Have you ever been chased in a dream to a person who does not know or from someone you know and who you want to reach to hurt you but you are not able to escape because you feel stuck? Another important dream is when we dream of being chased to be killed by someone. Because you often dream of being caught by a man without a face or that you can not recognize and you are not able to run away? Why or why we see in our dreams men or women who seem almost shadows that make us very afraid? "Last night I had a terrible dream in which a person wanted to run behind me to catch me. What is this dream? The other night, last night a shadow following me but I fled and could not hide it for the terrifying fear I woke up with my heart beating very fast. Last night I dreamed of a man with a knife who was watching me and chasing me. Why I can dream of seeing a man ugly and scary that I want to attack, you almost want to kill? I had a dream in which I was able to kill a woman who came to me with a menacing face". But what does it mean to dream of being chased by a stranger? And what it means to see an evil person that chases a mother, a father, an uncle, a brother or sister, friend or co-worker, a son or a grandfather? Let's see and understand the meaning of these dreams trying to give a correct interpretation to them.

When we dream of being chased by a person we know as a friend, relative or work colleague or even as our love partner, we think that we have a serious communication problem is with this person. Probably in real life we can not express our ideas to this person because this person creates obstacles. For example if you live in an emotional and sentimental, but we are unable to express our feelings as we would like, then it can happen to dream of a shadow or a man chasing us and that the face of our own love partner. If we have problems at work with a colleague or an employer and this problem is not solved then we can see a person who comes to us in a dream with a desire to harm us. If so we understand what the problem is in real life, and the person who creates it, then we can solve it and not make more dreams like this.

We already talked about the dreams we chased by an animal and under can choose to go and read some of these items from the list. As for strangers, so people who do not have a face in dreams or people who fail to recognize because it is dark or because they are similar to shadows, the meaning may be different and change from dreamer dreamer. An individual as a woman or a man unrecognizable who attack us, hit us, chasing us to hurt us, always indicate a serious problem to which we escape. For example if we live a love story in which our partner is asking us to be more responsible, more serious as a person, less jealous, etc ... but we do not listen to his demands, then we see a stranger in a dream that pursues us and that is our escape from the demands of our love partner. The same applies to work situations where maybe we are asked to fulfill certain tasks but we do not absolve. In dreams we see shadow, a person without a face because we have not yet understood that we have to fulfill the tasks at work.

So dreams of this kind tell us that escape from situations, from responsibility, from problems that must be addressed because if they are not addressed and resolved can lead to serious problems in our lives, emotional, family, love, work. The same thing and the same meaning we give to those dreams in which we see a parent, a brother, a relative who is behind us. Very often before the person in a dream to come to us we wake up because of strong fear because even if we try to escape, we realize that we can not move, we are like stuck and these dreams are very common among the population. But they tell us clearly that there is a problem that must be addressed and should not be underestimated otherwise our life will become difficult, complex. We must become aware of the problem, understand where and how to fix it and implement a trick in real life in order to reach a solution. So we will never make more dreams like this.


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