Have you ever dreamed of using tools such as clamps, tongs, saws, screwdrivers, hammers, glue to fix something? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace I have to play when I dream of putting my car in the garage to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide? What does it mean to dream of repairing the roof of a house that is perilous or a wall inside our home? What interpretation and meaning do you give to the dreams in which we adjust our car or our motorcycle or we try to stick on a furniture or a jar? Why are you often tempted to settle a problem in your home such as water, sewer, bed, door? Why can we dream of adjusting our teeth from the dentist by feeling a lot of pain or dreaming of adjusting our shoes or our clothes? Adjusting in dreams what does it mean, what does it mean? Repair your smartphone, tablet, computer, or television that has failed. Trying to settle a part of your own house that is collapsing, a piece of the car, trying to fix the locker that is very messy. Finding a broken table or a broken chair and wanting to fix it in our dreams what meaning can it have? What does it mean to dream of adjusting something? "Last night I dreamed of being together with a work colleague and picking up his car that had a problem with the engine and no longer departed. The other night I dreamed of repairing my watch that had stopped and did not walk anymore and with me I saw a dead person for many years, a dead man trying to give me advice. This night I dreamed of fixing the room of my father and my mother who needed to be painted again". Many people dream of working with professional tools in the company of famous singers and actors, celebrities or with her boyfriend, husband, wife, friend, lover, etc... Let's understand the meaning of these particular dreams.


Certainly the best interpretation to give a proper meaning to our dreams must start from a comparison with our lives. This means that what we do in a dream must be compared to the same thing we would do in real life. For example, adjusting in real life means settling something, fixing a problem that may be relevant to our home, car, etc... In our dreams, when we dream of fixing a material problem, such as repairing our car, simply the message our subconscious tells us is that we have to solve a problem in real life that of course does not concern our car. Every object we dream of has a particular meaning and then adjusting an object means trying to find a system a small or big problem, finding a solution to a difficult situation that can no longer go on. Often, these dreams can be so deep and important that they can affect inner problems. If, for example, we are in our home and try to adjust the table, chair, bed, or wall or roof, as the house represents ourselves, then you probably have to put something inside us at the character level. Something that does not go in our lives is something that causes disturbance, and if in a dream we try to stick a broken object, a jar, a glass, a bottle, then in life trying to find a valid solution to our problem. Failure to repair an item means then not being able to find a just and effective solution to our problems. Placing a problem on our motorcycle or car, for example, means that our tools to go on in life are not enough, just because cars and motorcycles point to the tools with which we go along the path of our earthly existence.

It can often happen in our lives that problems arise when we expect nothing serious and we are forced to find quick and immediate solutions that may not arrive and here we try to repair an object in a dream. Repair, in our dream world, therefore, tells us that we must absolutely solve a certain situation. The real problem resolution can be very close if in the dream the repair of the object takes place without any particular problems. For example, if we dream of adjusting a faucet that loses water in our home, a table, a chair, our roof or terrace, then we must face a family problem and if dream accommodation is done without difficulty, then in our dreams we can find a just solution to the family problem. If we fix an object of our children, their computer, phone, toy, then maybe we are experiencing a period of relational difficulty with our children. Repairing an object that then breaks back obviously indicates that the situation to be faced in real life can only be solved temporarily. One has to say a very important thing is to arrange an object in dreams is almost always a very positive dream because it still indicates that our subconscious is aware of the problem that needs to be resolved. The fact that we have a problem and we need to find a solution to it is a very important step towards its resolution.

Stress, physical and mental fatigue, can also lead us to this kind of dreams. In these cases we talk about a psychological problem, something to be repaired in our minds. Repairing in a dream can therefore mean finding the time to recover physical and mental energies to deal with another period of our lives. Certainly in dreams we can be in the company of a person who can help us fix, adjust some object, our car, our home. It is of course to remember the person who is with us in dreams because it can clearly give us useful information about the sector where we find it difficult to find a solution. So being with a relative, a parent, a son, a grandfather means that we need to solve a family problem and maybe the help will come from a relative. Being together with a work colleague means that the rising problem concerns work and if we are in the company of our fiancée, our husband, our lover, then it is obvious that the problem is a matter of sentimental nature. If the person who is with us hinders us, it does not allow us to fix anything or even break the object we want to repair in dreams, then all this indicates an obstacle to the resolution of our problems. Some people dream of seeing an unknown person or a dead person in dreams. You have to be very careful about this kind of dreams and try to remember the words the person says, the actions he does in the dream, and anyway if it helps us in repairing or hindering us. Having a toolbox with many tools means that in order to resolve a situation in real life we can have a lot of quality and available aids.


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