Appearances in dreams. God, Our Lady, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, guardian angels, saints, demons, the Devil in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. But what do the apparitions in dream mean? What does it mean to dream of seeing Our Lady, Jesus Christ on the cross, or a dead person, who has died for so many years, appear before us in heaven? What does it mean to witness the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in our dreams? What does it mean to dream of the appearance of a child or a girl or of a ghost? Why can we dream of having the vision of our mother, our father, brother, sister, brother-in-law, cousin, grandfather, uncle, friend or colleague of work or singer or famous actor and the Pope? Why is it possible to dream of the appearance of some dead? Dreaming of strange appearances of stars and planets, of ghosts, ghosts, scary animals and beasts, shadows, unknown men and women. Having a strange image, appearing before us in dreams or seeing a person who suddenly disappears disappears before our eyes, becoming invisible. Dreaming of the Madonna dressed in heavenly or blue with a very beautiful dress and surrounded by a huge light that causes a feeling of great psychophysical well-being. What does it mean to dream of seeing a statue of Our Lady broken, ruined, collapsing, destroyed by someone or weeping tears of blood? Why can we dream of being behind a religious procession with the statues of many saints? What does it mean to dream of a beautiful or ugly appearance? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do you have to play if you dream of finding yourself in front of your eyes a beautiful or bad celestial vision, to try a lottery win by following the dream book and the guide on dreams? "Tonight I remember dreaming of Our Lady coming to me, my son and my husband and she was very happy, happy, smiling. Last night I dreamed of the ghost or the soul of one of my relatives who had been dead for years coming towards me and I was very afraid. Last night I witnessed the appearance of the Child Jesus in the arms of a Madonna dressed in white and pink. The other night I saw so many Saints in the sky that sounded the trumpets". Seeing, watching some strange appearances in a dream is a very common thing among people. Today we try to understand the meaning of the dream apparitions and try to understand the message that our subconscious wants to communicate.


First of all we must try to understand if the dreamer is a very religious person and therefore very devoted to a particular saint, to Our Lady, to Jesus, to God. The religiosity that we may not express in our real life or that we express not at the highest levels, it can return to the dream world precisely in the form of prayer, of religious apparitions that thus confirm the dedication to the religion that is professed in daily life. But this meaning is not the only one, otherwise everything would be too trivial. Here, if we are not very religious people or we are not strongly motivated by a religious motivation, we can still dream strange apparitions, have wonderful or frightening visions in a dream. Many people say they dreamed of the Pope, the Bishop of the Church of Rome, incredible mythological creatures, terrifying beasts, demons, shadows. Apparitions in dreams of course are never trivial because they identify a problem, a situation we are experiencing or a period of our lives in which we are very well or we are suffering for something. Let's say immediately that religious apparitions and therefore see in a dream the Madonna, Jesus, the Pope, some saints and angels, is a very beautiful thing and that often can indicate excellent opportunities, good news coming but above all the possibility to leave a very long time complex, difficult but only if the dreamer has a lot of faith. In fact, all these religious symbolisms represent hope, the possibility of solving some complex situations in which we are. For example, many people say they dreamed of the Pope or the smiling Madonna. These people were living a very bad period of their lives because of the loss of a dear person, for the death, therefore, of a person with whom we had an emotional or sentimental bond, very strong. This great lack, in our dreams, is represented, precisely, by religious figures who can cry and then make understand the difficult period we are experiencing and in which the thought for this dead person is very strong, or smile, kiss, hug, greet us as a symbol of comfort and hope.

The apparition of Our Lady, of Jesus, of God, of a saint or angel coming on a white cloud and full of a beautiful light that does not blind our eyes, certainly represents the possible recovery after a very bad period that can be associated not only at the death of a person but also at a working, economic, sentimental period that has been very complicated to manage. Boys and girls can dream of religious apparitions when, for example, they are suffering for love, when their love partner has closed the romance. Suffering, this is the word behind the religious apparitions but also the hope, the possibility of being reborn after an event that has deeply hurt us and made us suffer so much. In fact, this wound that we have in our heart, in our soul, can be represented by the blood that comes out of the Madonna's eyes or the wounds of Jesus on the cross. Blood often indicates, in addition to suffering, a very tiring period in which our energies are very small. Usually, when we dream of these religious symbolisms, we feel a sense of well-being, serenity and optimism upon awakening and never forget that the emotions and feelings we experience in dreams are even more important than objects, people, places we meet. Feeling beautiful sensations when we have an incredible vision is certainly a very positive detail for our progress in real life. But many people say they often dream of dead people who want to talk, people who have died for so many years who want to be helped or who can be very afraid and want, perhaps, to hurt. Clearly we need to make a difference between those dreams in which the deceased person and therefore his ghost, represent a person who died a short time and whose memory is still very much alive within us. But ghosts, ghosts, souls of people who have died for so many years that we have not thought of for so long, can be very important. During these dreamlike visions that can cause so much fright, one must try to understand the words that these entities say or the actions they perform.

Often we fail to understand their words that seem confused or in a language that we do not recognize. When we are unable to understand the words that a deceased, a ghost, any person in a dream, utters towards us, it means that we are living a period in which we ourselves are confused and we do not know what to do. Ghosts that are very scary, terrifying, scary have another very important meaning. They may represent some aspects of our character that we ourselves deny and that we turn away from us. For example, seeing a devil may mean that our erotic drives are blocked, are not expressed in our love life and this is a warning to us because everything that is repressed during the day and then manifests itself in the dream world, is a signal of difficulty, of malaise that must be absolutely solved. And here that terrible ghosts, shadows that want to suffocate us represent things of our life and our personality that we do not accept but that should not be removed. Tormented or obsessive thoughts that remain deep in our consciousness and appear only in dreams to warn the dreamer that it is useless to bury memories, fears, aspects of character and personality. Dreams can provide useful details, useful solutions to handle these very complex situations and therefore also terrible appearances can be very positive for the dreamer who must become aware of the problem and be able to face it alone or with the help of someone. This problem could concern work, feelings, the family. And here we can dream to see the ghost of our father, mother, brother, sister, of any relative and understand that the fears, the fears, the aspects that we deny are to be found within the family. Being at work and being frightened by a colleague means that we are denying some aspects of professional life. In short, the details in the dream provide further information, useful for a correct interpretation.


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