"The steps quadrature and opposition of the planet Uranus transit to my natal Mars what they mean and what they can do will bring me bad?" That interpretation and meaning to give to a transit of Uranus in quadrature (90 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees) with Mars in your birth chart? Which are meaning, significance, sense of the planet Uranus in transit in square and opposition at the birth Mars? What does it mean to have Uranus square, is opposed to the planet Mars in the natal chart located in one of 12 astrological houses I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII? What should I expect when Uranus is in disharmonious aspect and then in bad aspect with your natal Mars? Let's figure.

Meaning: you must be very careful driving the car and the bike, but also when you are passing other cars. The danger of serious accidents is very high under this influence, and you would do well to insure good. Check to fit your car if you do have to use it and also have it checked by a good mechanic. Try to move with caution on the roads going up, buckling seat belts and avoiding to put you to talk on the phone without earphones. But this aspect there is also talk of possible accidents in the home, in the home due to gas leaks, fires, problems with electrical power, and then the electrical system. Accidents also going to walk you can arrange injuries, fractures series.

Obviously taking into account the position of the planet Uranus transits on which we can have more guidance and understanding in that area of our life events and situations indicated by the passage in question may occur.

If natal Mars is in the house I: your energy is channeled in the wrong and can bring serious health problems, feelings, relationships with others. Do you feel too excited and maybe without a valid reason.

If natal Mars is in the house II: absolutely do not invest in anything at this time because you are not in the ideal conditions to decide what to do. You may have to get out of money troubles suddenly you commit to imprudence.

If natal Mars is in the house III: trouble to go overboard and be too confident driving the car, which could also give you several hassles. Be more careful. And sudden bad news that can come and they can relate to brothers, sisters, close relatives. Can not make the most of the study.

If natal Mars is in the house IV: you're cranky too easily at home. Your family, a member of it makes you angry. You create misunderstandings hard to reverse in a short time.

If natal Mars is in the house V: you do not looking for true love in recent months because it will not come. Rather be attentive to the education of your children that might escape out of hand. During soirees you could combine some trouble.

If natal Mars is in the house VI: if you are feeling down in energy level and health is perhaps exaggerated because in doing things. You want to do everything but you can not because you are a single person. Take a careful medical supervision at the first malaise that comes out.

If natal Mars is in the house VII: quarrels very likely if you are a couple. Love will create many problems and you do not feel loved as you would like. Become far too impulsive and this could lead breaks, separations, divorces.

If natal Mars is in the house VIII: anything good from the front or bureaucratic office if you have any issues to be resolved in the course. You could have the news of a death of a person by accident.

If natal Mars is in the house IX: you want to organize a trip that would be better than it was postponed and if you can not do it then entered into an insurance against any form of issue, of possible accident.

If natal Mars is in the house X: the profession you create several difficult problems to solve. Someone puts a spanner in the works and maybe even puts you in a bad light. You may, however, lose offices, duties, workplace because of your excessive susceptibility and irritability.

If natal Mars is in the house XI: friends give you concerns and some of them could trigger serious discussions. Calm down and do not move on the front projects. Better to wait.

If natal Mars is in the house XII: i really do not look good that can take you to a surgical operation neceessaria and that it will create many problems. It would be better not to leave the house in recent months because you'll end up facing the greatest things about you and so difficult to resolve.

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