The apartment and the houses in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of theft in a flat in the countryside or in the city? And dream of an apartment full of people, with our mother, father, grandparents, uncles, brothers-in-law, cousins, husband, lover, children, children, actors and famous singers, friends and business associates? And what does it mean to dream of seeing a huge apartment full of light, of furniture, of shiny gold objects, rich and luxurious or very poor and that we want to sell or rent? Why can we dream of being in a wonderful accommodation, home, home that does not correspond to that in which we really live? Why is it possible to dream of finding a strange room in a house, finding a safe in the corner of an apartment of a person we do not know, unknown man or woman? What does it mean to dream of being in a very dirty old house, full of rubbish and worms, of changing houses, of being in your own home with many people, with thieves and with a party? How many times have you dreamed of seeing a flooded apartment, full of water, new, to be restored or refurbished, ruined, broken, clean, collapsed, collapsed, collapsed, dirty, unknown or furnished with lots of beautiful furniture? And why can we dream of returning home and discovering that it has been occupied by some people? Dreaming of a beautiful apartment or many small apartments with or without windows and doors, enter a large apartment with many tenants, many floors and many stairs. Our dreams can be really strange and very varied, full of details that apparently seem to be useless. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do you have to play if you dream of buying a small apartment with little money and then make a good deal, to try a lottery win by following the dream book and the dream guide? What does it mean to dream of a very new apartment, just built and very cozy, warm and full of light? "The other night I dreamed of going out of an apartment where I lived before but without my furniture and I was very sad. Last night I remember finding my apartment that was occupied by unknown people. Last night I dreamed of buying a brand new apartment. This night I dreamed of my mother giving me the keys to a wonderful apartment with large balconies and a beautiful garden with plants and flowers". Well, let's try to understand the meaning of this dream.


So to understand the dreamlike meaning of these particular dreams that are obviously very widespread, we need to start from a very important concept and that is the basis of many interpretations of dreams. The house, often in the dream world, represents our mind. The rooms in the house represent the various aspects of our mind. For example, the cellar of a house is brought back to our subconscious and therefore to the deepest part of our soul, the part that should put us in communication with the spirit, with the divine part that is present in each of us. So a simple house represents our mind but also an apartment is a set of houses and therefore can mean an even more elaborate, more complete and deeper mind. In fact, the apartment is usually found together with other apartments. If we have understood that the house is our mind, then doors and windows represent our mental openings, that is our capacity to reflect, to think, to act in different ways. If we dream of being in a beautiful apartment full of doors and windows from which comes a lot of light, then we are living a beautiful period where we are very comfortable with ourselves but above all our ideas are very positive, we are optimistic, confident in the things we are doing and we found a good psychophysical balance. A beautiful thing, a wonderful apartment full of warmth, welcoming and full of lots of furniture, means that we are really living a very rewarding period and each of our ideas and projects can be successful, reach all the set goals. Dreaming of furnishing a new home and then dreaming of moving from an old house to a new home, certainly does not indicate a real move but the possibility of being able to change something in our earthly existence. Probably we can have good chances from fate to change something in life and it is essential to always remember every detail of our dreams to better understand the sector of manifestation of it. So objects, colors, people, places, feelings and emotions. Everything is important in our dream world, a world full of imagination and difficult to understand.

So a wonderful house, full of beautiful furniture, wonderful paintings, with very warm and welcoming rooms and many rooms, may mean that thanks to our innate qualities, thanks to our intellectual and mental abilities, we can achieve various successes and mature in one specific sector that is usually the working, professional, economic. But this house may be to be restored, still under construction or still to be furnished and here is the message that our subconscious wants to get us is to prepare the way for success and for the improvement of our lives. In short, dreaming of renovating an apartment, buying furniture, painting the walls, means having excellent opportunities that have yet to mature and therefore require our intervention, our sacrifices, our hard work. But a home can also be rented or sold in dreams. What is hidden behind the sale of a house? The need for change. In a dream we sell a house because we want to change our way of being, acting, working, collaborating with others and living our interpersonal relationships. Usually the sale of a house or even the rent, correspond to a period in which the dreamer has to decide some fundamental changes in his life and from which his social and professional fulfillment can depend. We all need a home, we all need a place where we feel protected from the gaze of other people and especially from the elements like rain, cold, snow. So the house can very well represent the need to find protection in our lives, a protection that is not there when we dream that our apartment is collapsing or has completely collapsed, perhaps after a terrible earthquake. Many men, women, boys and children can tell that they have dreamed of at least once in their lives, to see their home or their parents' house fall down. A lack of protection, trust in the things that previously provided us with security and that now, unfortunately, make us very weak and easily vulnerable.

This vulnerability, this lack of trust in life and in people, which previously protected us, and this sense of help, support, assistance, defense, protection that no longer exists in our life or is much less, is symbolically represented in the dream world , from houses and apartments that collapse and that are full of rubbish, worms, dirt, moisture and water that floods all the rooms. Moreover, because of what we said earlier, because the house is the symbol of our mind, then entering a dirty house, full of worms, that stinks and in which we find thieves or people we do not know, means that we are living a period of great confusion, a period of enormous uncertainty and we do not know what to do to fix the problems. Trying to wash, to fix everything, to order furniture, obviously has a good meaning because we will try, in our life, to remedy situations very tangled, complex and in which we can ship if we do nothing. The house is also the symbol of our privacy and in fact the house is an inviolable private property. And here we see people we do not know, people who try to steal, so thieves who slip into our apartment and try to take away all the things they find, it means we do not feel safe, someone or something breaks down our certainties and the our earthly existence creaks like a floor because of a terrifying earthquake. We have also said that homes in dreams can represent our social, interpersonal, family and sentimental relationships. We must remember if we are in a dream, in the apartment, there is a person we know or we must remember who was the house we were in. Seeing our son's apartment collapse obviously means that the relationship with this person could get worse. The parents' home that ignites, probably means quarrels, arguments and conversely, being in the house of our parents and seeing everything in order, with so much light and so many happy people, signals the possibility of living a fabulous relationship with the father and the mother.


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