Abbot or abbey in dreams. What meaning and interpretation can an abbot, a priest, a nun, a priest, a monk, or an abbey in our dreams have? What does it mean to dream of talking to an abbot in a Church or in a Convent? What does it mean to dream of finding shelter at night in a large abbey? Have you ever dreamed of an abbot who prays and weeps or is he very sad and asks for help? And dream of an abbot who offers you a night shelter, food and a bed to sleep? How many times have you seen an abbot in the Church shouting, blessing people, and telling the Mass, who preaches, eats, drinks, is drunk or together with monks and nuns dressed in black? Why can you dream of being in an abbey that is collapsing near a nun? What does it mean to dream of a fat, lean abate, who is dying or already dead in a coffin? And dream of an abbot who administers the sacraments or speaks and sleeps with some children? What does it mean to dream of an abbot or abbey? To see in dreams a beautiful abbey that collapses, with so much light and dreaming to enter and be inside. Some people say they have dreamed of a marvelous ancient, ancient abbey that is ruined, falling or bursting under the bombardment of warplanes. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to be played if you are dreaming of an abbot or an abbey to try a lottery win according to the dream book and dream guide? "The other night I dreamed that an abbot confessed to my father, my mother, my brother and my sister. Last night I dreamed of getting into a huge abbey, but it was very dark and I was scared because I felt strange voices. This night I dreamed of walking along with my grandfather and grandmother and my son and husband and by our side I saw an abbot. Last night I was with a friend and a colleague working as we prayed in an ancient abbey of a few centuries ago". Religious sites and religious buildings can appear in dreams for various reasons and can bring to the dreamer various useful messages to understand, understand the problem that is presenting in his life. Religious figures, abbots, nuns, monks, priests, priests, can also be very important figures in our dreams and bring messages that are almost never trivial and very deep and useful for our inner evolution and maturation. Let's look at this kind of dream.


The abbot is a religious person and the abbey is nothing more than a church where the abbots live their lives, their earthly existence. Religious figures such as priests, priests, nuns, monks, and abbots are always associated with a moment of our life that is quite difficult, complicated to solve. Very often, after a serious mourning, we can dream of a religious figure, a priest, an abbot dressed in black that comes to us to help us talk, to bring comfort or even to kill us. So when we dream of being in front of an abbot, we must always think that our subconscious wants to let us know the difficulties we are experiencing, it wants to make us aware that something in our life is not as it should and the problems can increase and then be unsustainable. Often these very religious people, or who still live a life dedicated to God and perhaps in complete poverty, can be very afraid of dreaming because they have a black dress, they suddenly appear from the dark and live in a church, an abbey such as , where unfortunately the light is really low and the dark invades everything. Do not forget that darkness in dreams can signal a period of malaise, depression, melancholy, and even a period of small and big changes in our lives. Also, do not forget that we need to remember every detail of our dream life and therefore we must remember the people we meet, the objects we see, the places we are in or where we go and the feelings and emotions we can experience. In addition, colors are also essential because they may indicate a state of well-being or malaise. But seeing so many abbot dreams that they pray or who recite the Rosary or Mass, what can it mean for us? Probably in our earthly existence we are experiencing a very complicated time when we can not find a solution to a problem that we know we can not solve by ourselves but through the help of other people. The praying prayers in essence indicate a problem that needs to be resolved with the help of someone who can settle everything. For this reason it is very important to remember the words an abbot can refer to ourselves. Talking with a religious figure in the dream undoubtedly indicates that we have been aware of the problem and are looking for a solution.

And when an abbot chases us because he wants to kill us? Why can an abbot hurt us in a dream? They can represent our wound, the wound that is present in our soul and can not be healed can not be healed. Almost always the dreamlike abbots have black or dark-colored clothes to symbolize a difficult time of our life where we have to try to settle some complex situations. First we were referring to the changes that can hide behind dreams where black color is very abundant. An abbot dressed in black undoubtedly indicates a period of our life that needs to be changed. We must therefore find a way to change something to solve a problem that afflicts our soul. Often we can also see priests, nuns, priests, abbots who died in a coffin. The coffin confirms a change, the end of a situation, the need to embark on new ways in life, leaving the past to be. And to do this you have to be very strong and you do not have to give up the help somebody wants to offer us. Changes, very difficult times, soul maladies, depression, melancholy. All this can be indicated by the presence of an abbot praying, which is very sad, that weeps and in fact represents our mood. Some people also dream of seeing abbots who talk and play with children. Children are our innocence and therefore must be put aside because in life we ??need to grow and become very responsible men. Someone thinks about your future and wants your life to come as good luck and good opportunities. Often after dreaming of an abbot laughing, reciting Mass, embracing us and shaking hands, we can live a good time where things can be really very positive and lucky. Our mind is improving and our psychophysical condition allows us to solve several problems. Some psychologists see in this religious figure the possibility that good news may come from a friend or relative far away that the dreamer has not seen for years. These flashback events are very rare but can happen.

But the abbey in dream then? Why can we dream of being in a great, beautiful, wonderful abbey? Let us understand and understand the meaning of this Church in our dreams. Generally dreaming of being in an abbey is a very positive dream that can signal a good inner peace and serenity that allows you to regain tranquility in your life. In fact, many people go to church not only to pray, to ask for help to God and to confess, but also to find a little peace of mind, silence, and peace. Even in this case you have to remember whether the abbey is very dark or full of light coming from outside. Darkness may still indicate some difficulties, some issues that need to be tackled, and if we are completely in the dark and we can not walk and understand where we are, then the way to solve our problem is still very far. In the dark, however, we can see a small light indicating the way to go, hoping to find the right solution, the chance that destiny offers us to return to being happy. The abbey is a very sacred place but in dreams it may seem abandoned, dirty, with a bad smell and perhaps even devoted. Such a church often represents our own life that is not like we would like and which is not absolutely interesting but the cause of all this is the dreamer himself who does not commit to improve his existential condition. A very ancient abbey can refer to a problem we have been pursuing for many years while a collapsing abbey is a strong sign of a tough situation that may occur in our lives and can lead to many problems. Dreaming of being in a beautiful abbey, speaking with abbots, monks, nuns, nuns, priests, priests, is undoubtedly a wonderful dream that wants to tell the dreamer to have confidence, to believe in divine help and other people who love us . Peace, serenity, inner tranquility of our soul that can help us evolve and mature. The meaning of the abbey is also this.


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