"Last night I dreamed of choking and dying and I was very scared but I woke up in time. But what does it mean when you dream that someone wants to choke me and I can not defend myself, I feel stuck, paralyzed or when I dream of choking someone? Last night an unknown man climbed into my bed and put his hands around my neck and he wanted to strangle me. The other night I could not breathe in a dream and I thought I would die. Because often dream of being strangled or dream that I can not breathe and I have to die? Last night I dreamed that someone choking me, a person who did not know he touched me and made me breathless". That meaning and interpretation have in dreams in which you want to asphyxiate, jugular, strangle, choke, oppress, breathtaking to someone you know or not? But what does it mean to dream of losing your breath or of being suffocated by someone like a shadow or a black man in a dream? What does it mean to dream That someone, a relative, a parent, a friend, an enemy, a colleague at work, our wife, our husband, our guy tries to strangle us? Let us make sense of These Dreams That can really make a lot of fear.

We must distinguish the dreams in which we try to choke someone and dreams in which someone tries instead to suffocate. When we dream of wanting to strangle a person we must try to remember if this person is someone you know in real life or not. For example, if we try to kill a co-worker taking away the breath then probably in working life the relationship with him is not very good person and this limits us in the world in which we work. Often we dream of strangling his employer and then by this our subconscious He wants us to understand That we live in a positive working relationship and not to be settled. But you can dream even to stifle her own husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend and even parents. If parents Often the dreamer is a child or a boy who lives in relationship oppressive family. When the dreamer chokes the love partner instead the lack of freedom of expression is lacking in Their love affair. These dreams then must open our eyes and Should help us to change something in our working relationships, family, emotional, sentimental and friendship.

But in dreams we often risk of suffocation because of someone coming up on our bed and we shook hands around the neck. These dreams are real nightmares that can do a lot of fear. Often we see in the night get a black shadow or a person still unknown that strangles. We can not defend ourselves, we are stuck, we can not move and plan to die. What hiding these dreams? These dreams are tied to some fears, fears in everyday life. For example if we have a problem working that we can not solve, so we do not find a proper solution then we can dream of being strangled. Sometimes our own life is very limiting and therefore lacking the necessary space to be happy we can make such dreams.

We never underestimate the dreams of this kind because it always hide an important meaning. Shadows or persons unknown faceless often are then reconnect to our fears to face situations that we think we can overcome, resolve and in fact often these dreams, while we are choked, we can not move but we are paralyzed. So in real life, we feel a sense of loss that must be overcome, however, and we must find a solution to the problems. But when the person suffocates us is a person we know then we can easily understand what it refers to the dream, what the relationship that needs to be improved.


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