What does it mean, what meanings can have the Sun conjunct transiting in sextile or trine to Moon in natal chart? What does the Sun in good aspect with Moon in the natal chart? Which are meaning, significance, sense of the Sun in transit in conjuction, sextile, trine at the birth Moon planet? To understand, let's remember that the Sun is our instinct, our consciousness, our energy, as we move in everyday life and the Moon and our unconscious, the way we relate to women that surround us and also our hidden sides of character. The aspects between these two planets do not have to be very considered for the truth because it is lighter aspects, which last a few hours, at most a day and that only slightly affect compared to other much more important issues that can arise with other planets slower as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, ecc...

Meaning: when you are faced with these issues whether they are of conjunction, sextile or trine witnessing a net increase in the sensitivity of the person concerned above all to the female figures that surround him. So it can improve the relationship with our sister, and our mother, our partner in love, or even with female figures on the job. So we enjoy the hours when transportation to the next is increased thanks to our heightened sensitivity. The same can be said for both men and women who undergo this aspect. The conjunction emphasizes maggioramente this meeting conscious-unconscious. A day so that you can see more serene and cheerful, unless you undergo other aspects much more important and heavy.

Let us understand the meaning of the transit of the Sun when it is in conjunction, sextile or trine to natal Moon positioned in one of the 12 astrological houses.

If natal Moon is in the house I: this aspect highlights maggiormaente your feeling and you notice yourself and to feel more alive, more lovers of moments that are living in the day. You are in fact optimistic.

If natal Moon is in the house II: you are more marked in these few hours, to the economic aspects, but also gains the costs. You could also spend a little for a woman or man you love. Make a gift, you will be welcomed and you will feel happy.

If natal Moon is in the house III: small shifts in the preferences where you could live during a light but beautiful experience that will make you feel renewed. Some little news coming from women and positive.

If natal Moon is in the house IV: you are well into your family, with your children, and parents. You can have, even if for a while, a better dialogue with them.

If natal Moon is in the house V: if you have children you will enjoy a good time with them. If you do not then you have good relationships with children and good fortune can strike. Try a little played because the luck of you may remember at this time. I recommend, however, played little.

If natal Moon is in the house VI: well you live your daily life and your work environment. If you have had some small annoyances, ailments, physical ailments you may feel better for a few hours.

If natal Moon is in the house VII: good relationships with others. Some small request for cooperation could be made, and agrees to accept it. Positive news about agreements, good hours to live a higher shipping with your love partner.

If natal Moon is in the house VIII: small thoughts on the family property, inheritance. But thoughts are favorable. You might be lucky and get something unexpected from Lady Luck.

If natal Moon is in the house IX: at this time you will think maybe a possible trip but it will be at the level of thinking than real. You'll want to travel with the mind in places where you wish to stay.

If natal Moon is in the house X: some small shot at a professional level you could do it. Nothing that but far enough to feel happy about what you do. The relationship with your mother might giovarne.

If natal Moon is in the house XI: carefree moments spent with friends who may then invite you to come out. Do not refuse because you will spend hours serene, cheerful. Probable thoughts about projects you have in mind to share with your friends.

If natal Moon is in the house XII: an aspect that in the house of the evidence indicates that you will overcome some difficulty that small you will be presented in front of this and thanks to a better preparation of your mind.

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