What does it mean to dream of swimming along with dolphins in an aquarium or at sea? An aquarium in dreams what does it mean? What interpretation do the aquarium have in our dreams? What does it mean to dream of seeing a large aquarium full of small and big fish as well as sharks, eels, turtles, maybe dead and floating? What does it mean to dream of seeing a broken aquarium or dreaming of breaking an aquarium's glass with a hammer outbreaking so much water and dying the fish inside it? What does it mean to dream of a fish coming out of the aquarium or cooking and eating fish in a glass aquarium? Why can you dream of being at the marine aquarium of Genoa or Barcelona? And dream of building, buying, buying a tiny aquarium for our home? Why can we dream of putting water and fish in a marine aquarium? What does it mean to dream of finding so many aquariums with tropical fish, red fish, swordfish, clown fish, spider fish and so many giant or small turtles, whales and dolphins? Have you ever dreamed of putting your hands in an aquarium with so many piranhas? What does it mean to dream of an aquarium? How many times have you ever dreamed of a broken aquarium with spotted glasses, clean or dirty, full of so many colorful fish, big and small, or an aquarium that breaks empty, without fish, no food, dirty water or fish of fresh water? What does it mean to dream of seeing a fish jumping out of an aquarium and dying on the ground? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace can you play when you dream some dead fish or still live in an aquarium to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide? "The other night I dreamed of talking to a strange fish in an aquarium and I was with my mother, my father, my sister and my brother. Tonight I dreamed of seeing my son and my husband but also my grandfather, my grandmother and some of my friends who were locked in an aquarium and drowned. Last night I dreamed of being in a huge aquarium with very dangerous fish and huge whales. Last night I dreamed of being with my work colleague, a very famous singer and actor and my boyfriend while we were eating fish food in a large aquarium with lots of people who were in that place". Certainly dreaming of fish is a widespread thing but dreaming an aquarium can be a fairly special and uncommon dream. Let's understand and understand the dream in which a small or giant aquarium, broken, waterless or full of fish or no fish inside it, appears. What message do these dreams want to bring to the dreamer?


It is certainly not easy to interpret this kind of dreams because the aquarium is a very special object, but in the meantime we can try to give some explanation to dreams where this symbol appears. First and foremost fish and aquariums can be dreamed because a few days ago we visited a small or large aquarium, we saw some fish, we saw a television broadcast talking about fish showing the sea or the water of a river and a lake. But when we do not remember seeing an aquarium and never thought about buying an aquarium in our life, then what does this object mean in dreams? Perhaps many of you will think that this object is useless in the dream world but let us all remember that for a proper interpretation of dreams we must not forget the feelings and emotions we experience, places we visit and objects we use or see. So even a simple aquarium can represent something in our earthly existence. First of all it is used to swim some fish. In short, the aquarium is the home of fish that do not live in the sea, lakes or rivers. The fish we buy from us are kept in small or large aquariums. So this object is a home as well as a decorative object. And if it was our home? If an aquarium represented our own home and the fish inside our family? We know a sure thing, that the fish that live in the aquarium do not really live very well because they prefer to live in the sea, in a lake, in a river, in a natural and not artificial environment. So at some point in our life, the house we live in is not the right place for us that we would like to escape, and that's why we can dream of seeing an aquarium breaking, losing water, or seeing fish that come out of it. The swimming fish can represent our family and ourselves that we are forced to live in a place that is not right for us, a place that does not allow us to manifest all our creativity, our imagination, and our freedom.

But in an aquarium we can see so many fish, some very beautiful and colorful. Other times we can observe dangerous fish such as sharks and piranhas. When in a dream we see a very cheerful, cheerful, colorful and hungry fish, probably that fish represents ourselves that we are experiencing a period of great creativity but it can not be channeled in the right direction and here is the meaning that this type of dreams bring with it is summed up in a simple word: frustration. Some psychologists see in the dreamy symbol of the aquarium, not just our home, the place where we live for most of our lives, but also our minds. Exact. The aquarium can represent, symbolize our mind and see so many fish swimming, eating, being happy and happy, then it means that our ideas and projects can lead to very interesting successes. In short, our mind gives birth to beautiful, very positive and fortunate ideas and our creativity is at very good levels. But if we dream of dead fish floating in an aquarium? The fish that die in a small or large aquarium floating can represent secrets that are finally revealed. In fact, the fish do not speak, they do not emit sounds with their mouths and often symbolize silence, secrecy, and when they die this secrecy comes out. So often dreaming of dead fish in an aquarium means knowing something that is important, discovering a small or great secret that was hidden. If these dead fish fall to the ground because the aquarium is broken by someone, then the secret that we might find may not be very positive for us. But in such an object we can find harmless fish and dangerous fish. Some dreamers tell of dreams where in a large aquarium they saw piranha, sharks, alligators, crocodiles, in short, fish that can be really dangerous. Often these fishes point out the need to pay close attention to some people who are present in our lives and who may not be honest. These people could fool you, lie, fall into a trap, so you have to be very careful. But these fish often report dangerous situations and not just dangerous people. So surely an aquarium, a very strange dream symbol, almost always does not have a trivial meaning and wants to bring to the dreamer, really interesting messages.

In the dream, we can also remove or add water to an aquarium or feed the fish that are inside it. Water is a fundamental element in our earthly existence and without it we could not live, so adding water means feeding our consciousness, our minds, our inner qualities, our creativity and our imagination. Having such a dream come true, it is very likely to live a beautiful time full of work and professional satisfaction, of achievements that come with the great ideas we have had. Taking water from an aquarium is not always negative because eliminating dirty water, for example, has a very positive meaning. We can live, in fact, a period of our lives where we can understand very well the things that need to be changed and let us do to modify some aspects of our character that may be blocking us and do not allow us to live as we would like . Of course, breaking a beautiful aquarium with so many colorful and wonderful fishes that swim serene and happy is not a good sign because it can be a time when we are not good with ourselves, we can not channel our energies and we can not get good results . And if we ourselves swim inside a large aquarium along with so many fish? Perhaps the environment we live in or work is not very interesting and we would like to change. Perhaps we live in a home where our family does not allow us to be free, independent and does not offer the opportunity to improve, to progress and that our mind imagines that the best solution is to change place, attend other people, in short, open our minds to new horizons to evolve and mature.


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