If you have Saturn, the most malefic planet, so considered by many astrologers also, in a harmonious transit on your natal chart you have to worry about the same? What can it mean to have Saturn, the time, in square, (90 degrees) or opposition (180 degrees) with natal Venus? What does it mean when you form a bad transit of Saturn and Venus transit position in the chart of birth? Which are meaning, significance, sense of the planet Saturn in transit in quadrature, opposition at the birth Venus? Today we see the significance of the transit of Saturn quadrature, opposition to natal Venus that can really be very important to us and give us useful information. What about a discordant aspect that sees Saturn passing in square or opposition to Venus in the sky in a certain place of birth astrological house between the first and the twelfth? "I have Saturn is transiting in not good aspect to my natal Venus in I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII. What does it mean and what should I expect in these days, weeks, months?" Read below the mean.

Meaning: the worst thing that can bring this transit is a separation of love, but love knows that it is not the best thing for both, perhaps because the story had come to an end. Saturn wants you to suffer feelings, affections, and who does not have a relationship would be better than not trying it because it could get any strong delusions, two of spades or leave shortly after. Stories born under this influence it can easily be doomed to the future. Those who love their partners but is experiencing a period not, could groped one last card which is to do as little as possible the partner during the period of transit to avoid causing damage. Past transit things could possibly go back and adjust as before. Those who work in the field of art is not living a good time.

You can now delve into the whole reading some notes about the location in one of the 12 astrological houses on the planet that suffers the transit of Saturn in the birth chart.

If natal Venus is in the house I: you certainly feel poorly understood in love, feelings, and your affections are not effectively expressed.

If natal Venus is in the house II: you do not spend money in this period because you may find yourself short. You could lose money within the activities related to the sale of furniture, furnishings, art, beauty products.

If natal Venus is in the house III: a relative separation undergoes a loving or arrive not good news that you do a little saddening. It's not ideal to go around in the car in these conditions.

If natal Venus is in the house IV: relations in family are strict, rigid, a little TLC. Do you feel misunderstood and unloved but the fault is primarily yours and your general mood.

If natal Venus is in the house V: a love could end up at this time and if you do not want to part with it then it would be good to see as little as possible the person of the heart. The relationship with your children are not the best. I do not feel like going out to have fun.

If natal Venus is in the house VI: certainly you do not feel in shape and this could affect the relationship at work with some colleagues with whom dialogue may be interrupted or worse. Take a medical examination.

If natal Venus is in the house VII: separation, divorce, desire to be alone or truncation of a romantic relationship by the partner and not because of you. The love lives a slack period and is perhaps best if you do not let you live well. If you love your partner maybe try to see it as little as possible just to avoid fighting. After this transit maybe things will return as before.

If natal Venus is in the house VIII: legal hassles, paperwork and who can not find outlets that make you think negatively. You are indeed sad.

If natal Venus is in the house IX: you're not in the mood to make travel challenging. Better to stay at home. Religious crisis.

If natal Venus is in the house X: this is the aspect of a possible loss of an honorary maybe due to a scandal that involves you. Steps backward in emancipation in society. Professional problems for your love partner.

If natal Venus is in the house XI: you do not feel like seeing your friends and maybe one of them is someone that you like but you refuse. Period certainly not good to carry on their projects.

If natal Venus is in the house XII: you feel enclosed as in a vice and not able to cope with life situations that appear in front of you. You are disheartened but will this time.

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