The altar in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to see an altar in our dreams? What meaning do we give to dreams in which we see escaping, being left near an altar? What does it mean to dream of an altar of peace white, black, with flowers, with candles or having a small altar in the house but empty? Why can you dream of a great and wonderful altar of the deconsecrated Church near your home, in your own city, with a statue of the Madonna and with beautiful and fragrant flowers? Because it is possible to dream of an altar that collapses, breaks, is destroyed, full of a great white light, with Jesus, with someone who recites a prayer, with the priest, priest, chirichetto who celebrates Mass and gives the host consecrated and also many children? What does it mean to dream of a solemn Mass with many people in the Church, a priest who recites the Rosary and be near a beautiful altar while praying and asking for help from God, Christ, the Holy Spirit or Our Lady? What does it mean to dream of an altar with a book with many pages? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do I have to play if I have a dream in which I climb a small altar to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the dream guide? "This night I dreamed of kneeling under a beautiful altar full of divine light with my mother, my father, my future bride, my brother and sister and I remember seeing and praying with my uncles, relatives, brothers, cousins, grandparents. The other night I remember seeing a beautiful altar in a dream and I myself recited the Mass dressed as a priest. Together with me I saw a colleague of mine, a friend of mine, a dead person who had died for many years asking me for help. Last night I dreamed of being in a huge church with my ex-boyfriend, my son, my wife and a famous actor and singer. Behind the altar were Saint Pio and the Pope. Last night I dreamed that I was praying at the foot of a majestic altar together with my family". The altar in our dreams can take on various meanings and not always just a religious meaning. In fact, this object is often dreamed of by atheists and therefore, do not believe in the existence of God. We see, in this article, to understand the dream message that our subconscious wants to communicate with this type of dreams.


Certainly the altar is an object that often refers to religion and therefore to our spiritual side but many people who do not believe in God, Jesus, Our Lady and the Holy Spirit and therefore do not believe in any divine force that governs the world, they say to have dreamed of an altar. In the meantime, to understand the meaning of this object that we find in the Churches, we need to start from real life and explain what an altar is. An altar is a place where a priest or priest performs a sacrifice or religious rite. Mayans and Aztecs used their altars to make animal sacrifices to their deities. So the altar was also used to make offers, to purify people and to get something from the gods by offering sacrifices of animals in return. Here is a meaning that we could attribute to dreams in which the altar is a very important place and object. When we dream of being near an altar we must think of being in a phase of our life where we need a very important help, but to make this help we need to make some sacrifices. Of course, very often, it can happen to work on a project for which you do not have money, you do not have sufficient financial or human support and then in dream we can find ourselves in front of an altar while we pray or make an offer, perhaps leaving a basket with many gifts inside. Bring gifts to the altar means precisely seeking help, support, which at the moment of the dream unfortunately lacks in our lives. The symbolism of the altar is therefore very positive in these cases because it signals a hope, the hope that we have to find energy and support for the projects we want to carry forward and the ideas we want to achieve. Often this search for help can be so strong in the dreamer that it is possible to see Christ, Our Lady, God or the Holy Spirit or even an Angel who are near the altar of a Church, surrounded by a beautiful dazzling light but carrying a feeling of great peace. Certainly seeing these religious figures shifts the meaning towards a more Christian, Catholic field.

In fact, seeing these figures of the Christian religion, often signals the presence of a great religious faith in the heart and soul of the dreamer who almost certainly is going through a period in which he needs support and help. Maybe he is facing a very hard trial, the economic and family difficulties are many and the only thing that remains to be able to solve the situation is to pray, is to obtain a grace and here in the dream these people may be facing a small or great altar, kneel down and pray the divinities of one's own religion. We must say that, very often, the religious figures that appear during these dreams, are an excellent sign, an indication of a very positive period that is about to arrive and that is about to wipe out all the problems that beset our life and our mind. So beautiful dreams full of hope that must lead the dreamer to be optimistic and positive in his life, despite the various problems to be addressed. But here we are dealing with religious meanings and that concern people who believe in God. But the altar has other important meanings when it appears in our dreams. In fact, we said earlier that ancient peoples used their altar to make sacrifices to their deities. The word sacrifice must attract our attention. Very often, in fact, it is possible to dream of seeing an altar right in a period of our life in which we are sacrificing our earthly existence for something very particular. For example, we are dedicating body and soul to work or family, we are helping a person who needs our help for many hours a day. In short, a small or great sacrifice is indicated by this object in our dreams. And this sacrifice can bring a final reward only if we bring something to the altar. In fact, if we dream of carrying a basket full of gifts, an animal to sacrifice or something , we can hope that our sacrifices will allow us to obtain something.

Never forget that in our dreams we must remember places, objects, people and feelings that we experience during the dream phase. Every detail can be very important to understand the message of the dream. And so if we feel a sense of great inner peace when we are in the Church facing an altar, then we are probably living a good period of our lives in which we have found an excellent balance between mind, body and spirit. And taking the host can be the confirmation of this balance, of this harmony that has finally been reached, after maybe a very complicated, difficult phase of our life. When the altar is white or blue and is full of light that does not blind our eyes, we can hope to be very lucky and solve a problem that is present in our lives. A light that blinds the eyes unfortunately indicates a problem for which we can not find a valid solution. If the altar is black then you have to be very careful because here we are in the presence of a probable and inevitable change in our existence that could upset the days we live while a red altar could represent energies that must find a relief valve in real life. Very often these energies represent the need to develop the creative skills we have or to use the erotic and sexual forces that may have been blocked for too long. Passion, imagination, creativity are represented by the red color that appears in dreams. Before concluding the article we would like to understand how important it is to remember any people who are near an altar with us. Very often, in fact, we ourselves are not in need of support but the people we see in dreams who are perhaps praying under an altar. When we wake up then we have to ask some questions and try to understand what we can do for these people. Being on an altar together with the person we love could mean, for a woman, the desire to marry but for a man it could mean the need to better understand the needs of the partner of love. Being with a deceased person who prays or speaks with us means means being ready for a change in our earthly existence, for an inner evolution and maturation.


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