Dreaming of having sex with his mother, with the father, with a co-worker or your boss at work. Dream about making love with a sister or a brother but also with a cousin, an uncle, grandfather or grandmother, a dear friend or a close friend or even an animal or a famous actor or singer. Perhaps after the love we feel it was wrong. What does this mean? Did you ever dream of doing when you betray your boyfriend? You often have dreams in which you betray a person in real life you love so much, but why? Why we can dream of being betrayed or betraying our guy or our girl, maybe our wife or our husband? "For what reason or cause often dream about making love with a handsome man despite me being engaged or married? Last night I dreamed of having sex with a beautiful woman. What does it mean? Because the other night I dreamed of the horns in a dream to my boyfriend? Last night I dreamed of betraying my man with a very charming lady, but I did not know. Last night I had a dream in which I made love to a stranger who does not I knew and I was feeling very happy". But because it can happen to dream of cheating on her boyfriend and feel guilty? What does this type of dream and what its correct interpretation? Let's see.

Of course in our dream inhibitions lose control and lose control ourselves giving vent to our imagination and doing things in real life we would never have thought of doing. For example many of you may happen to dream of finding a complete stranger on the street and make love with him without fear, but once the sex act is over and we wake up, we feel guilty because we think we have betrayed our sentimental partner. Sometimes I feel guilty just during sex or immediately after. Our subconscious mind works in a very strange way but we have to try to figure out if we want to understand our dreams. When we are not happy with our sex life in reality, in daily life, then it can happen to dream about having sex with a good friend, for example, perhaps because that friend in real life there includes, understands us and listens to us unlike our boyfriend. Sometimes dreams of betrayal have to do with a monotony that has taken over the life of the couple and therefore it is absolutely necessary to try to rekindle the love affair.

Absolutely these dreams do not mean that we betray our love with another person but we must realize that our body needs something in the life of every day we do not find. When we make love in dreams, then we should expect that our intimate desires are very pronounced and not finding vent in real life then escape to dreamland. All this must not frighten but we still need to understand what the problem is and how we can reach a solution. Often it betrays with strangers just because we are not aware of what the problem is behind all this. And when we dream of betraying with an actor or a singer or even with an animal? Actors and singers in a dream certainly indicate that in real life they attract us not only physically but also mentally. They are people who love and then in a dream all this is amplified by a gesture or sexual act. And if we make love with an animal? Here our sexual instincts, our energy, our strength and our creativity are at the most and we must not go overboard in their use.

And if we make love with a relative or friend working? These dreams are very beautiful because it shows that we are in tune with them, so we're having a good time when the relationship goes well. It happens very often and to so many people dream of making love to a person immediately after arguing with this person and after this dream you can not make peace. You have to understand, however, why many people dream of feeling guilty after betraying their boyfriend. This aspect of the dream is very important because it means that maybe in real life and in our relationship sentimental perhaps missing something, there is a problem that still remains unresolved and that makes us live a loving relationship is not positive and constructive for us and our evolution. So after waking up we must try to understand, talking to our partners, what's wrong in the relationship. Probably live a love story that we would live or where we would like to change something in us no good.


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