If you have Saturn, the most malefic planet, so considered by many astrologers also, in a harmonious transit on your natal chart you have to worry about the same? What can it mean to have Saturn, the time, in square, (90 degrees) or opposition (180 degrees) with natal Sun? What does it mean when you form a bad transit of Saturn and Jupiter transit position in the chart of birth? Which are meaning, significance, sense of the planet Saturn in transit in quadrature, opposition at the birth Sun? Today we see the significance of the transit of Saturn quadrature, opposition to natal Sun that can really be very important to us and give us useful information. What about a discordant aspect that sees Saturn passing in square or opposition to Sun in the sky in a certain place of birth astrological house between the first and the twelfth? "I have Saturn is transiting in not good aspect to my natal Sun in I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII. What does it mean and what should I expect in these days, weeks, months?" Read below the mean.

Meaning: one of the transits that you would ever want is just to have Saturn square or oppose the birth of our Sun. It can lead to problems at 360 degrees and then at work, in their affections, in health, in the profession and in relationships with others. Saturn square or opposite the Sun wants you to do something and if you do not take it if you give it the same. Reports are to be worn closed. The branches of things no longer useful to your life must be cut and thrown away. In short , you have to clean up in the things of your existence. What They Do not aggrata more must be eliminated. You will be very pessimistic in this period mainly if you are a water sign as cancer, pisces, scorpio or have the Ascendant in one of these signs. You will not want to have fun, to be with others and that there will be trouble in your life will be many . It is also likely that even a death of a loved one affects you and bring you into a state of sadness. You have to force you to thinking about the fact that once you get past this transit and once managed to throw away things, situations that were not going well , you will get a lot of good things. Possible sentimental tears, separations and better not to get married or engaged under this transit. Be careful not to start any business and not to invest money in any way.

You can now delve into the whole reading some notes about the location in one of the 12 astrological houses on the planet that suffers the transit of Saturn in the birth chart.

If the natal Sun is in the house I: you are very tired at this time, pessimistic and stressed. There it seems that everything is against you. Try not to take any action in any field.

If the natal Sun is in the house II: economic problems can make you very nervous days. You will be forced to do excessive spending but maybe the proceeds will be thin. Avoid any form of investment.

If the natal Sun is in the house III: careful driving because by moving with the car, you could combine some trouble. Take it to a mechanic. Some unfavorable news in all sectors can hit you. Quarrels and breakups with close relatives such as brothers and sisters-in-law but also and cousins.

If the natal Sun is in the house IV: cracks in the family. In the home were not good and this leads to misunderstandings and quarrels. Do not invest in real estate.

If the natal Sun is in the house V: love brings boredom and discomfort, and can not thus to live fully. Could you break up with your partner or you might as well close with a lot of entertainment that you cared before. You are perhaps too strict with your children.

If the natal Sun is in the house VI: attention to how you behave towards colleagues with whom you could close relationships. The health gives you a headache and then do a full check up to be sure and find the right remedies for ailments that may appear. Beware of breaking bones and then to fracture.

If the natal Sun is in the house VII: you could end a love affair or be left by your partner. And perhaps this is a good thing because things have not turned maybe as you wanted. This transit takes something from you and then a break is also likely in the area of agreements with other people and then in the work and not just in love.

If the natal Sun is in the house VIII: better not stop to think too much at this time because your mind might give birth to unhealthy ideas, melancholy, pessimistic.

If the natal Sun is in the house IX: Woe to do challenging voyages away from home because the misfortune could strike elsewhere, in distant places. Would it be so, if forced to make a business trip or fun, you take out insurance against injury.

If the natal Sun is in the house X: you could take a step back emancipation in society. You might lose an important position or be the victim of a conspiracy. Transit unfortunate for politicians and diplomats. Do not sign new agreements and contracts. The work decreases. Problems from and to your mother.

If the natal Sun is in the house XI: some break with a friend is likely in this respect, or there will be a block of some project that you kept a lot and maybe that was working one of your dear friend.

If the natal Sun is in the house XII: you are faced with a very bad period in which evidence may be difficult to overcome and even more than one. You might be forced into a hospital for a wild fall that causes a fracture to surgery. Be strong and even if you are lonely you think these months will pass quickly and you will grow a lot.

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