around the rooms in a very strange way. I was very scared". Insanity also exists in dreams. How many times will you succeed in dreaming of strange individuals who seem to have become crazy and want to attack us, to hit us to kill us? We see today that we understand the meaning of these dreams that are particularly widespread and that bring a message that is always very important to the dreamer.


People who have lost the sense of reason and therefore have become crazy. Even in dreams we can meet this kind of personality that can scare us very much. Many dreamers tell of having met in their dream world, strange characters who approached and wanted to do harm. Many dreamers say they have been attacked by very strange people or very scary animals. In fact, in our dreams when we meet an old and crazy man it can take terrible form and can make us feel very frightened. But insanity in our dreams should not scare us but it must make us open our eyes to a situation, to an event that must be resolved in our lives. In fact, a person crazy in our real life is a person who does not think much more well and therefore performs actions in a casual way, without thinking much. The fool we meet in our dreams could represent ourselves or a situation we are experiencing. If the person we find in our dreams is ourselves, it is very simple to understand this because it is enough to analyze the behavior we are having in our life. Maybe we are living a period full of nonconformity, we are very free and independent and we are not interested in the opinions of other people and above all we do things that other people do not do. In short, the madman in a dream represents ourselves that we are facing a very different period, very particular and maybe even full of provocations. Here that anti-conformism and provocation can be two words not to be underestimated when we meet a man or a woman who have become crazy in our dreams. Upon awakening, to understand the meaning of these dreams, we try to analyze our earthly existence and to see if we are doing things other than the things we should do, we try to notice if we are living a very provocative period, we analyze the way we behave with other people. A crazy person in a dream can also simply say that if we were very pessimistic before, we could now be optimistic, if we were very serious before, now we want to have more fun or if we did not like to spend too much money, now there are many expenses.

So the madman in dreams represents our state of mind, a different way of acting, of living, of making decisions, a different way of thinking then. At some point in our life we??may want to change something suddenly and here we can easily dream of being crazy or dreaming of finding inside our home an individual who represents ourselves and who seems to behave like crazy. We must never forget that in our dreams many things are important to provide a correct interpretation. For example, feelings and emotions are fundamental but also objects that we see, colors, places we visit and where we are and people we see and talk to. All these elements are very important and must be remembered when we wake up. But as we said before, insanity in a dream, in addition to representing the dreamer, can indicate a situation in life where things are really very confusing, they are strange and so it is difficult to find a solution. So a very confusing situation that can be compared to the mind of a fool who does not know what he thinks and what he decides to do. When we do this kind of dreams that can really be very scary, we must always think that we are experiencing a period of great confusion or a period of great revolution because the crazy people are also very revolutionary and in this sense the dream can be very positive. That's why other elements in the dream can provide useful information. For example, if we dream of being in the workplace and meet a colleague who has become crazy, then two things could happen, two situations could occur. In our work we will come up with ideas that are extraordinarily rebellious and useful for progress or we will have to face a period of great confusion. The same thing can happen if instead we dream of being in our home and maybe one of our parents or children becomes crazy. Here interpersonal and social relationships, therefore also family ones, can change considerably and precisely the relationship with a parent or a child can take a new path.

We dream of a fool in our home and after some time the relationship with a person who belongs to our family suddenly changes. A parent or child have become crazy in dreams and want to kill us. Here the relationship with these individuals can change considerably but trying to understand if this change will be positive or negative is not at all a simple thing. So a madman in our dream world can represent ourselves that we are experiencing a period of great confusion or great independence, a period in which we are very confused and we do not know what to do, what path to take and also a change in interpersonal relationships at a level familiar but also professional and sentimental. For example, with regard to love, we could dream of being with the person we love and find a man we do not know who does not think, who is crazy and who tries to come against us, perhaps with an object that can do us much harm. That man represents the link between us and the person we love, represents a probable evolution of the love situation or the current situation we are living in a precise moment of our life. Obviously, the madman scares us, we flee from him and then this situation signals a period of great confusion, uncertainty in love, a period in which perhaps we are not convinced of the emotions and feelings we feel towards the person we love or we are living a great period of confusion in which we think that the person we have at our side, does not love us, perhaps betrays us with another person or is about to close the relationship of love. So doubts, uncertainties, misunderstandings. All of this can come out of dreams like this. But we can not conclude this article by talking about another possible meaning of dreams in which a mad person appears. Insanity is often associated with genius. In rare cases then, to dream of finding a person who goes crazy and who is dressed in a very strange way, says words that we do not understand and makes incredibly strange gestures, signals a great idea, very revolutionary and positive that could arrive in the days following this type of dreams. The tarot card relating to the madman in dreams simply signals everything we have already talked about.


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