What does it mean to dream of being with someone and walking along a path in a forest? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace I have to play if I have a dream in which I accompany someone to the cemetery or somewhere else to try a lottery win according to dream book and dream guide? What meaning and interpretation do you give to the dreams where an unknown and blind man comes along with us along a winding road? Why in dreams can we dream of being escorted, escorted or followed by a man or a woman we do not know? Dreaming of driving a car and having a dead person behind us, a dead person, what can it mean? What does it mean to dream of accompanying a person somewhere in the world or in an unknown city? "The other night I dreamed of accompanying my dear friend to the hospital because she was not very well and needed care. Last night I dreamed of making a way, driving and going with my grandfather and grandmother who have died for so many years. Last night I dreamed to accompany my daughter to the altar because she had to get married and I was very happy. Tonight I dreamed of bringing a baby with me to a school or asylum. Why do I often have to accompany my mother, my father, my grandparents, my boyfriend, my friend, workman, relative, son, husband, wife, parents of other children in a dark and very scary place?" Dreaming of bringing someone to the sea, a bride at the altar in a consecrated Church, bringing a friend to a doctor or escorting an important, famous actor or singer, can often happen. In fact, in our dreams, we are often with other people, perhaps even with animals, animals, shadows that make us very scared but accompany our journey. Have you ever walked with the Pope or go to the sea with a friend or an enemy? And bring a famous character to the hospital, to the sea, to a doctor, to the campus or to accompany a dead person in our home or his funeral? Today we try to understand the meaning of these very particular dreams.


Certainly these dreams bring to the dreamer some message that is not trivial but which can be useful to their lives and to solve some problems. Meanwhile in real life we can generally accompany someone somewhere for several reasons. For example, we can bring a friend or relative from the doctor or hospital because he has to do some care or is not very well, his health is weak. So the accompaniment in this case is seen as a help we give to another person. So in a dream if we are with another person to go to a place like a hospital, a doctor, then perhaps in real life the person who is with us will ask for help to solve a problem or we ourselves perceive in dream that the given a person may need help. In short, these dreams can represent a very positive insight, although sometimes it may be wrong. But we can also dream of being accompanied by someone. The thing, in this case, is really very different because being accompanied in a dream means that we need support, we want to be helped, but maybe we do not know how to do this. Obviously in this kind of dreams it is crucial to remember the person accompanying us, the person who is beside us, who walks with us otherwise we will never be able to understand the message the dream wants to provide us. Animals accompanying us often indicate that in our lives we must follow our instincts to succeed in the things we do.

We can dream of walking along a road along with our parents and therefore, especially if we are children or teenagers this kind of dreams indicates that we still need to help us from mom and dad on our way of life. Sometimes these dreams indicate the lack of a parent. Often we can dream of being with our father, our mother, grandfather or grandmother who have died for so many years or for a short time and they hold us by hand and walk with us. Often we may even dream of wanting to reach, walking or running, a person who, however, is not easily reachable and even goes away from us. The difficulties that we encounter in our lives are perhaps, momentarily insurmountable, so you need to be cautious and wait for a better time. If we walk along with someone along an uphill, winding, hollow path, then our journey into life can be difficult despite some people having the desire and the will to help us. Going down a downhill road, happy and walking very easily, is a very positive thing because the help we will have in life will enable us to achieve good results and achieve excellent goals. But in the dream we can also accompany someone to the cemetery or to a funeral. What do these dreams hide? The cemetery is a place of prayer and silence in which to commemorate people who no longer live. So perhaps in our life, we need, by our side, a person who can hear and understand our most intimate fears.

Going to a funeral with a person instead indicates, very often, a small or big change. We must never forget the people we meet in the dream, the feelings we experience, the objects we see, and the places we visit because all these things can provide useful information to give a true interpretation to the dream. Often we can even dream of accompanying someone to the hospital or the doctor. In fact, perhaps, we ourselves are in need of recovering psychophysical energy and to do this we must seek to seek help from someone we trust in. Accompanying a famous person or a famous singer can signal the need to prevail over other people, to be noticed, to make the protagonists in our lives but this does not mean that we will be the number one, that is, leader. Another very popular dream is that where we're driving a car or a motorbike, and there is another person who can be our husband, our ex-boyfriend, a friend or colleague, etc... Cars and motorcycles often indicate the tools we have to reach our goals and the presence of a person, it means that without the help of someone we will never succeed in our lives. Before we finish this article we want to describe and try to give meaning to the dreams we are in a church and bring a bride or groom to the altar or ourselves we are marrying and someone we do not know continues with us along the Church. If you do not have a mind to marry, this dream can often be very positive and indicate a great union, working and professional collaboration.


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