The airplane or the balloon in dreams. Dreaming of flying by plane. What meaning and interpretation do you give to a plane flying in the sky or falling to the ground? What does it mean to dream of seeing a plane crashing into the sky, falling and exploding, flying low or high, taking off, landing on an emergency track, throwing bombs and bombing your city? What does it mean to dream of a big plane burning with big flames and so much black smoke coming out of the cabin and losing it, gasoline, diesel, fuel? Why can you dream of a small plane, a boing, a helicopter, a airship or a big balloon? What does it mean to dream of taking a plane with so many people aboard or with no person aboard, then empty? And dreaming of finding a prey in a forest or in a forest? Why can we dream of a plane crashing into the mountains or in the sea, in the water, with hundreds of people drowning or exploding in the sky and dying all? Some say they dream of a commander of an airplane trying to rescue the crew and passengers in danger. Other people say they dream of an attack on an airplane where they are present. What does it mean to dream of a warplane that can not take off or falls close to our home? How many times have you dreamed of being in an airplane with your mother, your father, your brother, sister, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, friend or colleague? Dreamy planes are widespread. Dreaming of being in the airport waiting for an airplane never arriving or coming late or dreaming of losing a plane, failing to take an airplane, or make a plane ticket for an unknown destination. Today, we see understanding and understanding what it's like to dream of traveling by plane, see dropping, driving a plane and being afraid or dreaming of seeing it on the ground and not taking part. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace is useful to play when we have a dream in which we travel in an airplane or see an airplane in the sky to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide? "The other night I dreamed of seeing so many planes in the sky flying very low and making a very deafening noise. Last night I saw a big plane in the sky and inside I could see my husband, my son and my lover who were fighting. Tonight I dreamed of flying a tiny plane but unfortunately I rushed to the sea. Last night I dreamed of dying because a plane broke out in the sky". What does it mean to dream of being in a balloon with a famous singer or actor or with a relative who has died for so many years?


The plane is, in real life, a very fast means of transport, the fastest of all, and allows us to move, move, move from one city to another without any difficulty and no traffic. We have often said that cars, trains, motorcycles, aircraft often represent the tools we have to move forward in life. Certainly an airplane is a very powerful tool that can thus represent a great willpower but above all great qualities that the dreamer possesses in order to arrive at a goal, to a success. When we dream of getting into a plane and flying to the sky without any particular problems, it means that we are following the right path, the best way to get to our destination, to reach what our minds had set for so long. Flying in the air can therefore be a great dream if there are no problems during the flight and if we feel beautiful sensations because we are clearly evolving in our lives, we are maturing. This inner evolution can, however, be blocked, delayed when the plane dreaming for whatever reason falls, burns, crashes to the ground or against a mountain, does not take off or arrive in a clear destination delay. Even some people dream of being in a plane where a bomb is found. The threat of a terrorist attack, a sabotage, can have a particular meaning in dreams. Never forget to score on your notebook when you wake up, all the details of your dream, and then feelings and emotions you have experienced, places you have visited, objects you have seen and used, and people you've met. All these details are essential to obtain a good interpretation. Flying in the sky is a beautiful thing that can represent a great desire for freedom that the dreamer is looking for in his life and the plane can symbolize the instrument to achieve, achieve this freedom. Very often, having dreams in which we fly on a plane, we feel great energy, a great desire to live and a great desire to go on our way, confident that we can achieve good results and successes.

But travel often in our dreams is not always positive and indeed many people dream of falling, burning together with the plane flying in the sky, not being able to take off or arrive late at the airport and therefore unable to catch the airplane. The meaning of these dreams is never trivial because not being able to take a plane means, very often, not being able to grasp the right opportunities in life that they then escape and not allow us to progress and be happy. Some people say they had dreams where they were unable to make the ticket to leave with a plane that would take off without them. Not being able to make a ticket means you do not have the right quality to go on in your life, to take advantage of a good opportunity and to achieve a success for which we have worked so hard. When a plane crashes, flares up, crashes to the ground or against a mountain or flashes during a takeoff or landing, we must try to understand why we can not evolve in our life, what an obstacle it is that does not allow us to progress, mature, fly out. We can even dream of dying, feeling the flames that cause pain on our skin, but clearly these dreams do not indicate that in life we ??will die in an air crash. One must also say something very important. Many people are afraid to fly by plane. This fear can come back once in a while with the figure of a plane crashing with the dreamer that is inside it and can not do anything. Very often, besides, with us in the air, we find a person we know as our mother or our father or a relative. The presence of a person traveling with us signals the need to find, seeking a valuable help to progress in our lives. To understand, understand the scope of a dream event where a plane or a hot air balloon appears, but also a jet airship, we must try to remind people traveling with us. Being in the airplane along with a work colleague obviously means that we can get benefits in the job while together with us we find our boyfriend, our husband, our wife, then the sentimental life can enter a beautiful time in which to make very interesting projects.

The presence of a family member indicates an improvement in the interpersonal relationship we have with this relative in our life while the presence by a person of a person we do not know that maybe talking to us indicates that during our life path we could face unknown challenges, we could encounter obstacles that we had not thought about and we could also be helped in a very surprising way. And if in the dream with us in the air we find a deceased person for so many years? For many psychologists, this kind of dream is really very good because it is needed to reconnect our soul to that of the dead person and just its dream memories can contribute to our progress in everyday life. But can you travel in a balloon or in a big airship what meaning can it have? Airships and hot air balloons are certainly much slower than air transport, and may generally indicate a period when we feel very relaxed or a time when we need to relax. And if the hot air balloon or the airship rush, then our earthly existence does not allow us to be calm, to find a balance and serenity that would be very important. Some psychologists relate the plane trip that does not have any kind of problem, a desire that can be realized in the life of the dreamer but any problems during the trip indicate delays in realizing precisely this desire and in fact dreaming of not being able to catch a plane means very often, not being able to realize a dream but just because we do not have the qualities and tools to accomplish it. Many people also say that they often dream of driving an airplane, a balloon or a airship. Driving a plane, though in real life this is an impossible thing, means that we have all the qualities to be able to succeed in life, to achieve great success, of course if the plane's guidance is perfect and there are no problems. If we are unable to drive a plane and even fall, then the road we have undertaken is not the right one because we do not have the right skills to accomplish some of our desires. The will to command our earthly existence can also be compared to the display of so many planes flying in the sky in our dreams. To dream of seeing planes dropping bombs on a city by blowing out a war with so many deaths means that we are going through a really stormy period and we need to be helped.


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