Love in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What is the meaning of love in dreams and to feel a great love towards the mother, children and children or even towards a dead person, who has died for so many years? What does it mean to dream of feeling love towards a bad person or towards an enemy? Why do we often dream of loving a good and sincere person? Why can we dream of saying I love you to a person and feel rejected or accepted, being paid in our sentimental manifestations? What does it mean to dream of feeling within us a great feeling of loving an unknown person, a man or woman whom we meet in our dreams but who we do not know? The meaning of love in dreams is important. Why can we see a spell of love in a dream, do or suffer a spell of love in dreams? What does it mean to dream of feeling a strong attraction towards a man, a woman or a child, a sexual attraction, desire, passion, falling in love? And live a relationship, adventure, story, bond, flirt in our dreams? Why can we dream of being rejected or having sex with a prostitute or with a stranger? Love past, far away, platonic, forbidden, pure, fairytale, a love that is dead, rejected, homosexual, reciprocated. Affection, goodness, affection, attachment, friendship, tenderness, sweetness, attention, care, lovingness or contempt, hate, disinterest, indifference. How many emotions it is possible to have in our dreams. What does it mean to dream of unrequited love? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do I have to play if I have a dream in which I feel love for a person I do not know to try to get a lottery money win according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I remember dreaming of loving my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, my uncle and my grandparents. Last night I dreamed of feeling a strong attraction towards my brother-in-law, my cousin, my husband but also towards a friend and colleague. This night I dreamed of being very attracted physically by a famous singer and actor and also by the Pope. Last night I felt a wonderful sensation loving my boyfriend, my husband". What does it mean to dream to feel, to feel feelings of great love for our parents or for a person we know? We see that we understand the meaning of dreams in which we want to love someone, but we are not cor- porated and that is, we are not loved and understood.


So to understand why in our dreams we can love a person we know or a completely unknown person and even be rejected, we must always start from real life. In daily life we??can feel love for a person, man or woman who can however reject our provocations and our feelings. Rejection in love is a very bad thing that can make us feel very bad. Here is a very important word on which to reflect, when we dream of being rejected, is precisely rejection. Love towards a person who is part of our family or our sphere of friendships is rejected in dreams. Before proceeding, however, it must be said that very often this kind of dreams is a representation of a real event that we are experiencing. In a concrete way, since we know that most dreams are desires, when we dream of courting a person, a friend, a work colleague or someone we have known for a short time, we have to understand if this person really attracts us in life. So if in everyday life we??feel a strong attraction towards a person, clearly during the night, during our dreams, this desire becomes precisely a scene that represents this situation. So this kind of dreams have a meaning that is not very important but they only signal a desire to love someone we already know in life or maybe we would like to know in more depth. But many people already have a woman or man to love in their lives and are happy with the relationship. So why can they dream of being attracted to someone in a dream who does not represent a boyfriend, a wife, a husband or a lover? For what reason can we dream of meeting an individual with whom we want to make love, we want to kiss him, caress him, embrace him but we are rejected, rejected? Being rejected in love, in normal life, is a very bad feeling but in a dream it can take on an even more important meaning. In fact, the unrequited loves in the oneiric world do not refer to a feeling of love that we feel towards a person but to other situations that we live.

Rejection is a dreamlike feeling that we can try very often even if we live a beautiful love story and the reason is very simple. That refusal concerns other situations. Love is a great energy. Trying to make love, have sex in a dream, means having a great energy, a great creativity that we can use in life to achieve many things but this vital force, these ideas can be blocked by something. Therefore being rejected in love means not being able to channel all our vital energies, our imagination and our creativity towards projects that we would like to achieve. Undoubtedly when we experience a feeling of rejection in a dream, we can wake up with a little or big pessimism, we are sad, melancholy, depressed. But this kind of dreams serves to open our eyes. Our subconscious therefore says that we are experiencing a period when things are not going very well and situations do not progress because we can not develop our qualities, our ideas. In a dream we can also feel a great love towards a person of our family like mum or dad and very often it is possible to dream of making love with cousins, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, mother-in-law. Certainly we have already analyzed this type of dream but here we find one more detail and that is waste. We try an approach towards a person who attracts us that is part of our family but she rejects us. In the previous article and video entitled "What it means to dream of loving someone", we made it clear to all of you that when we dream of having sex with a person in our family, very often we can make peace after having a fight, so we find better harmony and balance with this person. Here the refusal and unrequited love highlight, probably, a period, instead, of quarrels, of misunderstandings and discussions. So after having made these dreams we can experience moments of great anxiety and tension towards the person who has refused us and here our subconscious asks us to find a solution to this problem, to these misunderstandings.

If we can not find a good solution to the problem represented by the dream and the refusal of love, then the period of tension with the person we met in the dream world will not end. So being rejected is a need for help. Never forget that in our dreams many elements are fundamental. Objects we see, places we visit, people we meet and talk to, feelings and emotions we feel. Clearly emotions are fundamental and can give us a very useful explanation of the dream. When we are rejected, rejected by a person for whom we feel a strong sentimental attraction or even only sexual, obviously we live a bad feeling, we are depressed, we are sad and melancholy. The pessimism of a very monotonous life, the lack of desire to engage in the projects of one's life and a sense of misunderstanding and malaise that invades our mind and soul. This important meaning derives from those dreams in which we attempt to approach a person we do not know. Here the oneiric courtship towards an unknown individual can mean the difficulty of carrying out projects that make us particularly depressed, not very active, very disappointed and little understood by others. We can affirm that these dreams, especially for women, can be the alarm bell of a very difficult period to live and in which the energies are scarce and the desire to improve the general condition of life is not present. We have to say that interpersonal and social relationships, therefore also those at the working level, are often represented by this type of dreams. A parent who loves his own child but who does not receive affection in real life, can dream of feeling love for his son but being rejected. A small or big problem of misunderstanding is present between parent and child. In a dream we can also try a courtship towards an enemy or a colleague of work that we do not particularly love but for which perhaps we also feel a strong jealousy and envy. So why in our dreams can we try to make love with these people? If our approach is favorable then the dream signals excellent affinity with these people with whom, therefore, we could find harmony and balance, while a refusal signals, precisely that we realize that we have no affinity with these people. If we make love with a dead person then a change in our life is coming.


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