Eel in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of cooking an eel together with our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, work colleagues or friends? What does it mean to dream two, three giant eels, swimming in clear, clear, clean waters or touching an eel and getting an electric shock? Why can we dream of cooking a nice and good eel with the sauce, baked or roasted or see eels and snakes? Why is it possible to dream small and long eels, live or dead eels, giants, in bed, in the bathtub, in the shower, coming out of the toilet? Have you ever dreamed dangerous eels that want to hurt you, want to choke? What does it mean to dream of buying a dead eel or refusing an eel or buying a large eel from the fishmonger at home? What does it mean to dream of killing an eel that bites or dreaming of a terrifying moray that swims in the sea while we are swimming? What meaning to give to the dreams in which we cook and eat cooked eels, raw, fried or whole capitoni with the sauce together with our wife, son, brother-in-law, cousin, lover, husband, mother-in-law, uncle, grandfather? Certainly eels, moray eels or other types of very particular fish can appear in our dreams and be very afraid. What does it mean to dream of an eel dying? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do you have to play to try to win a little money if you dream of fishing in a river, sea, lake or buy a beautiful eel in a shop according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being attacked by a very long eel that wanted to suffocate me because it had rolled around my neck. I was not breathing anymore and I woke up with a great fear. Last night I remember dreaming of slicing a large eel that I cooked together with a long-dead relative of mine. Last night I bought so many small black and white eels that I gave to my mother and father. This night I dreamed of being chased in the sea by tremendous snakes, eels, moray eels, capitoni". Today we try to understand the meaning of dreams in which we can see this kind of animals that in real life are not dangerous for human beings.


Eel in our dreams can take on various meanings. First of all this beautiful animal is a slimy animal, with an animal that can easily escape from our hands when we try to catch it. From this concept we could already draw a first meaning. We must not forget that animals in dreams can represent some people with whom we live, with whom we work and with whom we are still in contact or can represent our instincts, some of our character sides. If an eel is elusive and if in a dream we try to capture this animal using our hands but it escapes us because it is very smooth, wet, slimy, then two interpretations can be given to this type of dreams. In our life we??are behaving in a very strange way because we try to escape from situations, we try to avoid some circumstances, we run away from some problems, or a person we know behaves in this way and therefore we must be very careful. The eels are very similar to snakes and we have always said that snakes often represent, in our dream world, sin, envious people, jealous of us, situations in which someone wants to betray our trust. Here, even eels can represent traps, subterfuges, traps in which we can fall but this animal can symbolize that we ourselves can be particularly envious or evil towards a person who may perhaps appear in our dreams. Eel is often considered the symbol of ambiguity and in fact could indicate the presence of someone around you, in your life, which behaves very elusive or you try to escape from the responsibilities, try not to fix any problem but flee from everything and everyone. To dream of an eel escaping from the hands while we try to capture it from the water or the net, could signal that we have not managed to seize a good opportunity, an excellent job and economic opportunity. When an animal like this here manages to escape, then we lose a favorable opportunity or our work and financial situation can get worse.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the eel that escapes in our dreams, in our dream world, is not a good sign because in addition to indicating the possibility of losing excellent job opportunities, it may be the symbol of a person we know but that is too ambiguous, a person who plays a double game and tries to deceive us. Often, in our life, we can attend people who behave in a certain way but then change behavior and we do not understand. Here this animal can very well represent a friend, a work colleague, the person we love and therefore in our eyes, just because we are in love, is a beautiful person, but in reality it has an ambiguous personality, elusive and therefore dangerous for our sentimental balance because it could betray, be unfaithful and therefore damage our existential path, creating discomfort. Never forget that all the details of dreams are fundamental to understanding the message they want to provide. People we meet and talk to, objects we see and use, places we visit and where we are but above all emotions and sensations. Feeling emotions in a dream is a very common thing and clearly beautiful emotions are the symbol of a dream very favorable to the dreamer. So, for example, if we are in our house, in our kitchen and we are cooking a plate with the meat of an eel and some friends or relatives are present with us, then we certainly must be careful about a person who could prove to be very false with us and betray our trust. In these dreams we often cook a dish that we do not like, that stinks or does not meet our expectations. Eel is often considered an emblem of unreliability, situations and people that can cause fear, fear, anxiety, tension and precariousness and this animal can also symbolize difficulties in concentration. The dreamer, for example, is facing a very complex period of his life where you need to be very prepared, prudent and focused to achieve the goal or to solve a problem, but unfortunately some distractions can create obstacles and delays in the implementation of projects.

In very rare and very particular situations, the eel is even a trauma that was experienced when the dreamer was very young, child, a trauma that has not been resolved and then reappears in a dream through the symbolism of this beautiful animal that It has a very dark color and dark colors indicate, in dreams, almost always unclear situations, evident poccos, situations that can hide something. Obviously the sensations we feel, as we said before, are fundamental to interpret this type of dreams and to be afraid of so many eels or morays that maybe swim towards us at sea, it means that we fear something in our life but maybe we do not know well what it is or we do not know how to deal with it. Unconscious fears that come out in the dream world and come back in different ways if we do not find a useful solution. This animal also has a particular characteristic, namely that of being able to give an electric shock, a small electric shock as a defense system against external attacks. If in a dream when we try to touch, capture an eel, we feel a small or strong electric shock, then we can think of having understood a problem that afflicts our days but that we have not been very careful, very careful and the situation is escaping from under our eyes. Summarizing, this animal that appears in our dreams or nightmares, often can have these meanings. The dreamer can not grasp a good opportunity at work. Your own aspirations, ideas, projects can miserably fail, the person we love is not very clear with us and relative to the feelings he feels towards us, our business can get worse. If we are experiencing a period in which we fail to realize our projects, we are unable to bear certain responsibilities and we can not face various family, existential, sentimental, and working problems, then we can only have one way, to flee. Escape like an eel. A sign of defeat, obviously.


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