Dreaming fish. Meaning. What does it mean to dream of buying the fish? What does it mean to dream of buying, buying fish from a fishmonger, for a party or tasting a lot of fish dishes? And dream of seeing many types of fish caught in the sea by a good fisherman in addition to seeing a table full of good fish to eat? What meaning and interpretation do you give to the dreams where we eat so many fish fish with lemon, fried fish, steamed, with or without thorns or so many spines? Dreaming about eating raw fish and maybe still alive, is it a good idea for the dreamer or not? Why do you often dream of buying huge, tiny or dead fish for so long? And dreaming of finding fish that stinks, ruined, faded, stuffed, what can it mean? What does it mean to dream of cooking fish? still alive or clean still raw fish? Fresh fish like salmon, octopus, swordfish, shrimp, lobster freshly caught on a lake or the sea by ourselves what does it mean in our dreams? It often happens to cook and cook grilled fish, baked, boiled, boiled. In dreams we can also eat anchovies with very salty oil and dream of cleaning fish to be delivered to other people like our parents, relatives, brothers and sisters, aunts, grandparents, friends and colleagues or a dead person for some years. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace I have to play in order to win the lottery when I'm dreaming of fishing or eating a big fish to try a lottery win according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I dreamed of seeing a fish out of water and being able to capture it. I had a huge fish in my hand and I was very excited. Over the past night I dreamed of buying a small red, white, blue fish in the supermarket, with very smooth skin. This night I dreamed of fishing by a river or lake, I was catching a fish with my fishing rod but my love broke and the fish fell down into the water again. Last night I dreamed of cleaning, cooking and eating so many marinated, raw, sardines with olive oil. Why can I dream of cleaning the fish from her thorns and bushes or why can I dream of being bitten by some fish like the piranhas?" To dream of trying to catch a big fish that escapes from our hands, trying to kill him or eating fish in the company of his boyfriend, husband, wife, work colleague, friend, mother, father, son is a really widespread dream. Even some people dream of being in front of a table full of good fish, during a celebration where famous singers and actors are present. In this article we try to understand and understand the meaning of fish in a dream.


Fish in our dreams can appear very often in different shapes and assume different meanings. Some may be very trivial but other meanings can bring important and fundamental messages to the dreamer and that is why it is crucial to remember all the possible details of a dream to give a fair interpretation. Never forget the places you have seen, the people you have met, the feelings and emotions you have experienced, and also the objects you have seen. Each element is fundamental to understanding the meaning of a dream. Meanwhile, fish can generally indicate a very elusive person, then a person we know and want to get close to in real life but unfortunately we can not approach it because it disappears in our presence. So when we dream of catching a fish with a fishing rod and it escapes, falls into the water or when we try to cook a fish but it slips from our hands falling to the ground, then almost certainly in our daily lives we have to do with a an unreliable person who maybe refuses to take on his responsibilities and this person could also be the dreamer. A person escaping, who does not like taking on his responsibilities but also a situation that can escape our attention and be very dangerous. For example, if in a dream we are cleaning some fish but they escape, they slide out of our hands and we are in our workplace, then we must be careful not to underestimate a work and professional problem that could cause some difficulties. If we are cleaning and cooking fish at home, then a family problem must be resolved. If the fish slipping out of our hands is very small then the situation that needs to attract our attention is very small as a large fish or many small fish can signal important difficulties to settle in our lives. But the meaning of fish in our dreams certainly does not stop here because the fish can also signal great opportunities. In fact, fishing many good fish, cooking them and eating them is a great omen.

Eating in the dream, this is something that we have said very often, is a very good indication because it indicates that we are going through a period of our life where we are recovering energy and we can take advantage of several opportunities to improve our earthly existence. Eating also means an inner evolution, a ripening of the person, and if we eat fish in the dream, very good, tasty fish and maybe we have caught us, then all of this is very beautiful because in our lives, thanks to us and our way of do, we will be able to get important opportunities for gain and work. In fact, fishing in the dream is a great sign of luck that can only come to fruition if the fish we catch at sea, in the river, in a lake are good to eat and not bad, bad and smelly. Big colorful fish can indicate that in our lives we are acquainted or have known a strange, ambiguous person who may be in favor of our evolution, as it happens when we dream of a monkey. Certainly, however, the fish that we fish, clean and cook can have nasty thorns, they can be terrible fish like sharks, pheasants, piranhas. Fish thorns generally point to a problem that can be solved but requires a lot of attention because otherwise something serious could happen and the comparison with the thorns that can lurk in our mouth, make us very bad and not allow us to breathe, is a comparison very correct. If bites and thorns are removed without any problems then no obstacle will be put on our way. Earnings, important occasions, even new loves or new feelings to feel in your feelings. All of these things can be represented by fish in the dream. But as we have already mentioned, fish can also be dangerous if we think of sharks and piranhas. Being in the water chased by sharks or fishing piranha risking being bitten can be a widespread dream and of course it is a great difficulty and indeed a big danger we can meet.

But by going back to the title of this article, what does it mean to cook fish? Why can we cook raw, cooked, fried fish and offer it to our friends? Fish is a very healthy and important food in our diet and cooking fish means preparing our lives to receive something important. Very often, after having dreamed of cooking and eating good fish, we can get good news, have a good opportunity to earn money or find a good job, so life can smile us. More fish we eat and more important will be the event that will happen in our lives. And if in the dream we share our fish with other people then probably in our lives we will be able to help those who will ask for help because we are in a very lucky time. In fact, donating fish to eat means being very selfless. Do not forget the parable of Jesus' bread and fish. For some people dreaming fish can be a sign of profound psychic change after having gained a better understanding of themselves. Some psychologists tell the dreams where fish can be compared to eroticism, the necessity of man to have sex and woman instead of having a family but these meanings are too exaggerated in our view. Rather, we can think of being in a phase of renewal and fertility for a woman. We conclude the article by offering other possible meanings as we dream about fish. Fish can represent a moment of our life where we do not know what to do, we remain firm and do not work, we do not talk with other people who can help us solve some of the problems we alone do not know how to deal with. In fact, fish is an animal that does not speak and does not give any particular groan. Although this kind of dream may be very rare, it may sometimes happen that you dream of seeing fish in the air, flying in the sky. Very strange dreams can however indicate a beautiful period of our life where everything can happen if we act and have a great willpower. Our psyche, our mind has reached an important goal and also our inner maturation.


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