Are there exercises that you can do to try to keep in mind the dreams that you do at night? How many of you have trouble remembering your dreams? What tips and what easiest ways we have to remember our dreams easily? What is the best technique for remembering, memorizing the dreams that we do during the night or during the day? "I am looking for an effective way, the correct way and an easy technique to remember my dreams. How can I remember some dreams I have at night while I sleep? What kind of simple exercises can I do to remember dreams but also nightmares? I remember I had a dream last night but unfortunately I do not remember exactly the details, the feelings I had, the colors I saw and the people I met. Who helps me to understand how not to forget some important dreams that I do when I sleep?" Have you an interest in remembering your dreams in order to understand what you can fix in your life? Dreams can really help to solve different problems but first you need to give a proper interpretation, but first and foremost we must remember them very well. Now follow the reading of this article to see how to train your mind.


Below you can read a very useful guide that explains very well what to do to train your mind to remember dreams but nightmares. How to use this step by step guide? Read all of the steps below and you put into practice everything that is written. Do not underestimate anything and I recommend it to not think of immediately being able to recall dreams. Unfortunately it takes a long time and you should definitely do the exercises every day and even several times a day. After a few weeks you will certainly be able to govern most of your dream world, able to remember many more details of a dream and maybe you will also lucid dreaming.


1. Do not go to bed too late: if you want to train your mind to remember many details of your dreams then you should first try to go to bed very early and in any case you have to follow this rule: you go to bed at a regular time and always get up at the same time trying to sleep about 8 hours night.

2. Do not eat food and exciting drinks: dreams are very influenced by what we eat especially if dinner is very close to the time when we go to sleep. We must therefore avoid eating so much before going to bed, you have to avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and other stimulants, and we must also avoid eating spicy foods. The best thing would be to go to sleep after having digested dinner.

3. Fight against stress: stress certainly does not help to remember dreams, and so you have to learn to live in a less stressful way although this is not an easy task to put into practice. The advice is to take a course for the stress control.

4. Perform relaxation exercises before going to sleep: if you like to read a book before going to sleep then this is a very useful method to try to relax but not read complex books that require much mental effort. The best thing would be to do yoga exercises that relax the mind and body.

5. Repeat softly you have to remember dreams: this point is very important. During the day try to repeat at low or high voice that you want to remember your dreams that you will do in the next night. This repetition of where you have to concentrate, however, can really prove handy in the next storage of dreams.

6. Perfumes your bedroom where you sleep: in your bedroom you put a small plant that gives off a good scent, light a scented candle or put a bunch of flowers, perhaps a bouquet of roses. The scents can help tremendously to remember dreams because the sense of smell is put into operation and during all our senses dreams can be used.

7. Write your dreams on a personal diary: one of the most important things is to have a journal in which to write every dream that you remember. If you wake up at night after having a dream or nightmare, then write everything I remember on one page of your diary and also recorded the date of the dream. Every detail is important and is not essential to give an interpretation now.

8. Talk about your dreams to family and friends: a very useful thing to do is describe your dreams to friends, relatives, family members because they can provide some useful interpretations, giving useful tips for understanding the meaning of a dream that you have done and then do not be afraid to describe to other people also the dreams which make you fear or dreams that you are ashamed.

9. Try to change something in a dream: if you can change something in your dream then it means that you made a lucid dream that dream where you understand that you are dreaming and you can do whatever you want. If you learn the technique to control the dreams then you can do anything you want in your dream world and you can fly, decide to wake up, decide to meet all the people you want to, go from one place to another in a few moments, etc...

10. By a right interpretation to every dream: no dream is never boring and then you have to try to give a correct interpretation to understand the message it wants to give to you. Analyze to well the feelings you experienced in dreams, colors, places, people and objects and if possible, try to get help from a psychologist.


Have you had another dream? Do you want to read an interpretation of it? Look in the dictionary of dreams this site the item that you have dreamed and read the interpretation. If you do not find anything you perform a search on one of best dedicated website to the world of dreams and not only, If you want more clarification on a dream or nightmare that you can write using the contact form and we'll try to answer you as soon as possible.


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