If you have Saturn, the most malefic planet, so considered by many astrologers also, in a harmonious transit on your natal chart you have to worry about the same? What can it mean to have Saturn, the time, in square, (90 degrees) or opposition (180 degrees) with natal Mars? What does it mean when you form a bad transit of Saturn and Mars transit position in the chart of birth? Which are meaning, significance, sense of the planet Saturn in transit in quadrature, opposition at the birth Mars? Today we see the significance of the transit of Saturn quadrature, opposition to natal Mars that can really be very important to us and give us useful information. What about a discordant aspect that sees Saturn passing in square or opposition to Mars in the sky in a certain place of birth astrological house between the first and the twelfth? "I have Saturn is transiting in not good aspect to my natal Mars in I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII. What does it mean and what should I expect in these days, weeks, months?" Read below the mean.

Meaning: attention to falls that can arrange tendon injuries, bone fractures. Treat an abscess tooth and avoid moving a lot with your car because the risk of accidents do, even small, is high. You will be aggressive with others, in sharp talk and discuss. Your energy does not come out in a positive way. There is no doubt that under this transit will experience a run of bad luck at 360 degrees unless you have positive aspects which lighten a bit.

You can now delve into the whole reading some notes about the location in one of the 12 astrological houses on the planet that suffers the transit of Saturn in the birth chart.

If natal Mars is in the house I: you are too exaggerated in the terminate in speech, in discussing with others. You are aggressive and your sharp tongue. Try to contain you.

If natal Mars is in the house II: you could do really risky moves that might lead you to spend or lose money unnecessarily. Or you will be involved in a lot of money issues without reaching results.

If natal Mars is in the house III: attention to traveling in cars and motorcycles because you could cause some minor accident or being a victim yourself. So avoid traveling. Possible misunderstandings with close relatives.

If natal Mars is in the house IV: family quarrels, in the home. You are very aggressive, angry, and you vented, even briefly, with the members of it. The fault is not theirs.

If natal Mars is in the house V: better not to woo anyone at this time because you seem too sticky. Do not scold your children over and above do not raise their hands if they make you angry too.

If natal Mars is in the house VI: attention to the drops that could arrange fractures, sprains. Take a careful medical supervision. Do not quarrel with your superiors, but especially with work colleagues. Your aggression is at its maximum and you could ruin relationships.

If natal Mars is in the house VII: no end of trouble in love relationships. If you are a couple you would do well to stay away for a while from your partner otherwise you could shoot really over nothing and say and do what you never wanted to say and do. Easy, in this respect, that separates us. Not signed and entered into contracts and agreements with others.

If natal Mars is in the house VIII: waive groped to resolve situations legal paperwork that are involved because your mind is not shiny. Unhealthy thoughts floating around in your mind.

If natal Mars is in the house IX: a trip away for work or fun can be a harbinger of adverse events. You might argue with anyone you meet, get hurt and that is why it is advisable to take out insurance.

If natal Mars is in the house X: you want to achieve success and career advancement but perhaps you do attacking people, using your selfishness and narcissism. You could always get the opposite effects are normally expected to lose and that is also what you have because of your excessive ego. Contenetevi because it is the right time to move in society.

If natal Mars is in the house XI: quarrels with old friends are possible and could be really important misunderstandings. You will also want to throw fresh ideas and progettia you're working on for some time.

If natal Mars is in the house XII: this aspect does not help to solve certain problems in your way of life, it takes you to be self-destructive and evil to live everything. You have terrible thoughts that cloud your mind and you have to try to remove.

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