God also communicates through dreams. Today, we see understanding and meaningful interpretation of dreams in which we see God. What does it mean to dream of worshiping God? God in our dreams what meaning does it have and what message does it bring to us? Why can you dream of seeing and talking, communicating, discussing with God and the Holy Spirit, seeing God's face, kissing, embracing Jesus Christ or Our Lady? What does it mean to dream of seeing God and his side a dead man, a deceased, a relative who is no longer and smiles, weeps, is sad, praying, with his hands clasped and making the sign of the Christian cross? Have you ever heard of a wonderful male voice in a dream that is God's? And dream of being ourselves a very powerful God on Earth? God who speaks in our dreams, who warns us of some danger, who cries out against us, who whispers a few words we do not understand, a God full of light, surrounded by a beautiful light. Some people say they have dreamed of a very angry God who wanted to do evil like a devil, a devil. Worship, Honor, Divine, Mythicize Our Father in Heaven. What does it mean to dream of the Lord, the Lord, the Most High, the Eternal Father, the Almighty, the Creator, the God, the Supreme Body, the Divinity, the Supreme Being, the Divine Being? There are so many words to describe the vital energy that drives the whole universe. What does it mean to dream God? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace I can play when I see in God's dream the Almighty to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and guide on dreams? "Last night I dreamed of praying to God with all my strength in the Church, in front of the statue of Jesus and Mary the Immaculate Virgin. Last night I dreamed of being a very powerful God. This night I was with my mother, my father, my brother and sister and asked for a grace, a miracle to God. The other night I dreamed of being in Church with a working colleague, a friend of mine and my boyfriend we all prayed for peace in the World together with the Pope in Rome. Why do I always dream of turning to God together with some people I do not know or with famous actor or singer? I dreamed of being with my husband, my son, my grandparents, my uncles and relatives and so many children and I was trying to help them by praying". Let's understand and understand the meaning of these very special dreams, but they are widespread and not just people who are very dedicated to the Catholic or Christian faith.


In order to understand the dreams in which we see God, Jesus, the Madonna or the Holy Spirit, but also the Angels, we must always start from our real life. In our daily lives, these Christian figures can be important or not. Virtually a first interpretation must start by considering whether we are very devoted to God or not. If the dreamer is very Christian or Catholic then this kind of dreams brings a particular message, and if the dreamer is atheist, then the dream can signal another message. So if a person in his life is really religious, but he can not express his religiousness because he is very shameful or maybe because some people force him not to profess his religion, then in her dreams she can find himself in the Church, at home, in bed and praying to God. His difficulty in manifesting his religious idea in real life comes out in the dream just like that. And if the dreamer is a person who does not follow any religion and maybe does not believe in God? Why can he dream of seeing and praying to God or talking to Him? These dreams indicate a great feeling of the person. When a person, in fact, is very sensitive or is experiencing a period of physical and mental weakness, perhaps because of a bad illness, then he could dream of Christian figures, and even God. Of course, many people, even in everyday life, are going through a difficult time, pray and seek comfort and help, through prayer, in God, in the Madonna, in Jesus Christ, or in a saint. The difficulties of life, the awareness of failing to solve a problem, can arise in dreams of this kind that thus represent a sort of faith and last beach. A person who has much faith can often do these dreams right in the dark moments of his life, at times when the difficulties are so many that the solution seems impossible and the only solution is to believe in divine help.

But perhaps few people know that God's figure in our dreams can represent ourselves and precisely our subconscious, our most hidden part that comes out often at night during dreams. To dream God means then, in these cases, to come into contact with the deeper part of ourselves, with our soul so that in fact the divine light is in our soul, each of us possesses the light of God and it is not found in our mind but in the depths of our soul. But what do you want to tell us these dreams? Simply their message is to let us understand the potential we possess and maybe we can not express. Practically seeing God, talking with Him means becoming aware of a great inner strength, of a great imagination and creativity that must be used in real life, and must not remain hidden and unused. God is the creator of the entire universe as well as of our World and the human race. God can do everything and we, then, once we understand how powerful we can be because of our qualities, we can overcome every difficulty and be really resistant to the complications of life. All these dreams represent the hope and in fact the basis of the Christian faith and of every other religion, there is just a great faith, a great hope that is placed in a being far superior to us. God does not have a face yet despite this in dream we can talk to him and see him physically. Maybe he's a very old person with a stick and a long beard, maybe he's a very young man or a terrible beast that makes us very scared. And because God is so powerful that he can also be very afraid, we can fear his omnipotence. When in the dream we are afraid of God who may seem to be very bad to us assuming the appearance of a devil or a very fierce beast, then we must think that we are in a particular moment of our life, a complex moment and that can lead to our defeat and destruction. These dreams can even speak of self-destruction, that of the dreamer who hurt himself, destroys his life without the intervention of other people.

God is good but can be very bad. We have, in the depths of our souls, a very good part and a very bad part and both can come out during life. We want to remember, especially when we make very particular dreams like these in which we talk, we discuss with God, Jesus, Our Lady, which is fundamental to remember the feelings and emotions we dream in, the places we visit, the objects we observe and the people that we meet. To talk to God and to experience a beautiful feeling of well-being, serenity, harmony, certainly can indicate a period of our very beautiful life in which we are happy but especially very serene and optimistic while in dream we fear, anger, melancholy, sadness even when we are in front of God or as we are praying, then our existence is not absolutely serene and harmonious and we must try to settle the various problems. Praying is a very important gesture in the dream because prayer is the act that unites us to God. In a dream, prayer indicates the means we possess to solve a problem, to find a solution to a situation that causes many concerns. Undoubtedly, many dreams that have religious figure protagonists have a common denominator, which is a difficult, complicated moment of our life where we are perhaps losing hope. These dreams then invite us to not give up, to go ahead and not to feel defeated because the solution can come out at any time if we believe, if we have faith. We conclude this article by referring to an element that can greatly help in the interpretation of such dreams. People who are with us and the places we visit can, in fact, say so many things and add many details. If, for example, we are in the Church and praying on our knees, we clearly need, in our life, to see the problem from another point of view. Being in our home, in our bedroom in front of a crucifix, obviously indicates the difficulty of getting out of the usual patterns. And people who are with us in the dream must never be forgotten because they can point to the key to solving the problem that affects us. Having our side, as we talk to God, our mother or our dad, our husband, our wife, our children, certainly indicates that these people can help us to find a solution to our problems.


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