Apricots in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. The tree with apricot fruits has a special meaning in our dreams. What does it mean to dream of making a very good fruit salad with apricots or picking up many apricots to make a good jam with mom, grandmother, aunt and a sister? What does it mean to dream of picking ripe or sour fruit from the tree or dreaming of eating so many sweet apricots together with a brother, friend, work colleague or even together with a deceased person, dead for so many years? Why do you often dream of finding, see peaches, pears, plums, ripe apricots or a large, huge apricot marches with worms inside? Why is it possible to dream of throwing, throwing in the garbage apricots that are broken, with mold or dreaming of eating poisonous apricots and feeling very bad? What does it mean to dream of buying, offering, giving wonderful colorful apricots to grandparents or to a famous actor or singer? What does it mean to dream apricots cut into slices or into small pieces? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do you have to play when you dream of picking ripe or sour fruit from the tree, to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I dreamed of buying a kilo of apricots with which I prepared a delicious jam to eat with bread with my grandmother. Last night I dreamed of being with my father, my mother, my uncle and my brothers and sisters to collect so many apricots from a huge tree that was in our garden. Last night I remember dreaming of being with the Pope who was holding a big apricot and asked me to take it. This night I dreamed of going to a shop to buy fruit together with a little girl and a man and a woman I did not know and we bought some apricots that were unripe but not ripe". Let's understand, understand the meaning of this fantastic fruit that nature offers us and with which it is possible to prepare many foods. The apricot, but also other fruits, have a very important and often very positive symbolism in dreams and therefore the message that they bring to the dreamer should never be underestimated, especially when the fruit is eaten and is very good.


Before talking about apricots and therefore of a specific fruit that can appear in our dreams for a specific reason, we must mention the fruit and the fruit of the trees. First of all, fruit is a very important natural food for our health, for the body, just because the fruit contains various vitamins and sugars. Fruit in our dreams is never a trivial element but takes on a fundamental meaning and often provides a beautiful message, a very positive message for ourselves. Eating fruit means, almost certainly, recovering a lot of energy and feeling very good after a period when the body and mind were not at optimum levels. So the dreams in which we see and above all eat good fruit signals the arrival of a good period in which to recover our strength to be able to move forward with our projects. Very often, analyzing the dreams of many people, some scholars have come to the conclusion that fruit in dreams and the act of collecting it from a tree, means obtaining great advantages, enormous opportunities for work and income. So an important meaning of this dream element is the possibility of receiving excellent opportunities to earn or good chances to find a job. This kind of dreams is never banal precisely because fruit is a fundamental food for all of us, for human beings. But not always the message that our subconscious provides through these dream elements is positive, because, for example, the fruit that is rotten, ugly, smelly, almost certainly signals occasions that are lost and that are not positive for us in the work and also in earnings. Very often throwing fruit in the trash is an indication of economic loss and job opportunities that fade, especially if the dreamer remembers having thrown good fruit. Even some people dream of not being able to climb a tree to reap the benefits and so clearly here we are facing a great difficulty in finding good opportunities to move forward in life, to improve our social and professional status. Buying fruit in a department store, in a market or in a store means working hard to find opportunities with great effort and commitment.

The fruit can be sour or mature, and of course you can also understand that when we eat unripe or unripe fruits in a dream, when we harvest unripe fruits, we must wait before we get small or big hits. But returning to the fruit covered by this article, we try to understand what it means to dream of apricots but also plums, pears, apples and peaches. This type of fruit, especially apricots, is a symbol, very often, of sensuality and eroticism. In fact, many dreamers, especially women, say that after having dreamed of eating apricots, they feel a strong need to make love, to try new emotions under the sentimental profile and their level of eros is very high. Here, it can happen, after having dreamed of collecting or eating good apricots, to meet and fall in love with a person, starting a new existential journey on a loving level. In these cases the symbolism of the fruit is connected with a new sentimental opportunity, with the beginning of a new and exciting engaging love story. Clearly if the dreamer already lives a love story, then the apricot can signal the need to revive the emotions, the sentimental relationship that may have to be based on so much passion and eros. In some cases these fruits can signal the strong need to escape from the life that you live every day, looking for moments of freedom because maybe you are working too much and stress is very strong. Apricots gather from the trees and climb on a tree with great difficulty means having many difficulties in life before reaching a good balance and obtaining excellent opportunities and then, in these cases, the dream is still favorable but indicates that you have to work hard, sweat before reaching the destination. The apricots are a very good fruit, with a soft and juicy pulp and with a very large core. In addition, its orange color is really wonderful and hardly these fruits in dreams are the symbol of unfortunate events, not positive for the dreamer. Only when these fruits are dead, rotten may indicate small problems to be solved, occasions that are not exploited and loss of earnings.

Do not forget that in our dreams there are often other people, other objects, special places, sensations and colors that should not be left out because all these elements help to better understand the meaning of the dream. For example, eating a delicious apricot and feeling its taste, maybe feeling full, means having reached, in our life, a good mental, physical and even economic condition. A great dream because together with the fruit we can combine beautiful sensations and emotions. If we eat apricots while we are at home in the company of a brother, sister, parents, children, husband, wife, then the favorable event will occur in the family or in any case our luck, the lucky opportunities that will come, will also be useful for the rest of our family. And here we must remember the place where we dream of fruit. For example, if we dream of picking fruit from a tree in our garden, then our family life will evolve positively while the harvesting of fruit from a tree that is not our property means that unexpected occasions may come from the destiny that only we deserve. which we will be able to use. Some people remember to have dreamed of preparing jars of jam using their apricots, together with their grandparents, some relatives and family and maybe together with people who have died for so many years. In this case human relationships are fundamental and we need to understand what the link with the person who is together with the dreamer is. For example eating fruit, picking fruit, preparing fruit jams along with a dear person who has long since died, clearly means that that person has been important in our lives and his memory, his influence can still contribute to the progress of our situation. A beautiful dream then, even if it can bring a little bit of sadness. Ultimately we want to remember that the presence of a child who collects fruit with us or eats fruit, signals the need to feed the most childish part of ourselves, especially if we are adults and we do not think almost more about fun.


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