The betrayal in dreams. Put the horns in dreams. What is the meaning and the interpretation of betrayal in our dreams? What does it mean to dream of meeting the ex boy who betrays you with the best friend? What does it mean to dream of being sexually betrayed by the loved one, betrayed and left by her husband? Why is it possible to dream of betrayal, adultery, victim of adultery, or repent of having committed adultery with a strange man or woman? What does it mean to dream of being betrayed by a relative like a brother, a sister or a mother or father? Why do we endure infidelity, adultery, escape in our dreams while we are pregnant in real life? Triggering in a dream and betraying your partner is a very common and widespread thing. Subjugating a betrayal by your partner, wife, partner, certainly hides meaningless not to be underestimated and that they must necessarily be identified. What does it mean to dream of a betrayal? Dreaming of betraying her girlfriend, dreaming of her husband's betrayal and crying or laughing. How many times have you dreamed of betraying your boyfriend, husband with a famous singer or actor and feeling guilty? What kind of numbers of Neapolitan grimace is useful to play when we make a dream in which we betray our love partner or does he betray us, to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and the guide to dreams? "I often dream of being betrayed or being unfaithful to my husband. Last night I dreamed of being in my bed with my husband's best friend and I was having sex with so much desire. The other night I dreamed of being betrayed by my son kissing and making love with my lover. Last night I dreamed of discovering my wife while in the bedroom with a man I do not know. Tonight I dreamed of betraying a fellow worker who betrayed me with my ex boyfriend". Why can we dream of betraying or being betrayed? Dreaming betrayals are really widespread but the meaning they bring to each dreamer are almost never trivial but important messages that need to be transposed and well-interpreted to solve a problem, to find the right solution. Today, we are trying to understand, understand these dreams that we have done at least once in life, especially if we are very young men or women. Dream dreaming can really make us scared and many of us wake up with the fear that can really happen in real life.


To betray or be betrayed in a dream symbolizes the fear that something unpleasant in our sentimental life can happen. The fear of being left by our love partner, the fear of not being in the eyes of our boyfriend or husband, as he does, the uncertainties that are typical of a sentimental relationship can result in this type of dream that is really widespread. Certainly, most of these dreams hide a message of indecision, uncertainty and fear. We often live a love story that is unsatisfactory or where we are not sure that the person who loves us can prove to us a true love feeling. Here, all of our indecision, especially if we are very sensitive women or men, can come to fruition in our dream life. Of course you have to be calm and you do not have to think that these dreams are a real betrayal. In our dreams however, we can see our boyfriend, lover, husband who betray us with someone and understand that maybe we are unsafe about our love affair but we can also understand that maybe we are too jealous. Very often, in fact, if we are jealous people of our relationship with our partner, we can dream of being betrayed by himself but, in fact, he has no fault. The problem must be solved by ourselves because our jealousy can further ruin our love story. Many times it may also happen to dream of being betrayed with a person we know. For example, a really widespread dream is that we can be betrayed by our man or our woman who loves our best friend or friend. Why can we do this kind of dreams? In real life, can our friend have sex with the person we love? Absolutely not. These dreams always hide an insecurity regarding our sentimental life. When we dream of a friend or dear friend doing love or kissing with our boyfriend, we probably miss a dowdy friend or girlfriend. To understand this concept we make a quick example.

Suppose we dream of seeing our husband in our bed, doing love with our best friend or with a work colleague or even with a cousin, a sister, an aunt. One has to wonder, when doing this kind of dreams, what we have but that particular person instead possesses. For example, our husband might like sweetness, kindness, or pleasure in transgression, which perhaps, in real life, the person with whom we see love, possesses. So these dreams invite us to understand what is missing and which would instead please our partner. Many dreamers think that betraying a friend or being betrayed by a friend means that our partner no longer feels any sense about us, but that's not so. We are ourselves, we dreamers, that we perceive that in order to be better, our relationship must change and something new must happen. Our partner asks us to be more transgressive in bed but are not we so? Well, then we can dream of being betrayed with a person we know that in fact, in his daily life, he is very transgressive under the sheets. The dreams of betrayal always point to the lack of something in our couple's life and an insecurity and perhaps even a little jealousy to which we must find a valid remedy. But a subtle difference exists between betraying and betraying. To be betrayed means being insecure, being afraid not to be loved and to understand that in the couple relationship is missing something but betraying has another meaning. We are trading in real life because a person attracts us physically or mentally or because we are very weak people. How many times have we promised our sentimental partners that we will never betray and for no reason and then when the right time arrives, betrayal happens even in the eyes of our partner. Forgetting in a dream means being weak and not being able to make the right decisions. In fact, betrayal often takes place in a moment of great weakness, and perhaps soon after we feel a great deal of guilt within us.

Perhaps we are experiencing a not very nice time, a period of our life where we can make small or big mistakes that can ruin some relationships, family, work. You do not have to think that betraying in a dream means betraying yourself in everyday life but simply having the need to become safer, seek support and help in a person who can understand our moment of trouble. Unfortunately, these dreams are underestimated very often and consequently some life situations get worse. Never underestimate dreams of this kind because they always indicate a problem that we are experiencing and that it does not allow us to live as we would like. And if we dream of having sex with a very famous singer or actor while our boyfriend, our girlfriend, our husband or our wife are watching us? Probably the dreamer admires that singer or actor who has a particular gift that attracts him. Let us understand this dowry that we might want to see in our partner. Almost always, just after dreaming of betraying or being betrayed, it can happen to quarrel, discuss with the person we love own because our subconscious has put in place a mechanism for recognizing the problem we live and seeking a solution. Dream treacherousness, in the majority of cases, indicates a great lack of confidence in oneself and in other people who are part of our lives and, in a sense, this kind of dreams is the little esteem we have in our same comparisons. Many times dreaming of a betrayal with a person we do not know means that a strong desire for innovation, change in our lives, is making way inside us. If we analyze our earthly existence shortly after making such a dream, we will understand that we are absolutely not satisfied with the things we are doing, and so we would like to do other things more interesting and overwhelming. Sometimes it is also possible to dream of betraying with a child. We should not be afraid of these dreams because we are not absolutely ill but simply the child signals the need to be still attached to our infantile side, to a childhood that perhaps has gone away.


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