The lover in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. We all had a lover in dreams. What does it mean to dream of kissing the lover or having a beautiful lover with a really spectacular and muscular body or dreaming of having a wonderful lover to make love in a dream? What does it mean to dream a former lover or have sex and eroticism with an unknown lover in a dream or even with a sister, a brother, an uncle, a brother-in-law, grandfather, friend or work colleague? Why is it possible to dream of the death of a lover, to see a dead lover, who died in a coffin? Why can we dream of going to a love encounter with a lover and being very excited and happy or being very afraid and shy? Dreaming of the lover of the husband who is pregnant, who leaves you, sad, jealous, angry or deceived, unfaithful, calm and serene, who caresses your face, who cries, laughs, betrays. Dreaming of betrayal between lovers. What is the meaning of dreaming your lover, boyfriend, cohabitant who makes love with another person? Why can we dream of a really very bad lover physically or see very fiery and passionate lovers? What does it mean to dream of your lover, the lover of the husband or wife? How many times has happened to dream of making love with an actor or singer, with a famous character that we like and attracts a lot in real life? What does it mean to dream of a jealous, distant, sad lover who leaves you, deceived, who caresses you, calm and serene, angry, unfaithful or who kisses you? What and how many numbers based on the Neapolitan grimace can we play if we dream of making love with a lover to try to get a lottery money win according to the dream book and the dream guide? "Last night I remember dreaming of being with a beautiful woman with whom I was making love for hours and it was a very beautiful and exciting thing. Last night I dreamed of seeing my mother betraying my father with an unknown man. The other night I dreamed of being with a wonderfully handsome and charming man and decided to cheat on my boyfriend. Tonight I dreamed of making love with a dead person. And I also remember dreaming of kissing and caressing my lover's wife". Dreaming of the lover can be a very widespread dream among the people and that may have very trivial but also very serious and not to be underestimated. Knowing how to interpret these dreams is important to try to understand our social and interpersonal relationships but above all sentimental. So let's try to understand the messages that our subconscious wants to communicate with this kind of dreams.


Making love in a dream has a very good meaning, even if sometimes you have to take out life lessons useful to improve our earthly existence and above all our interpersonal and social relationships. Making love in a dream often means being in a good period of our life in which we want to achieve many things and we have the right energy, the right dose of creativity to do all the things we have in our mind. Having sex in a dream also signals the presence of a lot of energies that must be vented in real life and must not be blurred, otherwise the risk is to face serious problems. But here we are talking rather than lovers. Very often we can dream of strange lovers that maybe we do not have in real life. For example it is very easy to dream of making love with a famous actor or singer, with our female or male idol. Behind these dreams we can notice the great desire to be just like these people, to have some qualities that they possess as, for example, notoriety, physical beauty, intelligence or their money, then their luck. And when the lover in our dreams is a person we do not know? Everything that frightens us in real life, in our dream world becomes something that attracts us and rejects us or even wants to hurt us. Making love with a person we do not know, with a man or a woman who does not have a face or who belong to another race, means that we are afraid to express our emotions, we are afraid of loving, we are afraid of venting our sexual drives and causes can be many. So we make love with someone we do not know because we can not express our energy in everyday life. The lover, in these cases, represents the obstacle to overcome, the fear to be faced because he is faceless and does not allow you to be calm, serene. These dreams identify a difficulty in expressing our emotions and qualities in real life but they are also often the symbol and symptom of a great creative energy that can be developed in life and above all in work.

But the most intriguing dreams are those in which you can dream of being with your lover that we really have in our daily life and make love in the presence of our wife and our husband. One thing that in real life would really be very difficult to do. What do these dreams hide? A challenge. Exactly dreaming of being at the same time with your lover and with your wife, husband, boyfriend, means wanting to challenge someone, something, maybe our fears or our indecisions. Perhaps we are experiencing a very bad period at a sentimental level and our partner is the fault, in our opinion, of our difficult life and here in the dream we take revenge by making love with a lover right in front of his eyes. These dreams are never trivial and should not be underestimated if we want love relationships not to get worse. So the message to be received is to find a solution, find a meeting point in love, especially if indeed the lover we have is ruining the true relationship. Betraying in a dream is never a beautiful thing because it almost certainly signals a period of monotony in love, a period of few sensations that are experienced, a phase in which our emotions can not find a vent. The dream releases all these stifled energies, all these thoughts of freedom but then we have to solve the problem. Very often, however, betraying in a dream can take on excellent meanings and be a very positive thing for the dreamer. We betray because we need to be understood, because our partner does not understand our needs or because our intimate, sexual, erotic life is not very involving. So that this type of dreams asks the dreamer to open his eyes and find a way to revive the love life. And dreaming of making love with a relative, with a sister or brother or with a parent? These dreams can really shame us so much but their meaning is really very beautiful.

In fact, to dream of having a relative as a lover or a brother or even a father or a mother as lover, can mean that we can make peace with these people. The gesture of making love indicates harmony between two people. We make love, we have sex because we usually love a person, we feel emotions and affection towards it and here, often, after a fight, a discussion, it is possible to dream of being in a strange place and make love with this person. Usually, after having had a dream of this kind, a period of peace comes between us and the person we made love with. The lover in dreams can indicate the sentimental and current link that the dreamer is experiencing and the possibility of being able to grow just to grow, mature this bond, being able to communicate with the partner and showing the difficulties that are being experienced and therefore the anxieties , tensions. The lover is linked to the relationship, to the emotional union and every emotion that emerges in the dream about it, can be connected to what is being experienced in one's own sentimental and sexual life. In most cases the dreams in which we vent our sexual energies with someone, even with a person we do not know, with a deceased person or even with an animal, signal the need to develop and satisfy the energy of libido that may be repressed in real life because of a relationship of love with a partner who does not satisfy us sexually or just because the partner is missing in our life. When we dream of having sex with strange characters and even with animals or dead people, this does not mean that we have a sick mind, but simply that we want our partner to have other qualities, we want those who love us to understand our needs. In short, even in these cases, dreams are repressed desires that can not find an outlet in everyday life. Temporary illnesses that can find useful solutions only if the dialogue becomes fundamental in the relationship of love and therefore manages to change the situation.


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