Loving a person in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of loving another and of feeling emotions and feelings? What does it mean to dream of loving a person you do not know, a priest or loving two or three people together? What does it mean to fall in love in dreams? Why is it possible to dream of loving a nun, a priest, an unknown man or woman, a neighbor, a best friend or a sister, a brother, a mother or a father? Why can we dream of being loved by someone who is already dead, dead for so many years or hear a declaration of love towards us that comes from a famous singer or actor? What does it mean to dream of falling in love with a stranger, dreaming of a loved one, who loves himself in real life but who seems completely different? What kind of numbers based on the Neapolitan grimace can we play if we dream of loving a person to try to get a lottery money win according to the dream book and the dream guide? What does it mean to dream of loving someone who is part of our family or of our group of friends? Why can we dream of feeling feelings and love for a person in our family? What does it mean to dream of making love, having sex with a man or a woman in the elevator, in the stairs, inside our house or in the car? Loving or hating an individual in a dream is really a very common thing. Very often our dreams are really strange, unusual, complicated and can scare us. For example we can dream of loving a person we hate and this thing is really strange. "Tonight I remember dreaming of loving a person whose face I could not see. Last night I dreamed of being with a woman who wanted to kiss me and hug me. The other night I was with a dear friend of mine and incredibly decided to make love. The passion was really very strong and I was not ashamed. Last night I dreamed of being with my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my brother-in-law, my cousin, my husband and my son and I felt a great feeling of love for them". In this article we try to understand the reason why, in some dreams, we can love strange people, people that we never see in our lives and that maybe they are unpleasant for us and we also try to understand why we can feel emotions for a man while we are a man or a woman while we are a woman.


Making someone's lovers in our dreams is really a widespread thing but also betraying or being betrayed. When we love a person in real life then this means that with this person we have many affinities, with this person we share many things over time, sex, ideas. In fact when we have dreams in which we feel a feeling of love for a person, even towards a person we do not know, we must think that we probably have something similar to this person, we possess an affinity that we do not understand in everyday life. For example, many dreamers tell of dreaming of being with a relative, a brother, a sister, a friend, a parent and feel a strong attraction, a great and pure feeling of love. When we have dreams of this kind we must try to understand what affinity we have with these people in our lives. Probably these qualities we have, that we both possess, can be very favorable for future collaborations, to improve the relationship, to find a meeting point or a better balance and a perfect harmony. If you have not yet understood, dreaming of loving someone is almost always a very positive, favorable, lucky dream because it can signal a very beautiful period of our life and a period when we are comfortable with some of our family or who are part of our friendships or are present at the workplace. Of course we must never forget that all the details of a dream, even those apparently insignificant, can be fundamental to understand well the dream message and therefore provide a correct interpretation. So feelings and emotions that the dreamer feels, places that are visited, objects that are found and observed, colors, people who meet, must not disappear from our mind after our awakening. In fact, to understand why we can make love with a man or woman we do not know, we need to look at where we are and other important details.

Meanwhile, just to give an example, although apparently it may be a macabre example, we can give an interpretation to the dreams in which we love a deceased person, dead for many years. In a dream we can embrace, kiss, make love with this person and all this can have two very important meanings. We miss this person because maybe we had a very strong family bond or friendship with him, or we are going to experience a great change that can be interior or exterior and therefore affects everyday life. This last meaning is to be attributed to the concept of death and often death in our dreams indicates precisely the possibility of a change in our life. If the dead person was part of our family, then this change can happen right in the family and relate to some interpersonal relationships, relationships that may undergo an evolution or involution, so be positive or negative. If we make love with a man or a woman we do not know or even do not have a face, then almost certainly we are unhappy with everything we are doing in our lives and we would like to renew some aspects, some situations that we live. In short, this kind of dreams identifies, sometimes, a discontent, a disappointment, a desire to change life because we do not feel satisfied. Certainly these dreams can also hide our fears, our fears about the future because when we decide to change we never know what we have to face. The future is very uncertain but a very worrisome future, especially on an inner level, when we dream of loving very particular individuals. For example we can experience a strange sensation of attraction towards a priest or a priest, the Pope, a Saint, an angel, a nun. These religious figures, usually do not love as we love, do not have sex, do not use eros to attract, woo a person. So why can we dream of loving these people? Here this kind of dreams concerns our soul, our subconscious that needs a strong change at the spiritual level.

These dreams can be very profound and represent a great need to change inwardly in order to mature on a spiritual level. The moment we love a religious figure, then we are trying to do something completely different in our earthly existence, something that can even go against our very nature of being human but that can save us, can allow us to develop better strategies, ideas, behaviors. Kissing, hugging, caressing, are all very beautiful gestures that identify a sensitivity problem. Often very sentimental people can dream of loving someone, of loving very strange people, even animals or particular objects. An emotional instability, a period of great emotional tension due perhaps to a strong quarrel we have experienced in our romantic relationship. Very often these dreams tell difficult relationships of love in which we are no longer happy with the partner, we can no longer love a person as we could in the past years. These dreams must open our eyes and our hearts, otherwise the love relationship can get worse. When we love a person who is not the person who is at our side in our real life, we must always ask ourselves which characteristic is missing from our partner that we find ourselves in the person of the dream. Let's take a quick example to understand this concept. We are living a romantic relationship in which our partner is a very monotonous person, does not like going out and going to parties, to dinner, in short, he does not like the company of friends and family. Here in our dreams we love a friend, a family member, a work colleague who instead has these qualities, that is not a monotonous person but always has a good idea, always knows what to do, likes to go to parties and have fun. Here the dream allows us to understand that for us these qualities are fundamental in order to carry forward our love relationship that otherwise could break.


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